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Webmasters rant:

Autumn is here, getting a bit chilly up here in the north.
This a good time to begin work on some new web presentations. There will be one new Sami presentation at this website, and another at a major international one which will appear later - I will post a link from that one from this website when it goes online.
Happy surfing at this little website - we're at out 7'th year and still going. Compare that with some websites with big and bold plans which came later than us, but already are gone - yes, im being smug. But being big isnt always the best thing to be.
We continue the refurbishment of the oldest pages at a slow pace, but since we work on those beforementioned projects this wont be finished until after the turn of the year - please have patience. :)

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Current status from the site with same name.

News in brief

Frisbee creator, to be made into frisbee's

Mr Ed Headrick, known as the inventor of the frisbee have passed away. He will be cremated and his ash incorporated in a special edition of firsbees which is to be sold for the fundraising of a museum. *Yuck* I think I pass on buying any of those!


Women plow their fields naked

Ha! That got your attention right? Well it actually happened, in Nepal. It was part of a religious ceremony to bring rain, which seems to have been succesful since they got 197 mm of rain during the second weekend in August.


IT news in brief

Fastest computer ever
You think your Pentium 2.2 GHz or one over -clocked AMD is a speedmonster?
Think again, those would move like a slug compared to the new super -computer from NEC.
The NEC Earth Simulator, built to simulate and predict the consequences of global warming is as large as four tennis courts and works at a speed of a whopping 35,600 gigaflops! NEC press release.

More about Boreales Internet services. Allan Persson engineering. Lenko, equipment for Snow production.
Rudolf Westerberg AB & TOX AB.
English summary - and contact info
at website - look for button at low right.

hostel & viewtower.
Njarka, interesting
ecotourist site.
Naestie hotel in
the true wilderness.

Tourist attractions
in the area.
Image service, pictures
for download and purchase.
Images from
northern Sweden.

Online native publication, no english version. Online exhibition with native handicraft for purchase. Presentation of the Sami people, indigenous population of Scandinavia.
The Sami owned
meat processing plant.
(No english presentation yet)

at this site:

World Indigenous
Youth Conference.
Min Geaidnu / Mijjen geajnoe.
Native organisation represented
in the Sami parliament.
Åarjel Saemien.
No english version.

The zone:
News oddities
and links.
Assorted humour
and links for
the lighthearted.

Comes with the imfamous
"Life on Mars" page.
Cyberpunk: An interview
with William Gibson.
Gamespotter section.
Some walktroughs,
links and stuph
that might be cool.

Teletunes, melodic rings for your Ericsson phone Webbcameras on the view outside - yeah else we never would get a sight of the scenery. :)

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