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Acker, Kathy

"Blood and Guts in High School"

Her influence is similar to that of Burroughs and Moorcock, but Acker started out as a poet, so her prose is infused with the poet's lust for words. That and moral outrage makes her sound very important.

Aldiss, Brian

"Enemies of the System"

Bachman, Richard (Pseudonym for: Steven King)

"The Running Man" -Movie of this story starred Arnold Schwarzenegger.-

Bester, Alfred

"The Stars My Destination"

Body modification, corporate intrigue, baroque settings and characters, and a walk down the gray line that separates criminals from the straight world. But its the protagonist's purely anarchic belief in humanity that makes this book remarkable. Also published as - Tiger Tiger! (Strongly recommended)

Bear, Greg

"Blood Music"

A genetic engineer first creates super-intelligent viruses and then self-injects them when he is fired in an attempt to save his work. The viruses spread across the world and produce a collision between observer based information theory and reality.

Brin, David


Although the world is falling apart, Arks provide homes for endangered species while ecologists fight a losing battle against the growing population. Meanwhile global computer nets bring information to everyone and allow the elderly majority to vote for laws that will help them. The application of string theory allows new energy sources based upon gravitons to create the hope for a better tomorrow if the knowledge is used by the right people.

Brunner, John

"Stand on Zanzibar"

By the year 2010 Earth is overpopulated, description of fads in this era, gene based child rearing laws and the new poor: people who are paying for next-next season's clothing this season.

Budrys, Algis


An electronic genius disguised as a news-reporter controls the running of the world with the help of his artificially intelligent computer.

Burgess, Anthony

"A Clockwork Orange"

Gangs of teenagers run rampant performing acts of ultra-violence in the near future. Palovian reconditioning is used as a solution to the overcrowding of penitentiaries, producing physical sickness in those whose thoughts turn to violence.

Burroughs, William

"Naked Lunch"

A blast of maniacal laughter from Hell. A combinations of comedy as black as clotted blood, Dr Benway's twisted medical speculations, tales of the criminal underground, and sexual fantasies that tear at you inseams like a rabid brontosaurus, all told in a fragmented prose style that still reads like the raw, beautiful poetry it is.

Raymond Chandler

"The Big Sleep"

Although set as a detective novel, the protagonist's multi-sided personality and the writing style used by Chandler are quite similar to the styles of present-day cyberpunk writers.

"The Simple Art of Murder" (Essay.)

``When reading it, replace `mystery novel' with `sci-fi novel' and its amazing. Every complaint the Cyberpunk authors had about `classic sci-fi' is there as a complaint about `classic detective stories.' ''

Delany, Samuel R.

"Babel 17"

The language of an invading civilization is found to be based upon the concepts of a computer language. Several interesting ideas including that of genetic programming, minds that lives on in computers after the death, body modification, all wrapped together in a fast paced SciFi adventure.


In the 35th century humanity have transformed itself into a cyborg-species that roam among the stars.


Describes a multitude of subcultures on the worlds (and moons) of the Solar system. (Most cyberpunky story by this author.)

Denton, Bradley


Setting alternate time-line, Punkers are 1/3 of populace.

Dick, Philip K.

"A Scanner Darkly"

An undercover law enforcement officer who's real identity is so well protected that his boss doesn't know who he is, is assigned the task of watching himself deal with drug dealers, accept packages of money from vending machines, and not be arrested for dealing with criminals even though eye-witnesses report his presence.

"Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?"

The movie "Bladerunner" was based on this story that examines the question of what it is to be human through the conflict between renegade androids that want to be free, and the human bladerunner who is sent to terminate them.

"Flow my Tears the Policeman said"

A television host, who is supposedly a genetically superior human wakes up to find himself unknown. In a grimy future world, with the aid of various drugs, questions of reality and morality are examined.

Di Filippo, Paul


This guy might be in the process of creating another subgenre, biological cyberpunk, he certainly have made a good start with this collection of short storys.

Gibson, William

"Burning Chrome" (anthology)

"Count Zero"

Free-agent AIs roam cyberspace and involve themselves in the affairs of more worldly parties. Sequel to Neuromancer.

"Mona Lisa Overdrive"

One member of the cloistered family destroyed in Neuromancer, members of the Yakuza, and others take an interest in a girl altered to have the capability to interface directly to the net without the need for external hardware.


An artificial-intelligent computer controls the interests of a super-powerful family has discovered a method to free itself from a crippling case of multiple personality disorder.

"The Difference Engine"

In a alternative-reality 19th century England, Babbage's Analytical Engine is a reality. The mechanical computers has created an Orwellian society where the government and police closely monitors its citizens as well as everything that occurs.

Harrison, Harry

"Make Room! Make Room!"

The movie "Soylent Green" was based on this story set in a future over-crowded Manhattan where although water, food, and shelter shortages are rampant, the only solution the government has legislated is required "retirement" at 65.

Huxley, Aldus

"Brave New World"

Savage meets the modern world in a conflict over what it means to control one's own destiny or wish to. Set in a deterministic society that breeds its members for precise positions with high tolerances.

Lem, Stanislaw

"Memoirs Found in a Bathtub"

The effects of a complete disintegration of paper and how this completely stops for the most part the flow of information, and how this affects society.


The setting: A deteriorating space station in orbit around an alien world covered by a global ocean that might be an enormous organism or a computer.
The crew encounters persons from the past onboard the station which makes them question reality. The film made with the same title actually improved on the original story. (Could be considered CP.)

Moorcock, Michael

"The Cornelius Chronicles, vol 1, 2 & 3"

The uncompleted story of the lives of Jerry Cornelius, Nobel-Prize winning scientist and rock and roll musician. As usual with this author the book contains existential broodings and explicit sexual descriptions.

Orwell, George


Big Brother holds control over the populace through observation heavy-handedness, and fear in a world where information and personal relations always are considered to be suspect.

Pynchon, Thomas

"Gravity's Rainbow"

Here's another cyberpunk author who teams up with Delaney in writing a cyberpunk story before the style actually had been created.

The setting is the time during WWII, where the reader shares the thoughts of soldiers, scientists, hookers etc etc.

Shelley, Mary


The story that started it all, artificial life, the question of human/humanity -you name it!

Silverberg, Robert

"Shadrach in the Furnace"

A united world is monitored and ruled by an ancient leader who periodically receives organ transplants from targeted members of the healthy populace. A cancerous virus plagues the world, slowly consuming those who do not receive regular doses of the secret antidote.

Stephenson Neal

"Snow Crash"

A story about a self-propogating virus spread through several media that alters the minds of those that come in contact with it, and then print the book. The book becomes a virus itself, infecting those that read it, who then pass it on to others to infect them as well.

I borrowed the description above from this excellent website. (Credit where it's due)

Sterling, Bruce

"Crystal Express" (anthology)

Five stories from the Shaper/Mechanist saga, two cyberpunk stories, together with some fantasy.

"Involution Ocean"

"Islands in the Net"

A brilliant fast-track couple investigates the threats of anarchy to their culture.


"The Difference Engine" (Together with William Gibson, see description above.)

Tiptree, James, Jr. (Pseud for an enigmatic female author)

"The Girl Who was Plugged In"

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