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    All Sami craftsmen use a few basic materials such as horn, wood and leather. Although one can find genuine Sami handcraft where the artisan have chosen to include parts made of silver, tin or cloth as well.

    The horns -or "antlers"- comes from the reindeers, these are not taken directly from the animals but are collected after the reindeer-bulls have dropped their horns in the early winter or in the spring when the cow's lose theirs. All leather used also comes from the reindeers, it is either tanned with one or several kinds of bark but rawhide might also be used. The wooden parts are often made of arctic birch, a smallgrown tree that grows slowly and gets remarkably hard. Something that was useful in the nomadic culture of the past when the Samipeople needed tools and storagevessels that could endure tough handling. The items displayed on these pages are created of horn, leather and wood only. These are truly individual works of art, and among the most unique gift items that can be purchased in the world today. All pictures of items approximate the look of the item you could purchase, but each is hand carved by the artisan, and can differ slightly from the pictures displayed here. These are not mass-produced items, but individual works of art.

    Boxes and vessels.

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    A case like that one above originally was used for storing larger items such as houshold utensils, nowadays it's mostly a collectors item that could be a decorative part of your bookshelf. Or -perhaps- be used to keep other possessions out of reach from persons who are unable to let things alone. The smaller vessels below are entirely made out of reindeer horn. They are virtually unbreakable when the lid is squeezed in place and will not open until one applies a moderate pressure on the right spot.

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    Five different knives are displayed here: The two to the left are sheatknives made of horn and leather, the other are exclusively made out of horn except for the blade which are made of forged iron. Note that there's an extra knife in the middle, both fits in the same hornsheet, the smaller one is locked in place when the larger knife is inserted

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