OK before we start, lets check the lameness meter:

So don't tell me you wasn't warned -huh?


Another oNe Of our compl etely u nreliable pages.

Featuring malformed HTML, dead links and other leftovers....


Conspiracy warning now again?
"Get that thing off!"
"What is it this time?"
- Er, lets see - seems to the the academy awards.
"You telling me that 'Tumb wars - The phantom cuticle' didnt get nominated?"
Yes but that's not all man! Then we got the titanic Legolas at sea!
"Who didnt make it either - right!"
- And 'Bamboozled' wasnt even taken under consideration.
"If you dont watch it Spike Jones will make a satire on the Internet and start with this page!"
Better change the subject then.
"Easter, we should say something about easter!"
Why should we? Only would hurt the feelings of the poor eggs.
"This another piece of your politically correct nonsence?"
"Well if you're an egg:
You only get laid once!
You only get eaten once!
It will take 4 minutes for you to get hard.
And you will have to share a box with 11 other guys!"
"Pfffrrttt Just another crappy joke. You should start a webloid about such."
Aint there one already?

XML the next big thing? Hardly! Check this primer for MRML and you will see the light!

Stop me if you heard this one b4 - yeah, right, doh!

Some menus I'd like to see in comin versions of Windoze and Word.

"Family circus" (PG-rating)

Birth of a candybar (PG-rating))


Problem's with your girlfriend?
Don't worry here's a letter from a guy who really have some bad problems.

Religions of the world.

Yet another religious page.

What absolutely never have happened on an episode of Star Trek....

The care and grooming of diskettes Er not really!

"Jurassic Park - the lost world" website was hacked - here you can see what was found there instead, kinda qute. :)

What we didn't tell in the Mars story in August. -er that was August of sevr'l years ago. :)

Mars Polar Lander lost speculation on whodunnit - in images

How to order a pizza, recycled file mysteriously found on the harddrive.

Why of why did the chicken cross the road?!?

New virus warning!!!

Timeo eques donas ac ferentes

Here's anuther weird page at this website.

External link: How to build an H-bomb.

Hey what the heck is that background? -You might ask.....
Umm well, it's trilo-bytes, 'nuther leftover. Or perhaps the petrified remnants of the webmaster. 8o)

UPDATE: Laughing index up 2.9%!! Thanx heavens this page is still free!

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