The abandoned factory.

On october 31 1997 we visited an abandoned factory for a photosession.

Glimpses of an industrious past.

The southern end.
The southwestern end seemes to have been the place where the workforce unloaded wood, fuel and the mud that eventually would become finished brickstones. There was no less that 5 elevators in this building, perhaps it was considered a very modern and progressive factory in it's time. For us they are an anacronism since they're built entirely out of wood, note the counterweight slightly to the left of the top center of the image.
The openings to the central furnace have been covered with bricks, later these have been removed in some places. Probably by curious visitors. On the notepad one can read the number 6600 scribbled followed by a date, the next entry reads 6700. The inside of the central furnace, one is lucky that it wasn't in the old days. Your photographer would have been burnt to a cinder in a few seconds during the day it was producing brick.

On the other hand, it certainly have had time to chill off, just some 40 years perhaps. :)

The brick was then transported on trolleys such as this one to chill and dry before shipping to the customer. This was the transport for crates in which the brick was placed for final shipping on barges.