Johan Tirén: Lapp's retrieving shot reindeers.
This image originally painted in 1892 was inspired by the struggle
between the reindeerherding Sami's and the farmers i Härjedalen.

      The southsami's are the southern most native group in Sweden. Being a small and no so wellknown native group is one of the primary reasons for creating Gaaltije. A number of cultural activities is also carried out in the southsami area, Gaaltije will be the host for several of those, gathering them in one location.

      Gaaltije means spring and source, and that is our vision that it will be a place to rest to gather strength for ourself as an indigenous people, but also to be the source of knowledge about us in the rest of the world.

      The old customsbuilding in Östersund,
      suggested location for Gaaltije.

      Gaaltije will be a site where we will be able to introduce ourselves. Who we are and what it is that makes us a people. Our enterprises, culture and language.

      As a other peoples we have a history of our own. Even though there never was any kings or armies.

      The mountains are our own, there we have spent our childhood, grown up, lived, worked and finally passed away to the next existence. The traces left might be hard to find, but we was there, we still are there.

      The lakes are ours. From them we have gotten some of our food. A complement to other sources which nature have provided us with to nourish us. The rivers and creeks of the Sami nation are also ours as well as the forests.

      A land for the reindeer, a home for us both.

      We, the Sami people as well as other native peoples around the world, needs institutions of our own.

      These could provide us with the following services:

    • As a resource to unite ourself and our own society.
    • Improve the knowledge about our culture and strengthen our selfesteem.
    • Gather strength for our issues and to be able to handle a changing world.
    • Gaaltije will work in the following areas:
    • Language, history and culture.
    • Enterprises and society.
    • Information and transfer of knowledge.
    • A meetingplace and a market for Sami merchandise and products.
    • The Sami culture, as well as other cultures, is defined on it's ideas, values and standards as well as a unique way of viewing the surrounding world, make connections and expressions.
      The Åarjel or southsami community have a small population. An institution, a place to call our own, is important for our continued survival. A place that we could voice our conserns, help to change our living conditions and change our and the surrounding society in a positive way.
      Support the creation of a cultural center for the Southsami's, with different forms of activities, that together will create good conditions for a Sami community, a support for the preservation, strengthening, and developement of the Southsami culture.
      Gaaltije´s goal:
      dot To work for and inform about the Southsami language and culture.
      dot Strengthening and develop the Southsami culture and entersprises.

Ingwar Åhrén
Phone (home): +46 (0)611 - 51 13 57
Cellular: +46 (0)70 - 317 16 15

Chairman of the Gaaltije foundation.
John-Paul Persson.
Phone (home): +46 (0)643 - 320 18 (Swedish or Southsami speakers only.)

The European commission.

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Samefolket, online
journal of native affairs.
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the Sami people.

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