The Gathering

    Thousands of youngsters, and a few not quite as young gathered in the Norwegian city of Hamar the easter of 2002 to participate in The Gathering.
    This was the second time this computer oriented happenening have been arranged. A place to play online games, to show off a bit, also to see some wellknown computer products like the GeForce 4 Titanium graphics boards from Sound Blaster or perhaps try out the X-Box. This is what sometimes are referred to as a Demoparty, even though the name remains, one doesnt see that many sitting there hacking code thought you can find one or another if you only look carefully enough.
Spacious and filled at the same time. Patriotic geeks
The Gathering
Is the largest demoparty in Norway, with some 3500 visitors its huge indeed. But the Swedish 'Dreamhack' beats it by gathering a full 5000 computer and game enthusiasts.
We met one who had been to both and he claimed he preferred The Gathering over Dreamhack despite the fact that he lived in Sweden.
Norway nooor-waay!
Well there where no doubt whatsoever that we had found ourselves in Norway, this booth certainly evaporated any remaining doubts. Oll the guys had t-shirts marked with a webress for www.cloræ.com, with the aliens hanging around - look carefully for one peeking out from behind the closest flag - we didnt dare approach to ask about that. 8o)
Who im gonna play with? Not quite the easterbunny
Headphones and rave
This guy came with headphones included, and he wasnt the only one. The organizers had decided to bring a very powerful PA system, sadly playing some of the worst varieties of techno and eurodisco, those of us who wanted to choose our own music or game sounds tried with heatphones - with mixed result. I was among those who had a very hard time hearing the voicemessages in the networked games we played.
Easter eggs
We went looking for the easterbunny on The Gathering. Though we were able to find one amazing number of easter eggs, no rabbit of any which kind could be spotted. Perhaps this girl was the easter bunnys stand in for this part of the world.
Cool computer Shopping in the earlyhours
Wood and water
The young norwegian man Ole Herman Godø had built one of the most interesting contraptions seen among the attendees of the Gathering. A computer with a homebuilt chassis thaty comes with tubes for watercooling, the lad almost seems embarrased when I ask about which processor he's got. It turn out to be one Athlon K7 originally rated for 700 Mhz which he had overclocked to 1 Ghz, not bad at all!

Talking about hardware
You wont believe this but, we still have to mention it.
Not only the boots for foodandsnackwas open at all hours, but also some of those for computer hardware. This image was takens at 4.15 in the morning at the salestand. Even though the queue was way shorter than in the daytime, there certainly was "business as usual" despite the very late hour!
Some even took time outto eat!
Several choices for eating was available, these guys was found in the cafeteria. Incidentally we see two who got the kickboard that quite a number used to get around the really huge formerly olympic sportstadium. Others used rollerblades, and again some simply launched their mIRC clients to chat via the special TG room and hardly took their eyes off the screen at all for four days.

Some had taken the saying "Sleep is for the weak" quite literally, this image was taken by the guy on my right side at noon the third day. No worries, had found a pillow which he had gotten on top of the keyboard. :) Yet most managed to tear themselves away from the computers to find a spot on the floor around the permiter.


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