What's around the corner?

AMD processors are the favourite choice for many gamers, including us! The next processor from AMD might be the ClawHammer, but what after that?
Some info on the future Barton processor can be found at Extreme tech.

Hammer processor running XP 64 bit - wussname?
A mailed memo, perhaps deliberately leaked, mention a AMD64 K8 system running on a 64-bit version of XP, read it at The Inquirer.

Added as an afterthought:
Well its possible to overclock Pentiums too! Read about tweking the best out of a Pentium 4 at HardOCP. (This the webmasters fav site for OC info BTW.)

Anarchy Enterprises release beta 1.0 for Deep Sea Tycoon.

Duke nukem will soon be back! See the site for the upcoming Manhattan project.

NVidia Gforce 4 Titanium - at a sensible price! Drooling already? If so check out the review at The Tech Report.


What the heck is going on?

There have been no official release of the Pentium Pc-1066 RDRAM technology, yet Alienware sells systems with these memory circuits. According to our sources will Pc-1066 give a datarate of 4.2GB per second so Dthe race now certainly is on competing with DDR 400 which also are for sale but no mobo's for those latter as of yet.

Matrox attempting a serious comeback?
Matrox have released a new graphic card labeled Parhelia-512 for the AGP slot, were highly disappointed since we wanted one for ISA - not!
Regardless no tests or anything as of yet but the 512 stands for the number of bits. Stay tuned, as for now you can read more at Matrox own website.

Why are memory so expensive?
Part of the reason is the 'submarine' tactics used by some chipmakers who patent technologies without making them available to the market, then when the competition releases a similar product they'll sue them for patent violation. Read more at EBN.


Star wars, already cloned

Two different copies of Star Wars attack of the clones have appeared online, as often with material like this it seem to have been filmed with a vidcam at a preview of the film. More info at C|net.

Want to overclock a GeForce card? No info here but check Powerstrip 3.12 at Entech website

Or go directly to case modders Australia





    Preview before you buy, walktroughs when you get stuck, and some downloads to give older games a lease of life.



Mech with a laser - whats in a name? Dont let these guys steal your bandwith! Tweaked logo
Mechwarrior 4® Vengence
Finally we have added the long ago promised walktrough here. Yeah we mentioned that waaay back, but we aint gonna give up our daysjobs, so we're slow at times. Review and screendumps also there - now the question is when we gonna get 'Black Knight' added *sigh*.
You like to have guys monitoring what you do online? Thougt not, But there's some unscrupulous people why try to keep track of which websites you visit and what things you buy. Check this if you want to do something about that.
The Gathering
Thousands of gameentusiasts gather for the second year to spend their easter playing games, testing new gear and watch demos.
A major opportunity, and yes Gamespotter couldnt resist going there.



Mobster, but cant be from Italy this guy. Return to wolfenstein promopic Scull at Golgatha
The game itself might become an outlaw in Italy. The chief of the national anti-mafia force, mr Roberto Centaro, have stated that he will do anything to stop the game from being sold in Italy. Since he considers the game to be 'a manual for those who intends to join the mob'.
More to read at the games official website.
Return to castle Wolfenstein
First person 3D shoot 'em up, waay cool. Based on one old game which actually started the whole genre of PC games of this type!
You will be matched against Nazi's, so no second thoughts, just play hardball with the varmint with extreme prejustice.
The game that never was. Read the story from one of the developers here. Or dowload Abuse, the release that these guys give away for free! Or have a second opinion from Gamesdomain before downloading.
Hey this isnt 'news' but olds! Well a lil Aprils fool thing, and we do assume you only access this page on the 1'st on that month. 8o)



Those guys are smootchin and being cuddly? All your base are belong to us! That flat widescreen TV comes bundled?!?
Waiting for Quake 4?
Well while you wait why not play the trial version of Anarchy online.

For you who still think Quake arena® is the coolest thing since they invented the popsickle?
We give away (WHOA! - all free!) a direct link to a kewl fansite - Our website reviewer who wanted it linked since he thinks its funny - but he's a geek. :)

My base or yours? Translating manuals and games can lead to funny mistakes, and we've seen a number over the years. The old Sega Genesis game called 'Zero wing' most be one recordsetter, it was so badly translated that some phrazes from it have become an in-joke on the Internet. Now there's even a website which pay homage.... er, or whatever it does, to the game.
Info on the game and couldnt stop myself from including this link to the Bill Amend's comic Foxtrot. Guess it was quite incomprehensible for the readers also.
X-box is out
The coolest thing ever, or just another yawn? Kiddin, anything but a yawn. But it really seem to fail against the competition of Playstation and Gamecube.
Sony have announced a radical pricecut on PlayStation 2. Microsoft followed quickly with their own prizecut, but will that be enough? Well one thing can be said: Customers enjoy!
If you already got one X-box check Funxbox with tech, cheats plus news sections.
They have some info on the upcoming 'Mechassault' game as well.
Devout X-box might be interested to know that Westwood just have released their Pirates - the legend of Black Cat.


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