A Catapult, the precursor to the Madcat? Well a nifty mech which will be a workhorse for you in many missions of this game. Those who learn to identify the mechs onscreen have an edge since they can choose which one to capture. The Clanners will actually use Sphere mechs against you in several mission.

The ready screen for the game. If you replay missions, remember to rename the new version with a name which you easily can recognize. The game only saves by mission and campaign by default - which is good but not enough if you replay and save several times.

Your briefing for the first mission, two Commandos and one Firestarter is all you get for starters. But dont worry, the worst you will run into is one Uller - and try to capture it, clan tech is far superior!




Comment by game character 'Rebel' - and yes, that's just a days work for a mechwarrior.

Mechcommander Walktrough

Well i've labeled this a walktrough, but seriously, even though the storyline is linear you cant do a true walktrough for this game. The reason is that there's either a randomizer or -more likely- that the game is dynamic so for the number and firepower of the you'll bring in any given mission the enemy will step up or at least adjust to the opposition it face.
One mission i'm certain about this is operation 2 mission 6, when I faced a bunch of Jaegermecs the first time I played it - yes I did salvage a Jager and yeah again, did check the earlier savegame for that. But on the second time I played it those were replaced by Centurions and not a single Jaeger was seen.
Same for operation 3 mission 5, the attack from the east was a lot more intense when I played had a Mad Cat, Vulture and one Atlas shockful with clan rated weapons.
Im not sure if this holds true for all missions, but i've definitively seen more Atlas's units in one of the later missions when I brought a bunch of Loki and Thor mecs together with a Masakari, than on the first time when I used an Atlas with a mix of less sturdy clan mechs.
Well this isnt any complaint, but rather a sign of a great game, which you can play ever and over again.
Replayed it again for this walktrough and now found two Thor units defending an enemy installation in the southwest instead of the two Atlas that was there before. But all maps for the missions and the objectives are the same since the storyline is liear, also the number of attacks from the enemy so I hope this walktrough will be useful enough.
I provide info on which units that I used one any particular mission to give an idea of what you need and also on what to expect in case im right about the this that the game adjust the level to the force you bring in.
And yes, about a refittruck - in case you are in a tight spot in the last part of a mission, with one or several mechwarriors ejected or a severe loss of weapons. The Refittruck can be used as a scout to check on any sensorcontacts, which might make it easier to finish.
Theres also one additional use for it, you might want to repair mecs where the drivers have ejected, yeah thats possible! And saves on money for repairs when you have gotten back to base. Thats just a few of the tricks that can be useful for all or most missions.
Just one last piece of general advice. When you are to take out enemy buildings or to clear a path trough a forest: Choose a mech that got some good lasers or a PPV and order it to fire in the range of those weapons - and so it wont waste precious missiles or autocannon ammo.

Operation 1, mission 1
Testing grounds
Rating: Very easy

Your commander Betty Reese will give you a brief and you'll see her again in some of the upcoming missions. (Sometimes she tells something important but sometimes she seems to be completely out of sync with the missions at hand.)
Well as for your "baptism of fire" you got two commandos and one firestarter.
Start by heading up northeast or the top right corner first, Beast will report a sensor contact in that direction but its just a car, remember that these guys are inexperienced as of this time, but they will get better.
Up northeast you'll find a containerstack defended by two laserturrets, but you only need to take out one to get at the goods. Its just 2 short range missiles but as in every mission you better get at all stuff that you can get, if for nothing else you can always sell the weapons and mechs for money after the mission.
Well now you move on to your first target, choose the one at middle right, here you find something that looks like a quarry, there's several trucks there but ignore them right now and look close to the corner where theres one Uller W (Yeah doublewee for weapons) try to catch this one for salvage you will need it for upcoming missions in fact.
When firing you can improve the odds of salvage a mech by giving the order to shoot at the legs or the head - thats it left-mouse click and press 1 or 3 for the legs or leftclick plus press 8 for the head.
If you get the Uller it's alright, and why I think you should get to this camp first, if it fails you might choose to start over.
Well now you could shoot up everything thats in this camp, the camp headquarters which is the important target - always read the mission objective. But if you want you could go for the trucks in the northern end and then move down a bit to take out one armoured car and a laserturret.
One advanced option is to save on missiles, try only using the Firestarter and give it the order to attack from midrange by pressing the blue thingie on your command palette to take out the truxx and whatever you fancy with the PPC - neat isnt it?
Now head for the middle camp, called Alpha HQ, three armoured cars will be found there and also a fueltruck. Dont get to close to the latter one when you blow it up since the driver is suicidal and wants to take anyone with him when he goes up in flames.
Move down to the southern camp and take out the armoured car and find the Commando A - well he are more likely to find your guys really. Take for salvage if you like, but not really important if you already have gotten the Uller.
Any of your guys might report a sensor contact further to the south but thats just another car, so you could ignore it. Blowing up the HQ here will finish this mission.

Operations 1, mission 2
Bring your buddies back
Rating: Easy / Medium (In case you head for the Hollander)

This mission is set up so that you are supposed to burn yourself out of the forest and then move to the southwest, taking out one J.Edgar and a few persuing armoured cars. Get over the bridge leading to the soutwest and bomb the bridge after you when a bunch of armoured cars pass over it. This will also prevent the Hollander to get get within firerange of your units. Get the supply and take out the two guards at the barn so you can liberate the two prisoners - not difficult really, capturing the mobile base doesnt give any extra points really. But gives you some info on where to find the prisoners. This is the simple way to win but there could be more to this mission if you are ambitious, and theres a prize to win if you try.

First time I played this mission I used the original set of 2 Commandos and one Firestarter, but did everything wrong since I wanted to check around and moved to the northeast instead and did run into the Hollander.
Amazingly I did take it out, but without salvaging it, finished the mission after one of my guys have ejected.
But this put the idea in my head that the Hollander would be a neat Mech to capture and have in further missions, especially if one have a refit truck to reload that Gaussgun that runs out of ammo so fast its silly.
In any case you need the best gunners to try this variation, replace Hawk and go with Lynx and Hunter plus Beast if you use three mecs.
If you have gotten the Uller choose to include it in this mission, but due to limits in dropweight you will only get the Uller and Firestarter to fit, I did choose to buy a Pegasus for scouting and some minor extra firepower.
Start by heading southwest and take out the two J.Edgars and armoured cars you encounter.
Head over the bridge and head for the supply you'll run into one other J.Edgar and a Striker, use the Firestarter, APC and Pegasus to take out the Hoover -oooops, J.Edgar- and rush the Uller over to the Striker to take it out fast, then get the supplies in the stack which are 4 autocannons.
A mobile HQ will leave this site when you appear, you could capture it for some limited information on the location of your inprisoned buddies - but it isnt really neccesary. Now the bunch of armoured cars should be close to the bridge, time for a large strike there which will take out the bridge.
Your second objective on this mission are located due east in a barn guarded by two Commandos, those guys wont agree to step out of their mecs to talk things over a beer or two. They really should, since they are quite easy to take out if you hit the Commando W first which is the one who got more and somewhat more dangerous weapons.
One armoured car and later an J.Edgar are coming in from the east on the road and might turn up during this battle. In case you take serious damage, you might better head for the extraction point after this.
The Hollander have walked towards the bridge only to find that it cannot cross and then starts to walk back towards the northeast and eventually come over to the southeastern side.
Before that happens leave the Uller and Pegasus with the APC and send the Firestarter due north, theres a container stack there with 2 clanrated streak SRM's guarded by another car and Edgar - just avoid them if you like the weapons are neat to have on your mecs in the next mission.
In case your units are fresh, or at least only taken minor damage, send both the Uller and Firestarter first for the containerstack and then for the Hollander - move in fast to get close so it cant use the gaussgun and keep your units as close as possible to the Hollander and take the legs off.
The Pegasus and APC could take out the single armoured car that still might be around somewhere, (depending on how many you have taken out in the early part of the game). Any armoured car that managed to pass the bridge when you blew it up will just remain there so you dont need to mess further with those.
If you get the Hollander - great, if not well its your choice to replay this one or move on to the next mission, in any case you need to bring all units to the extractionpoint to finish this mission.

Note: The Hollander might be quite useful in case you salvage it later on for two reasons, first for taking out enemy units at long range and even though it is said to have moderate armour i've found it could stand up to a catapult loaded full of LRM's in a later mission - so its armour is in fact better than what its rating suggest.
In short: The Hollander could become one imporant workhorse for several of the following missions when you have a refit truck, if you dont - well its value are limited since it DO run out of ammo very quickly.

Operation 1 Mission 3
Grand tour
Rating: Medium / Medium difficult.

Here you are to find and extract a Raven which will not only get you a new unit but also a pilot. Regardless of what you try to do you'll need one major unit here, I did choose to buy the Centurion A that have become awailable for purchase, the captured Uller and the ol Firestarter W for this mission.
Since you will fight for quite some time and with many units, dont pick missile weapons only!
(For subsequent missions I wont point this out but assume that you have learned to preserve or check and refit your mechs to be able to succed.)

You start beside a containerstack, get the weapons there and dont get near the bridge which will be bombed rightoff in any case by the enemy. Either you wait until a patrolling Saracen gets to the other side of the bridge - and you blow it up with LRM's (Long range missiles) from the Centurion - or even blow it up with a small strike, though it might be better to save the strikes for later as it might be very useful if you attract some unwanted attention when you try to get to the extractionpoint in the end. Regardless, move north on the road into the forest until you get up on a small hill and see some gastanks to the east, stay there until the sensors show that two patrolling enemyunits are close to the tanks, shoot at the nearest tank to blow them sky high. Go southeast to get over the bridge and then due north, you will get up on a mountain and get a good view of the surrounding area. To the east you'll see two Commandos - leave them for now and move carefully to the north, theres a patrolling Saracen here, that you better take out now.
The sensors will show patrolling enemyunits ahead, if you dont see them move a bit closer and stay put unitl you see how and where they move, when they fades out of range to the west they are on their longest leg so then its time to go north.

The Raven is found north of the mountain west of a forest, get close and Mystique will power it up and get active. The Raven mech have Electronic Counter Measures =ECM which will mess with the enemy sensors, so now you'll be able to move a bit more freely on this map.
Go west a little bit and you find an area with some spare threes and rocks, send the firestarter scouting towards west and a bit south and you will see four tanks - use a small strike to take them out and get in and steal some Long range missiles (will be called LRM's from now on) from the depot there.
Now its time to get back to that base you spotted earlier, but keep attention to the patrolling missile carriers so you dont get to close and get fired at since you dont want to engage those units at all on this mission. (There's also some patrolling units in the middle western part of the map - but i'll recommend that those are avoided completely.)

When you have gotten down to the base southeast of that mountain, there's no problem engaging the Commandos, they will come rushing willingly when you approach, "Heeeelooo there. Gimme a big smile. Atta boy!" booom!
Theres some weapons in two containerstacks here, salvage those and then you have two choices, either burn trough the forest to get a clean geataway or go north and then east.
Approaching that northeastern corner two Commando J (Jumpmechs) will jump in and engage you.
You better try to salvage at least one since they will be VERY useful both for training your Mechwarriors at jumping as well as be useful in upcoming missions. So again, shoot at the legs (leftclick plus 1 or 3 button) or head (click + 8) to try to salvage them.
Ok now its time to move south, get past the forest and follow the shoreline - shure-in-line?
Mystique will report a sensorcontact to the east - now you have to decide if your units are up to take on two Firestarters - if you choose to do so head east and will gain several weapons stored there.
In any case you will have to go further south to finish this map, where you will run into a base protected by two cannon turrets. Either take them out by using the LRM's on the Centurion.
If you are out of missiles or have chosen to go with more lighweight units you will need to do something more risky: Rushing in with a fast unit, such a Firestarter to take control of the turret control building.
Theres no enemy units here so its possible, and yes once again another containerstack with weapons to steal here.

Now move to the southwest, don't use the road but either go just north of it or even get up on the hill for a look first. Mystique will report a sensorcontact, and this is the end of level boss you better not try to fight directly since it is a Madcat.
You will see some gastanks to the southwest, dont get close to those but move as far to the northern end as possible, avoiding getting into the range of the Madcats sensors.
The Madcat stands on a small islet to the south, first I thought it might be protecting something really valuable, but i've checked and there isnt anything there, if your mechs are seriously damaged there's no reason to attract the attention of this unit at all.
Besides - you will get your chance on capturing interesting units later in any case - both Madcats and Vultures and even better ones later on.
In case the Madcat comes out, or if you send in one mech closer to attract its attention you can use a small strike on the gastanks which either will take out the bridge so the Madcat cant get close. Or, if you seriously try to capture it. Let it pass and place the small strike at the gastanks, you have a fair, but not great chance that the Madcat will go down directly and be salvaged. If its still up, you attack with all you got.
To to end this mission you move up towards the extractionpoint, dont forget to check the two additional containerstacks that are found on the western side of this harbour peninsula.

Operation 1 mission 4
Basic attack
Rating: Easy

I suggest you use every slot and tonnage you got for this one. Not that it is extremely difficult but since as many as possible of your Mechwarriors need some target practise, and perhaps even train on their jumping skills - yeah bring one of those Commando J's into this mission if youi captured one.
First off, send one Commando to the southwest, theres mountains there which will get you a clear view of the middle ground.
A Saracen will move in from the east to try to get at your base early on, send two or more units to take it out quickly - a second team of two enemy units will turn up later so dont abandon your base completely but leave either a Commando or Firestarter to take care of those when they appear.

When you have a clear view of the middle lowland you should spot some enemyunits, sensors might already have spotted them, use a small strike to take them out rightaway.
Now use your main team and go southeast, theres a large laser in a resource warehouse south of the windmills.
Move your scout over to the middle to team up with the mainforce and move south, you'll get up on a hill or get a new sensorcontact quite soon - this is one Uller A and again it's a unit that will be very useful to aquire.
The Uller have the same weight as a Firestarter - but more versatile. This guy have one longrange ultra autocannon and two midrange lasers and will try to fight at a distance - so get close and dogfight and shoot at the legs.
Move to the bridge, either you have caught the enemys attention by now - if you dont use the Raven on this mission - and they will come over the bridge, if so use a small strike to take as many of them out as possble when they approach. In case you have a Raven you might try something dangerous, send the team over the bridge to the south and approach the base.
You have a striker at the northwestern corner of the base, use a small strike to take it out and use your Commando J to jump in.
Take over one firecontrol tower and blow up the crew barracks for the crawler units, fewer enemys to fight that way.
If you have scouted the middle hill you can use the third and final strike on those units instead - again your choice.

At about this time your guy back at the base should be calling that he/she are under fire since two Saracene's have gotten there, they will try to fight at some distance so again you get close and dirty to take them out.
Dont forget to take over the gatecontrol to let the rest of your team in, a second striker in the base will try to take out the firecontrol so you better take it out before it succeds and starts fire at your units.
In case you dont try to jump in some armoured cars will pop out, easy targets, then a second Uller, after a while also a Bulldog will come out. Since they appear one by one they are no major consern.
Two containers in the base for you to get your greedy hands on, SRM's, sensors and autocannons - inferior to the clanweapons found on the Uller mechs - but they'll do.
Two SRM carriers and one Edgar are somewhere to the east and willmove towards the base - either let the defence take care of those or use your freshest units to take them out to improve the ratings for your mechwarriors. Blow up the base HQ and move back to your base to conclude this mission.

Operation 1 mission 5
Harvest time
Rating Medium-difficult.

This is one of the more interesting missions - and fun, a lot of enemys to blow up and as complex as you want it to be.

I would have been happy with a medium rating for this one, but I know a younger guy who gave up completely on the game since he couldn't finish this mission. I did succed the first time I tried it, but lost one mechwarrior though, so I tried it a second time with a miner and on the fourth I had refined the tactics so well that I was satisfied.

To win this mission you need a good mix of weapons on your Uller and whatever light mechs you have available AND a minelayer. Theres a big prize to win here - one or several Cougars.
These units will become a workhorse trough the game, yes even when you have gotten much heavier units. Since they are the single clan units that can carry the ECM, beagleprobe and advanced sensors and got some serious firepower at the same time.
So in short after this one you can get rid of the Ravens which doesn't have the firepower to be especially useful in the latter part of the game. But here your Raven will be useful indeed, so I suggest you have it along for this ride.
Well first off, place your mainforce at the first two deploysites and a single scout at the third.

At the start you move your mainforce to the closest farm rightoff and let the Minelayer start mining that very first road right off since one SRM carrier will pop up in the top eastern corner in the middle of this game.
There's a road leading away from this farm to the southwest, use the minelayer on this road as well.
Start your scout towards the second farm at full speed, you get to see what you need in this area, when it hace arrived there you send it to the west - theres some weapons stored among the buildings in the middle western part - get them when you have time and theres some quiet time with no attacks.
But thats for later you better move the minelayer to the second farm and first mine the closest southwestern field between the forest and halfway out, make two or three turns there and den start mining the northwestern side - and you need several turns in that area!

The first attack on the eastern farm is easily taken care off, move your mainforce to the second one in the west right after the attack is over. You might choose to leave a single Commando or Firestarter there, but they move so fast that you can get it over as soon as you see an enemyunit moving there. And then get back over again to the mainforce, its your choice.
Well the second attack will come from the south, your scout will have revealed a path they will use and you have the option to use a strike at any narrow place in the forest they pass trough to get about half of them.
As for your second line of defence you hopefully have gotten at least a narrow minefield in place now south of the farm.
Move your minelayer to the west, since the enemy will fire at it if it is to close, and you will need to keep the minelayer trough this mission!
Start it on mining the western part when you keep your attention on the attacking tanks from the south, theres no time to create such a good minefield that you can stop all of those in any case.
After that attack you get a short quiet time, move the minelayer at full speed to the west (pressing shift and pointing with the mouse works for crawlers as well) and locate the two openings in the forest (or use your Commando scout to find them) to mine those narrow openings very carefully.
When that is done get it back to the farm again and repair the holes in the minefield and make additional turns in the south - now the enemy will attack from the west, pay close attention to the two LRM carriers that arrives from the northwest. If any of those survives the mines, you will have to take them out quickly.
After this you get the longest quiet time in this mission - dont rest but use it to mine as much as possible to the southwest and south. Now you dont need to care for any enemy unit blowing up the minelayer any longer - its expendable at this point since you cannot keep it to any upcomuing mission - so let it work until the enemy have gotten up close and move it just away from the closest mines when the enemy start firing at it so they dont blow up any mines when they shoot at it.
The mines will cripple the legs of the enemy mecs so when the Cougars finally comes limping towards the farm, shoot only on the legs to stop and hopefully salvage them, if you dont, well I suggest you start over. This mission will conclude when the last enemy pilot have ejected, so you better have gotten the weapons from the buildnings stored in the northwest before this last part of the battle.

Operation 1 mission 6
Rating: Quite easy.

This mission is great fun, not difficult at all but theres several ways to win which makes this mission playable several times.
First off, you got 300 tons so you can bring many units, take the Cougar, Uller, Hollander IIa, Centurion and any jump capable unit you got.
But you also certainly need a Refit truck here, regardless of skill and which way you try to do it - you will need to repair and restock on long rangle missiles - and yeah bullets for that Hollander's gaussrifle.
The price is a Catapult, another neat unit to use for long range artillery - least for some time.

First time I played this mission I went straight in blowing up the defenses and the defending units, repaired my mechs and went to the second line of defence. Another repair and move towards the goal - in the center north.
Close to the goal you will harassed by a bunch of very fast Firestarters, a good counterattack and smart tack-ticks. But they aint no problem, just shoot up as many as possble, a few of them will withdraw to prove close defence for "Captain Akodo Haro" in the catapult.
Leave them there and send a scout to the far northwest, theres four containerstacks there with new goodies - er weapons. And you need to do that before the mission ends which happens as soon as you brought the last enemy down - most likely it will be that catapult.
Now send a scout up close, and the poor buggar need to move fast indeed since there will be a barrage of missiles as soon as he gets into range.
You will find that there's a LRM carrier close to the Catapult, use a small strike to take it out, in case theres any additional unit use a second strike on those to bring them down.
When the Catapult are alone get your Hollander into range and start shooting at the legs from the distance, you have a fair chance of getting the Catapult down without it blowing up - when the Hollander have taken some damage bring it back for repairs and start over aiming for the legs.
This way of winning will be no problem, but one of two of your units will take a serious blow, weapon loss or even one pilot bailing out.

The alternative way of winning this mission without damage is to choose the very best mechs together with two Commandos J, send one of those trough the forest to the west and one other up the mountains to the east.
The one who goes to the west will be able to take over the turret control and gate control for the first defense line, when the lasers start to fire at the enemyunits you move in with the mainforce and take them out.
Now move this jump unit to the middle west, it might run into a set of pop-up turrets in the forest, but move quick and they will be no major consern - get to the turret control for the western part of the second defense line and take it over. A single SRM carrier patrols this area but even a single Commando is sufficient to take that one out.
Time for some attention on the eastern side, send your jumpmech north over the hills to scout the middle ground, you see that the gates of the second line are too heavily defended for a direct takeover.
Instead you move further north to get into sensorrange for those irritating Firestarters, as soon as they start moving - you see that when their sensorcircles shrinks- you start to flee back over the mountains.
Jump off a cliff at any convenient place, and bring your mainforce to that spot below and you can shoot their legs off without any interruption, well you wont get all to follow you but it is one elegant way to cut down on the forces that defend the Catapult.
If you move your mainforce to attack the second line of defence the Firestarters will move back, so get them first when they are up in the hills. Now jump up in the eastern hills a second time, this time you get up north and approach the tanks and missile carriers that defende the second line of defence - you should at least be able to lure one tank and LRM carrier away. Get your jumpmech back to the mainforce - it prolly have taken two LRM strikes so you need to repair it.
Move north with the mainforce and take out the middle ground patrol, then take out two of the turrets.
This will bring out the defenders - but they have been divided by your diversion so they wont get into range at the same time - while your mainforce take them out you send in the jumpmech and takeover the gate and firecontrol - er in opposite order preferably.
When you move north the Firestarters will come running, but since you have diverted some of them they will be fewer and more easy to kill off. Again dont forget the weapons at the far northwest and then use the Hollander to bring the Catapult down.

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