Operation 2 mission 4 alternative screen, the colours of the mechs will differ from what you see here when you play the game.

A rare screendump for the developers version of one of the early missions. You wont see exactly these mechs an pilots so early in the game.

The Inner Sphere Commando, a light mech which was intended for scouting, and it certainly isnt up for any heavy duty fighting. Use it only if you need to fill up the last slot or tonnage to educate one pilot.

Having problems winning?

Well there's a number of cheatcodes for this game. Having serious trouble finding your way, the map can be revealed. Type: 'Mineeyeshaveseenthe glory' when the mission have started. Need to capture one particular enemy mech? Your pilots can get a very good aim. Type:
'Deadeye' dont worry you have ruined the fun, you cant. The game will reset after the mission for these two cheatcodes and your pilots skills will improve as usual.



"Piece of mech everywhere"

Immortal comment by game character 'Falcon'

Mechcommander Walktrough

Operation 2 mission 1
Rating: Difficult

Yeah, this was one mission that I really had bad problems with at first. Didnt get through until third attempt or so - but I knew there was containerstacks around so I kept repeating it until I got enough stuff to salvage - and I suggest that you do that too.
If you didn't get the Catapult in the last mission, you need to buy one before getting on this one.
The droplimit is 150 tons so choose wisely, I used one Catapult W and Cougars, but one Uller W will do the job as well.

As soon as the mission begins start moving your units at both sides of the river to the southeast -full speed thats it- nothing else will do since the northern side of the river are swarming with various enemyunits so theres only one chance for the poor Hunchback IIC to survive. And that is to get over the first bridge before the Aerospace spotters take it out.
When you have taken out both Aerospace spotters and the units that defends the one on the southern side you run with the Hunchback over the bridge, if the bridge have been taken out - just restart this mission and try again. The opposition is just to much if you try the next bridge or to get down at the bottom of the map.
When all units have gathered on the southern side, its time for some scouting - one jump capable mech is useful but not really neccesary - there's hills to the west and moving a short distance to the south and then a bit to the east will reveal the terrain around you.
If you have a Cougar with ECM the easy way is to sneak out first to the west and then south without attacking any more enemyunits than a single Saracen that are posted on a passage in the middle southwest which you have to get trough.
Blowing it up will get the attention of some Hunchbacks and a Hollander in the enemybase at middle south, but move fast and you wont have to fight them at all. You can also opt to blow up the fuel depot when they get there for one easy victory.
More interestingly is to remain close to the river with your scout, it shold be able to get a good look at the base by the second bridge. Theres a fuel truck in that base, a small strike will blow up the missile carriers in that base take out the tanks and you will get at a few weapons in a containerstack stored there.
Now you have to decide if you want to get into the major base, with a lot more weapons to steal - or sneak away. Assuming that you get into the base you'll have a major battle - but the prize is to get at several weapons stored there as well as the chance of salvage some enemy mechs.
Theres one Hollander at this base, so get close to it so it wont be able to use that irritating Gaussgun.
I actually managed to get that Hollander, but theres no need for two of them in any mission so if you do, you could sell it when you are back at mech bay.
Ive replayed this mission several times, and the last time I managed to get my units relatively undamaged trough that battle and went over the river in the southeast - and caught a Cougar, neat but not really neccesary if you have managed to get all other enemy mechs.

Operation 2 mission 2
Tower of power
Rating: Easy / Medium

This is a fun one, again one mission worth replaying. Why not try playing this one with one single Atlas and a refittruck?
Well that isnt the best option, even though its fun. Regardless of configuration, you will need some major unit here, one Centurion supported by two Cougars and a Refittruck will do as well. Alternatively one Centurion, Cougar, refittruck and a Catapult - if you use that confuguration it should be rated easy.

The first battle might be the worst, as soon as you start moving to the east you will get a sensorcontact - thats two Bulldogs and two strikers supported by two Harassers.
When you have taken those out you move to the center, soon your guys will report a sensorcontact - thats a single Harasser that guards a containerstack, just 3 SRM's there but its something.
Move south a bit and you will see a perimeter alarm - take it out and continue due east on the road. Theres a camp there, one Striker will be active but if you are quick you can take out the crew barracks before anything more that a single Harasser gets going.
Another perimeter alarm is behind this camp, take it out from the same position, dont move north here since theres a minefield behind that wall.
Get up on the hill and you see a Bulldog and a Commando, bomb the Bulldog with a small strike if you like. This will attract the attention of a second Bulldog one SRM, the Commando and a Striker, but you also will have to tangle with them in case you move east so its your choice, and skill which decides.
If you fail to take out the Stinker er make that 'Striker' it will move over to support the Catapult defending the powergenerator in the middle eastern part.
Now you have to take care of some cannon turrets to get closer to your goal, take out two or three of them with your Catapult and get in to get the turret control tower.
Then move to the east again and take over the headquarter building, this will reveal the location of several enemyunits and the containerstacks they are defending.
You can choose you use your two strikes right now, the larger one at the Bulldog in the northwest and the smaller one on the two SRM's at middle west - but those units wont move or interfer with thismission unless you get close so again its your choice.
There's two vehicle repair buildings there as well, both are marked in red when you point at them so they are possibly targets to take out but you dont gain anything from blowing them up - so its your choice to shoot or let be. Scout ahead for that sensorbogey you got and you'll find that it is a Catapult W. In case you dont already have a Catapult and play this mission with a Centurion and Cougars or even that Atlas I suggested - try to get it for salvage - else you might save yourself for the other units that also will come in handy later on.
The Catapult only have one single laser for close range fighting so dont stand at a distance and get shot up but get in close to this one when you do battle on it.
The component warehouse here is a good one, so dont miss salvage it, theres a PPC, and clan versions of a Gauss, Heavy flamer and 3 streak SRM's -feels like x-mas huh?
In case you got a good sensor on your mech the pilot will report a sensortrace to the north, and your second objective are in that direction - it's a Rommel guarding a bridge that leads on to the north in fact - and behind it you'll run into a LRM missile carrier.
DONT use any airstrike to take out any of those two units or you wont be able to complete this mission!

Instead use a longrange attack on the Rommer and get close on the LRM unit. When you've gotten over the bridge you will get additional sensortraces, if you have a mech with ECM you can scout the top eastern side and you'll find that theres a bunch of gastanks there.
If you play it easy you could repeat the tactic from op1 mission 3 by getting the enemys towards the tanks and blow them up. A better idea is to get them down towards the bridge though since theres a Hunchback J to capture and yes - this one you will need on at least two upcoming mission, and you are unlikely to salvage that mech if you blow the tanks.

You have the chance on a second good jumpcapable mech also, a Centurion J on this mission as well, best option is of course to go for both if you feel lucky.
Well if you are lucky you'll get those units one by one - theres that Centurion, a Bulldog, two SRM's and a bunch of elementals (five) that defend the second generator total.
The containerstack got two pulselasers, two heavy flamers and one SRM, the Component warehouse is a better deal with clan versions of one light autocannon and four streak SRM's.
Blow up the auxiliary powergenerator, but dont try to get to the west directly - you'd walk into a minefield!
Going on the southern side of the forest is also a bad idea since you would get so close to the extraction point that the mission concludes, so instead you go to the west on the northern side - take out a sensorstation before you pass and then burn trough the forest.
If you choose to burn trough to the south you might get close to a small islet where theres one additional bunch of elementals - but they are no real problem.
Well get over to the east you might have to face that Bulldog in case you didnt bomb it and two harassers, they're cannonfodder in any case. The component warehouse have additional goods for your mechs, c-versions of flamers, LRM's and pulselasers.
Now for the long march round the map, to get at that Centurion J, its powered down so you can get quite close firing at it before the pilot notices that it better to finish his coffeebreak.
If you dont rush your units they will get a better aim and will get it without it explodes.
The stack there contains ordinary versions of a flamer, a sensor intermediate range and 2 streak SRM's. The defence of the last container is so weak that you could take them out without problems. Only 2 pulslasers there though so you could skip it in case you have messed up and gotten any serious damage.
Feel free to shoot up the remaining Bulldogs and Striker that are dormant at the middle enemycamp - might improve the ratings for your guys - again perhaps not.

Operation 2 mission 3
Rating: Very difficult

Ok this is a mission that's so hard that I failed several times -might have been 10 times before I figgered what the heck I did wrong- and felt like e-mailing the developers how the heck they though anyone would accomplish this scenario. And yes, its one of the two missions that gave me the idea to create this walkktrough.
The idea is that Reese have bad intel therefore giving bad advice, and that you are supposed to think for yourself! I simply didn't get it even though the hint was there already in the intro flick! Thats its you who makes the choices, when she's dead wrong.

So there's at least two ways to do this, and i've done both and succeded, but one came with a good prize - the other with a terribly high cost.
When you are at the mechbay you can either decide to go light and jump for the other side - in this verion you'll run the risk of having one or several pilots killed.
Or go heavy with all 300 alloted tons and fight trough the resistance on the southern side to get over a bridge thats located in the southeastern corner - I did that with a Refit truck (yes there was just about time to make repairs for the damaged units) - but I lost one mech and had several valuable weapons shot off and lost from two others.
Well in case you follow the instructions and use jumpmechs you will need to fill every slot with Commando J and Firestarter J's, I bought a Raven J and included it to be able to keep track on the convoy to some degree at least.

At the start you can see the trucks and enemyunits on the other side of the river - use an airstrike rightoff to take out a truck and any of the defending enemyunits. You could also opt to get at least one of each, if you dont start over directly.
After your first strike you move along the southern shore until you reach the northernmost tip but there's no rush getting there, you better wait until the convoy have passed else several enemy units will jump over and engage your jumpmechs. If you play it this way, you better send your camedrone out now for scouting best spot is a bit right and lower than center of the map.
Now you wait a little while. In case you jump over in the middle of the convoy they will be shot to pieces, so let them pass before you get over. When you have reached the top middle part of the map you dont follow the road but continue due east to some degree, theres a cliff there and you can jump - remember?
Yup, thats the way to go - er run rather since you have little time to move ahead of the convoy to set up your ambush. When you have reached the road close to the southeastern corner you better scout around so you can see when they arrive, when they do try to use your second airstrike to take out one additional enemy mech and a truck at the same time.
Aiming at a fueltruck can make both a truck and a Cougar J go up in flames as well - did that in fact when I succeded with the light version of this mission.
But I lost both Falcon and Hitman on that variety, not to mention that most jump capable mechs passed on to the mech heaven. Any advantage to try this? Well you get more money for a low dropweight but thats the only one I can think of.

The heavy variety went better and was the variety I kept playing from for the following missions, I used one Uller W, one Firestarter W, Cougar W, Centurion W, Hunchback W, and a Catapult A plus a Refittruck. A good sensor one a Cougar is a good idea, but no ECM thats only a waste of space, the enemy will come regardless. BR>This time you deploy the cameradrone closer to the right corner - but not all the way down, else it will get shot up by a Raven J that lurks there. If that happens, restart and try deploying the drone again a bit from that position.
Again I followed the water for a bit, one Cougar J jumped over but that was as well since I had the firepower to take it out directly, so yes that's a hint - to try to engage any of the units that protect the convoy already to wear them down a bit.
When you see the slopes of a hill, walk up to the top to get a view, from there you head due east and burn a way trough the forest - now head south and run trough the town avoiding the minefield thats found closer to the river.
Theres one LRM carrer you need to take out when you pass, but don't engage the other one - just run past!
Getting to the southeastern part of the town you'll run into some more enemyunits, and one Aerospace spotter - as always take it out first. Then the missile carriers, last the tank. Head over the bridge and scout around, but dont get to close to the southeastern corner or two Raven J's will jump out.
In this version you have more firepower, a single strike with your Catapult will take out each and every one of the trucks - and yes, you need to do that to win this mission - no excuses, no hestitation!

Alternative option:
You might try to use the heavier jumpmechss you have obtained in the previous mission, to do this you need to follow the same path outlined for the heavy verion above at first - since the heavy units cannot jump from the northern tip - instead you burn trough the forest again and move to the southeast from there.
You will find a point where the mechs are able to jump over to one island, move over it and jump again to a second larger one and another jump should get your units to the northern shore.
I managed to get two Hunchbacks J and a Centurion J over that way, but failed at the mission. But I do think its possible to win this way as well as the other two i've described here. But you 'll need more jumpcapable mechs than what I had access to - perhaps one should have included all lightweight ones and went over at this point instead of dividing them into two groups which was the way I tried to do it.

Operation 2 mission 4
Rating: Easy

Yeah this is one easy mission, bring a refittruck and configure your mechs for a combination of close range dogfighting and long range artillery for one -so the Catapult can be useful. You might opt for some scouting - which would either be Cougars or Uller W's, only close range weapons for those.

So move fast and send scouts ahead first and press on with the heavy undamaged units up center taking out enemymechs and the sensortowers you encounter.
There's a few LRM carriers lurking in the city, dont try to take them out with an artillery duel, but rush in closer than the range of their weapons and blow them up. Shift button for rushing in then 'S' for short range attack - way to go. Some few Ullers will also try to harass you in the city, be compassionate with the miserable basket (cases?) and take them out of their misery.

The mission got a time limit of some 15 minutes. And more enemy units will get up and going if your are slow or trigger the alarms. But do take time for repairs when your about halfway trough the map, else the losses might be to high.
When the heavy units have gotten to the base you take out the southern defence turrets there, fix your scouts if any have taken more damage and send them for the weapons that are in the city in three places. Those are stored in the southwest, southeast and northwest - avoid the northeast since it is mined.
Blow up the gates and use an airstrike on the LRM's that defends the flanks of the base and walk in - taking control of the turret control buildings will give you time to check the stacks of weapons that are found in the western part of the base - you will get a warning when theres two minutes left of the mission - now blow the hyperpulse generators sky high.

Operation 2 mission 5
Off with their heads!
Rating: Easy

Yeah another easy mission and time for more fun. What about the head-line? Well this time you better aim for heads than legs when trying to capture enemy mechs. The Hunchbacks got so major short range firepower that you simply cant let them get up close.
The briefing suggest that you should try a diversionary attack to draw units away from the train, but I havnt managed to do so. Instead I blew up the engine of the train with the Catapult and grinded the enemyunits down directly and last destroyed the rest of the train - but theres more to this mission if you play it clever.
I did bring a Commando along the second time I played this mission and sent it up the mountain thats found directly east from that bridge.

And this is the way I suggest you try playing it:
Use two Cougar's and one Uller W together with a Catapult, or the Cat if you got it. The first units better are configured for medium range fire - having a refit truck along is optional, if you dont bring one include a third Cougar and choose Flamer, as many midrange lasers you have since they wont run out of ammo.
You have eight slots to fill in any case so you get a Commando W or J to fit in the last without any problems.
(Why a J rated mech, well jump around with that guy a bit and his skills will improve, you need the skill and the pilot might get a veteran or even Elite rating more quickly - you'll need such skills in later missions.)
At the start you get down the hill and give those Rommel's a bad inferiority complex by blowing two up from long range and rush the rest with your other units, get over the bridge and send the Commando due east while you refit and fix any minor damage you might have taken.
From the top of the mountain the Commando will see the train coming from northeast, now move that Commando down to the rear of the train and start hacking at the rear end of it.
You'll take out part of the train that way and the enemymechs doesn't even react! Yeah that thing about diversion doesnt work, but do it in any case.
When the train gets closer you first use your Catapult on one or two of the mechs guarding the train before hitting the engine, when the train have stopped the enemymechs will head for your guys.
Now dont let those Hunchbacks J's gets close, instead you shoot from long range with the Catapult and medium distance for the Cougars, Uller and Commando - you should be able to take out the opposition with any problems. After that you could finish off the train, but dont do that yet.
Theres one Centurion at the lower left, go there and try to shoot off its legs or head so you can salvage it.
When you have taken that mech out you get back to the train, now send a unit down the road that leads to the southeast. It doesnt matter if your mech is damaged or not, theres one unmanned Uller A there, shoot off its legs to try to capture it. If you fail it doesnt matter, but the Centurion could be useful in case you manage to capture it.

Operation 2 mission 6
Turret control
Rating: Medium-easy

Again a mission I won the first time I tried it - but that was simple luck and no skill at all.
I used one Atlas, one Catapult, one Hunchback, a Hollander, two Cougars and that workhorse Uller thats been around from the beginning. On a later try I downsized to get lighter units to earn more points from a low dropweight. But if you have the Cat, shure bring it for an easily played mission.

Since I didnt know where the entrance to the base was I approached it from the east and got one of the defenders to leave the base early on.
Yet that's the way I suggest you play it, send one of your groups north so that they will get into the base after a few minutes - and a second more lighweight scoutgroup to the east directly towards the base.
The scouts will attract the attention of the Uller W which leaves the base - let that guy learn how it sounds when his mech is shredded to pieces, no time for any fancy job this time. Theres a 6 minute time limit to capture the HQ - and after that the enemy will begin to attack. No worries there though, you have airstrikes and ample time between those attacks to regroup and plan your defence.
But now I skipped on the important part - how to take the base with minimum damage to your mechs.
Besides that Uller W theres two Rommel's that will try to protect the base - as always with those tanks just shoot at maximum distance to take it out.
A set of three Strikers are further to the west, but just ignore them and move into the base. As soon as you've gotten the turrets to work for you they will be easy to take out - yes you might want to use one of your mechs to get them as soon as possible before they damage your defence - you will need as much as possible when the enemy launch its counter attack to get the base back from you.
A bunch of Harassers will also move into the base, but you should get at least one of the turret control building into your hands before that - so your units will be able to get into the base safely.
Take out the Harassers and Strikers outside, now you have a quiet time getting the weapons stored in the base - dont take the HQ yet - that will start the timeline with the attacking enemyunits.
But check the briefing tab - you have a clock there ticking so you'll be able to see how much time you've got.
The containerstacks and resource warehouses contain a lot of nice clan rated weapons, from now on I wont tell what each and every contains since you should be so well stocked with guns that it wont be the limiting factor of the missions. The skill of your Mechwarriors and the dropweight for each mission will however.
Well get the HQ and dont forget to take the sensorcontrol - it will tell when enemyunits approach and their location. Send out one expendable scout - the Uller for example to head for the northwest.
It will get up on a monutain and see all you need for this mission, it might or not get to close to a bunch of Hunchbacks that are moving towards the base - if they do get close, give the Mechwarrior order to run towards the northeast and you will see some more of that corner.
There's not really anything there, but enemyunits, in case the mechdriver gets into trouble use the home plus leftclick order to eject - no reason to risk a good guy for a mech you wont need any further.
The first attacks will be minor, two Commando J's and a bunch of J.Edgars, four of them to be exact.
The Huchbacks arrive next, still no sweat - but theres two Hollanders moving in from the north - you might want to dispatch the Cougars to take those out from short range. But you can also let them in closer, the combined firepower of your mechs will take them out in no time. Why's that, well all enemyunits will try to get at the HQ, and so you have the advantage to take them out when they move within range of all your weapons.

Last attack are three Centurion W's, they only carry ordinary weapons so they arn't that interesting for capture. Try to capture one or two by moving out of the base and blow their legs off, in case your important mechs have taken serious damage you might try simpy use your two large strikes on those Centurions which will take all of them out - specially since they move in a straight line and therefore are easy to target with those strikes.
But the targeting for those Centurions seems to be off, so dont hesitate to going out and grind at them.
If they gets to close to your base the lasers will try to take them out as fast as possible, and the chance of taking them for salvage will be less.
I rated this at Medium, due to the short timeconstraint, but the attacks on the base if a breeze really - if you handle it right.

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