The Cougar originally developed by clan Jade falcon is part of the Smoke jaguar war machine. Capture as many you can early in the game, they will be a good and relatively light workhorse for many missions.

Having problems winning?

Try the cheatcode 'Osmium', and you will get godmode. You must restart the game after playing a mission like that however, else the godmode will be on in next mission also.
You could try typing 'Osmium' again to turn it off, but im not certain it will work at all times.



"It's me knocking - Butthead!"

Gunman taunting the enemy when shredding their emchs to pieces.

Mechcommander Walktrough

Operation 3 mission 1
Protect and serve
Rating: Difficult.

Yes this one is like policing the territory. You have the option to get 5 ambulances trough on this mission, but if so it could be rated extremely difficult ecepecially if you havn't caught the Cat in mission 3, but you should succeed on the lesser option .
With a 150 ton limit it means that you could bring three hunchbacks, but that wont do since they are waaaay to slow. The only units that are up to this is the Cougars, if you have three bring them and add a Commando J for scouting. Pick mostly shortrange weapons for your units, you might give one single Cougar a full set of LRM's though - in short specialize one unit for longrange work sinve it will be useful on two occations on this mission.
The others are best fitted with the C/flamers, you have quite a lot of shooting and no way to bring a resupply truck along - no time to refit in this fast paced mission, no sir!

At the start you have a few precious seconds before the ambulaces starts to move, use that short time wisely by moving up ahead. When you approach a hill two Firestarter J's will jump down, take them out with extreme prejustice and move on to the southwest.
But jump your Commando up that same hill and you'll see that theres two Rommel thanx ahead - use your Cougar with longrange weapons within, yes range and start firing.
When those have "bitten the dust" send your scout up that hill, you'll see least one Aerospace spotter - plus the sensor echo for a second, time for your first airstrike. Dont get closer or those A-spotters will move, when they are gone you will need to rush ahead though, since there's three pop up turrets in the narrow passage ahead past that billbord - take them out and move ahead again.
Dispatch your Commando to the east - you have a mobile HQ to capture there. The other units move ahead again, when you get to the village, fire left and right at the trees - or if you got good eyes - you might spot the Elementals that hides there directly.
Now check your Commando the sensor should show you where to the find the mobile HQ - capture and you get the location for two Uller W's - use two strikes to take them out or at least maim them badly.
If you dont see a single powered down Cougar head southeast up that mountain to see it - start harrasing this unit - but dont get shot up if you can avoid that from happening.
Now check on your units in the village, move ahead on the southern side of the road will reveal two LRM carriers, shoot at the one closest and use an airstrike on the one closer to the water.
Your Commando should prevent one Cougar from sneaking up behind on your ambulances - but the pilot are most likely complaining a lot of the lack of armour and / or weapons.
Depending on the shape of this mech, either try to pull out or eject him to safety by using that leftclick + home command.
If he still are able to move, rush there and get at the weapons in the containerstack - but that's really of less importance in this mission.

You better keep your attention you your mainteam protectioning the ambulances. The Cougar most likely have started to close in on the maintargets, the ambulances, so get the smallest unit - the Uller if that's what you got and keep it off and hopefully shoot off one of its legs so it wont move - at least not fast. If you manage to do that, bring the Uller back up in front again, next up are two armoured cars, no trouble, but then theres the end of level boss - a Vulture.
Dont move straight towards it, or your mech will get shot to pieces, instead slide sidewards towards it to get up close, when there start shooting at any of the legs to bring it down. The Vuture are a more valuable prize in this mission than to get all ambulances trough.
If you dont agree, feel free to try that - to keep firing at the Vulture to hold its attention from the ambulances are important in any case - when they gotten out of range of the Vuture there's nothing left to threathen them and they will get trough to the base - mission impossible accomplished.

Operation 3 mission 2

Shoot 'em up!

Rating: Medium

You probably think it really is time for one easy mission and this really is. You need a good combination of heavy units with lots of firepower, one longrange artillery, that Madcat with clan LRM's if you have it, and one or two Cougars with ECM capability.
First time I played it I brought in the Atlas again, together with a Jagermech A and the Vulture captured in the previous mission which provided the heavy end - all the alotted 300 tons used up by complementing with two Cougars both with ECM and one with a Beagle probe. The latter one intended for the maingroup the other for scouting - well when into half of the mission I realized that this wasn't optional and I replayed it later replacing the Atlas with two Hunchbacks and removed the ECM for the second Cougar to get two more guns instead - well a minor refinement from the original configuration, but on this mission you'll need every shot you got and the Atlas can only keep its attention on one mech at the time. In the end there's a real dogfight so you need the heavy close range fire from the Hunchbacks heavy AC's in the right place to capture as many enemymechs as possible.

Regardless, start by heading for the first target when you move your units to the south, and you'll run into one Aerospace spotter, strikers - plus tanks in some versions of this mission. Take out the Spotter first and then finish off the rest, a mobile HQ leaves the scene, and this time it is truly crucial to capture to get a good look at the enemybase, if you dont, restart this mission.
Well with the mobile HQ captured you get all units back to the point where you killed off the Spotter, check to the south with a scout and you'll find some lasers in a Resource bunker at the harbour.
Now start your cameradrone, place it some distance east of the main enemybase, or just a bit above the midpoint beween the two targets you got on your missionmap - it will reveal the terrain you will pass trough when you move from the first target to the second - there's four powered down enemyunits in that area. Two Cougar W's on the hill closer to the base and two Uller A's north of the eastern hill if I remember correctly.
A small path in the forest leads on to the generator for the turrets power, send in a Cougar to locate a few pop up turrets round this installation, use the Vulture or any artillery you got to take them out before you move in your mainforce. Dont take out the generator yet, just leave a Cougar there when your main force move up the hill to the northwest. You should see a sensor station to the northeast of the hill, take it out. Now you are free to move between the two pairs of powered down enemymechs without getting too close so they start their engines.
Get up on the hill to the north of the enemybase to have a better look, you see some few patrols, taget one of them with long range fire and take it out - you wont stir any other mech doing so.
Use your small airstrike on the SRM and Condors in the base. When thats done you order your Cougar to fire at the generator, when that one is taken out, move into the enemybase and wipe out the resistence just some Uller A's a few Condors from the perimeter patrol will join - but they go boom directly with the firepower you got.
The power for the permiter defence will be dead for quite some time. Use the Cougar to take over the Turret control and Sensor control buildings and whatever units thats closest to take the Repair bays, fix the damaged mechs - and with the sensors you'll keep your attention on the enemy mechs that comes in from the southwest. You should have all the time in the world to take the weapons stored in the base.
In there northern corner there's a clan Ultra AC and three streak SRM's, well now its time to move your Cougar from the secondary base over to your mainteam - the enemy should be about halfway from the southestern corner heading for the mainbase by now.
The enemy that are approaching consists of a bunch of Jagermechs - two A's and two J's and one Awesome A, its the last one of these that you'll will try to capture but any Jagermechs you salvage will come useful later on. The pilots of these mechs are anything but good, and the weapons they got are configuered for longrange fighting so get close to them and shell away.
If you've managed to capture the Awesome and two Jagemechs, repair once more in the bays and go out and take the Cougars and Ullers you got on the hills to the north - this will conclude the mission.
If not, you might want to finish, save and then reply this mission - your choice, but you will end up in situations in three upcoming missions where a squad of Jagermechs together with that Awesome will be extremely useful.
Operation 3 mission 3
Capture them all!
Rating: Medium-easy

Easy is for the option of capturing four trucks, medium for capturing all of them - and no reference to Pokemon there! Grrrr.
You have 300 tons for this one and the option of three teams, to play it easy I recommend that you skip on the forward scout and use four Cougars on the first team, and longrange artillery - that Vulture and Madcat again or a Catapult one heavy unit plus another Cougar for the second team.
More difficult is to scout ahead - but there's some stacks to catch at top right and middle bottom.

At the start you move your first team with Cougars att full speed to the northeast - locate a hill to get a good lookaround.
The second team should move due south, you will find an enemyinstallation with laserturrets. Take out all lasers in the eastern part with LRM's, move down a bit and your sensors should reveal two Rommel tanks, finish those off and take over the Turret control building - theres some weapons to have in a Component warehouse among the lasers due east of that controlbuilding. Then scout around with your Cougar in the middle to reveal the two bridges in that area.
When the convoys appear you shoot up the defenders and send one unit west in each group to capture any truck that have gotten trough - quite easy.
If you use the forward scout, take a Commando or Uller, you could either get up on the hill in the northeast it will risk the fire from a J.Edgar and a Striker or set it running due south -which I think is better- at the start of the mission to locate the bridge in the southwest.
The middle convoy reach your middle units first, take out the opposition first a Cougar, then a striker and a Rommeltank - capture the trucks and move the whole middle team the south getting them ready to take out a Hunchback guarding the fueltrucks coming in from the southeast. Yeah its the Hunchback that you need the heavy mech for -get over the bridge to take out the Hunch and capture the trucks.
Now move your attention to the northern group, they should have gotten engaged by the forward Cougar by now, take it out then use two Cougars to get the Rommel and the Cougar at the tail while your other Cougar follow and capture the trucks in the northern convoy.

Alternative option:
If you have finished this mission successfully, you can replay it and check everything out. Place a Cougar in the forward position, start by taking out the middle bridge. Also start your two other teams eastward, dont split them! But go to top middle and engage the Commando's and various crawlers that will attack - as always get the Bulldog tanks before they get anywhere near. Move over the bridge at middle north and take it out. Now you will get attacked by the Cougars and a striker in the northern convoy. Take them out and capture the trucks. Send your fastest mech due east from this position to get the weapons from the three containerstacks at far northeast (still south of the river though).
Send the same fast mech south and middle to get the two other stacks, you wont be able to get the stack on the western side in this variety but the weapons at the stacks at bottom compensate for that!
Your mainteam should have been sent down towards the center, let it engage the Cougars defending the middle convoy, when you have gotten those trucks you move down.
The forward scout is best sent to the bottom western corner to catch any truck that might get trough since your mainforce should be quite busy finishing the Hunchback, Striker and SRM guarding the bottom convoy.

Operation 3 mission 4
Play it again Sam!
Rating: Very difficult

Could have rated this mission nightmare at first, whell that was before I knew how to play it.
Use clan rated weapons for all units here to bring the best firepower you are able to get. Bring one good heavyweight and one artillery which are to defend your base. One Atlas together with that Madcat will do, but also the Vulture.
The second group should contain at least one good jumpcapable medium mech fitted with a combination of short range pulse lasers plus a bunch of LRM's - no midrange weapons for this one, this unit to be supported by a bunch of Cougars with short and midrange weapons that carry quite some lasers, no refit for their stocks of SRM during this short and fastpaced mission.
You need the best sensors you could get on at least one plus a Beagle and if you have, bring preferably two jump capable Cougars if you dont have that get a Uller J instead.
You have quite some tonnage, 425 to go, and fill every slot in the best way, the last for a refittruck if you like. There's two groups in this mission, but split them up directly so you have just two units, one being the artillery, the other a heavy close range defender and the refittruck for defending your base.
The other group should contain five units, jump up on the hill to the north with one of them to take out a zillion Savannah masters that lurks there.
The four others are sent to the northeast to locate a forest that are in the way to get to the hills further in the northeast, burn trough the forest at about center of the map to get up to the middle eastern part of the map. Now move your jump unit to this group.
You will engage two Cougars on the hill there, take them out. Three Cougars should attack your base by this time, fire longrange with the Vulture or Catapult and send your other defending unit to finish them off and you'll do fine. If any unit in your forwards group have taken any damage send it back to your mainbase for repair and swap with the defender you have left there.
From the hill you should have spotted a group of crawlers, LRM carrier and tanks - use the small strike on those. Now move up the path on the eastern side, taking out any enemys you encounter.
You only have fifteen minutes to do all this, and now your base is attacked again, this time from the south. Your forward team should have gotten close to the enemybase, get the heavy jumpunit up on the hill just south of the enemybase to scout and take out some turrets and enemys with longrange fire. When you have gotten into the base dont liberate your buddys until the last miniute - but make sure that you have taken out all enemys there and gotten the control of the laserturrets.
Now move three of your units down along the path on the eastern side, place one in the middle about halfway down and two about two thirds down the path towards your base.
A voice should tell you that the mission time is critical, liberate your friends NOW and see the truck move down the eastern side - follow and preferably run ahead of it with two Cougars.
Another Cougar might or might not pop up threatening the APC, take it out and doublecheck on your base that might be under attack again.
The first unit should now get engaged by one Aersospotter and two Saracenes, jump or run up to take it out quickly, the other team will get harassed by three Raven J's that jump in from the eastern edge -take them out and move a bit further to the shoutheast to locate another Aerospotter and more Saracene's.
You could use your large strike on the Aerospotter, I simply forgot about that when playing this mission, When replaying it I used the large strike to take out the defenders north of the base instead - your choice when and where to use that one.
Check on the middle group again, dont try anything fancy like returning any unit to the base for repairs, there isnt time for that. Just shoot at the enemy til they are about to drop, eject the driver if seriously damaged and use the Cougars guarding the APC to clear any remaining enemy.
One alternative way to play this mission would be to have more jumpmechs around and simply pass that forest without wasting time buring trough it, but I havnt tried that option. If you do you'll still have to send units down the eastern side to engage the enemys that are activated by the release of the prisoners. Good luck on this one, you need it - badly! The revard, a good pay and many salvaged enemy units, in fact I got so many that the game complained that I better sell some off since all slots was filled! Some of that money was used to buy new and better mechwarriors, Vixen and Outlaw - you will need those two in the mission ahead so use them but dont put them at any unneccesary risk. At least unitil your other guys have developed into veteran and elite units themselves.

Operation 3 mission 5
Kill them all!
Rating: Medium or so

The mission is about getting into and then defend a base, again the rating differs depending on how you choose to play it. It's a fun mission with many kills which I have enjoyed replayed several times, even though I won it the first time.
Bring a set of heavy units, together with artillery - yeah that Vulture, Madcat or a Catapult will be good to have around again. Fill the mecs you'll use with clan LRM's so you can fire over the walls of the base, the other mechs better are specialized for short and medium distance fire - you wont be able to keep the enemy completely off your base.
Your unusal heavyweights are better fitted with shortrange missiles and AC's - best to have clan rated ones again plus just a few medium range weapons. You have 480 tons to go, but this time you dont have to fill every one with heavy units, neither do you need a repairtruck - theres a bay for that in the base with enough for a refit for each - so choose some Cougars instead.
At the start you should set your mechs moving towards the base and then activate the minelayer as soon as possible. When replaying it I discovered that there was so little time to get much done around the base that -yes this sound weird but its the best option- that is to mine the INNER perimeter of the base and not outside of the wall!
You will soon see four enemyteams moving in from the north, northeast and east - this looks bad - but it really ísnt - many of those are jumpunits with inferiour weaponry. The worst are actually the Uller's and Cougars who have clanrated weaponry.
Move one of your rodents, sorry Pegasus's to the middle west to find a mountain there to scout from - some LRM's will turn up in that area, you better save at least one airstrike for those guys.
Then move it further west to get up on another mountain - you will find another enemyteam there powered down - use two of your airstrikes on those to get as many as possible.
If you gets to close to those they will power up to early and the mission will become a difficult one - if they dont start you could use another airstrike there and take most of them off.
The other Pegaus should head for the northeast of the base, locate another hill to get a view from there. The first enemyunits, Firestarter J's will most likely kill it, but it is expendable in any case. If it survives, move it further east to scout from another hill and to locate the enemyteam that now have moved out of sensorrange. When the Firestarter J's have jumped in and gotten killed you have a short quiet time, repair any damaged units (shouldn't be any but get a full load of ammo in them in any case) in the bay and keep that miner going inside your base - preferably on the western and southern side - only avoiding the fueltanks, if you mine to close to those you will risk triggering a bad explosion if any enemy gets in there.
One enemy team with Cougars and Centurions, those could be Uller's and Hunchbacks also, approach from the east. Those will immediately start hacking away your eastern defences, move your long range mecs into position to take some of them when they approach. Save the Cougars for those that get trough when the wall is taken down - you probably cannot prevent that from happening, but you have a minefield there in place there now - dont you? Five or six Rommels attacks the northewestern side at about the same time, move one heavyweight and a Cougar to get at the ones that gets past the lasers and have taken the gate down.
When you have taken out the enemys that came in from the east you move your fresh mecs to the south, repair the others so you dont have to waste money on repairs when the mission is over, any survivng LRM-carriers and Catapults have started to hack away your defences in the south - blow some up with the last airstrike and blow up the rest with your from close range with the mechs you sent to the south - mission accomplished and no sweat. You could choose to move down your whole strikeforce to get those outside the base as well, your choice.

Operation 3 mission 6

Fireworks at enemy HQ

Rating: Medium or somwhat Difficult

Another fun mission, and the rating depends on how you have played previously and wants to finish it. First time I played it I brought the Vulture, one Awesome A, three Jagermechs and two Cougars fitted with ECM's. If you dont have three Jagermechs, bring one Atlas and a Centurion or a Hunchback instead, and yes Madcat always are best choice, it could be a good idea to bring a jumpmech, but it isnt neccesary.

Replaying the whole set of missions i've managed to have gotten all clan technology with Madcat, Vulture and Cougars, if you bring the refittruck you can fit several heavy AC's on your mechs, without the truck you might opt for heavy flamers.
Well the map is as always the same. You will find two rapairbays here, it could still be a good idea to bring a Refit truck to make repair while the battle rages, or between the early ones. Dont think the gamedesigners thought of this possibility, but it actually works and I used that trick on several of the following missions in fact.
Start by moving northeast, you get a contact, but its just two Strikers, take them out and move a bit further north. Your sensors should report two moving targets, those are two patrolling Catapults, weird to have such units on patrol, they're worthless if you get up close and thats the way to get them,close dogfight.
Well if you want to do this the easy way you just ignore them, move straight east until you see another contact with four units. You might use the cameradrone to get a lok at them - they will shoot it up but thats no problem.
Now you can see that those units are Jagermechs, use the small strike to weaken them up and move your force in that direction, the Jaegers will come out and engage you - no they aint got no ring for that chortle-snicker-cough! (Sorry bout that - and yes i do need to cut down on coffee!)
As always aim for the legs, you chould capture two or three of them without to muchproblem. They aint worth much really in battle, I sold all but one afterwards.
You could scout around if you like, but theres actually not much to capture, nothing at all to the west and just two warehouses in the indutrial area to the east.
Since I intended to describe the -almost easy- variety I played and won this mission at first I continue to do so. The Jagermechs was defending a generator and a repairbay - in case you dont have that refittruck fix your mechs up now - they should only have gotten minor damage in any case.
To the east is a bridge guarded by two pop up turrets, take them out or walk further to the south to avoid them completely. When you have moved a bit further you turn north and see the edge of an industrial area. There you have a large set of fueltanks - your guys will report a sensorcontact, a good place for a ambush - isnt it?
Send out a Cougar, it will find and attract two Catapult W's and two LRM's, move back to your mainforce and shoot at the fuelbarrels - and they will blow sky high together with two of more of the opposition.
Ok you could capture the Catapult W's if you like - and sell them for extra cash after the mission - they aint difficult targets after all.
A third LRM will turn up almost directly or a short time afterwards, you cant get it together with the four others if you go for the ambush with the tanks but its ok. Theres two basic sensors and two AC's in the warehouses here - not much value but at least something.
Now move up the eastern side and your sensors will go beep again, those are just small Strikers, go ahead and shoot them up or use that small strike you have left.
Approaching the wall you might or might now attract the attention of a Jagermech W, if it comes out blow it up or if you want - aim for the legs or the head.
Then take out two missile turrets with your Vulture or Catapult, jump in if you have J-mech or blow up the gates. Send in a Cougar at full speed to gain control of the missile turrets in the east - the control are a bit to the left of the gate on a small hill.
Theres a generator for the turrets at far east of the gate - but dont take it out. I wasnt even aware that it was there it and went to take over the rest of the controls later on, turning the enemys turrets on them - and this is a neat way to win this without any problems, but not yet.
Move in your mainforce and you might catch the attention of other Jagermechs close to the clan administration building, if that dont happen send your scout out to find them. Keep the mainforce ready to "take those apart real good" but only one or two might follow back - thats the idea, to divide that enemyforce to minimize the damage on your units.
If all four follows they are very likely to target your best pilot in the best mech, lets say you have Vixen in an Awesome. As soon as the Aswesome have taken any major damage send the refit truck to repair the Awesome while the Jagermecs are targeting it - it is repaired so fast that it never will get in any danger - meanwhile your other units shoot off the legs and / or heads of the Jagermechs - funny way to win.
And it was here and this way I found out that neat trick of using the refittruck in the middle of a battle. You can use this tactic in several of the upcoming missions for an easy victory - its the same for a Masakari or an Atlas as long as it is piloted by an Elite guy- the enemy will try to take it out and almost completely ignore your other units. Well move over to the administration building and take over the turret control there, it will start to fire on whatever enemyunits that are witin range.
Its most likely another Jagermech W, move in your force and take it out.
Theres two resource warehouses west of the administration - just one ECM and two flamers, move further to the west and get control of the remaining turrets.
Ok now you have two choices, either take control of the gate in the northwest and engage two Catapults on the other side of the bridge with your mainforce - not much to gain except that your guys will get more experience points. In any case you need to take out the administration building now, it will burn really nice.
Close to the extraction point you see another trace - thats the end of level boss, a Madcat, supported with Bulldogs and two Munchies (er should be an 'H' there perhaps) trying to take it for salvage will put your units at additional risk. Since this is a trap, theres more enemyunits hiding on the far side of the hill. I didnt know about this when I played this mission the first time of cource so I went for the Cat and did salvage it, but at the price of having Coutess killed when the Bulldogs and Hunchbacks blew up her mech.
Your other option is to rush the hill for the extractionpoint and the mission will finish. But by replaying the mission I have succeded in salvaging the Madcat several times so I think it is set up to be quite easy to obtain - so I suggest you go for it.
It will be extremely useful in upcoming missions, even if you already have one. If your units take a lot of damage pull out quickly and do fieldrepairs with the refittruck and get up again to take out the rest -yes they will follow you down but some will have their attention diverted by the missile turrets firing at them - neat indeed.

The more difficult way to play this mission is to take out that generator powering the turrets at the first base, You will have to take out the patrolling Catapults and then get the other two that are guarding the middle base - they are quite hard to get at.
When you take that base Jagermechs will come down from the north to engage your units, then theres another set of two Catapults defending the northwestern bridge. Replaying this mission I always mess up my mechs a lot more when trying this other variety - perhaps its just because im not agressive enough when I know theres that many more enemys to handle, regardless there's only a limited gain, inproving the number of kills for you pilots from engaging every enemy in this mission.

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