The Awesome is one of the better heavy Sphere mechs, well that after you have refitted it with clan rated weapons of cource. Supported by Vultures or other mech with missiles acting as artillery, the Awesome can make a difference on the battlefield.



"Tell me something special!"

Comment from the moody Goblin.

Mechcommander Walktrough

Operation 4 mission 1
Rating: Easy

In your briefing you will hear "Good luck but that wont cover what you need on this one Commander" this comment which managed to scare me into moving very carefully so I used three Swiftwinds for just scouting a first time instead of trying to play this mission for reals. To my amazement I won, and have replayed it over and over again without loosing more that a single Swiftwind at most - so this IS an easy one. Some things I missed though, but lets not dwell into that but how to play it right instead.

Study the map before this mission so these instructions make sence - because I know that im not really always that clear on each detail in this walktrough.
You have full control of the APC here luckiliy, not another one that runs ahead recklessly and get screwed.
Begin by going to the east over the bridge and send one Swiftwind up the hill to have a look of whats around in the area - you spot some crawlers, just ignore them and move your entire force down south as close to the water as possible. When you spot an area with craters with pools of water head east towards the southern edge of the town, theres a dormant Minelayer there - a hint?
Of cource it is, the barrels blocking the road to the south shows where there's some mines, use two airstrikes to take the mines out (you can do with a single one even).
One or two Aerospotters might want to make your aquaintance, just avoid any airstrike circle that pop up.
When I played this mission the first time, the second Aerospotter moved into the strike of the first one - fun with friendly fire, huh? Well thats a way to cut down on one of them actually, note when they make a sharp turn in the opposite direction - thats what they do when there's an airstrike coming in, and time to get out of the dangerous area.
Play around with them for a minute or two to figure out their movement and you will be able to get one to bomb the other. Neat huh?
When the worst danger have been taken care of, move down the road over the railroad track, the game is set up so that a train will be triggered to move northeast on the track when you approach.
Replaying this mission the Aerospotters managed NOT to bomb each other but followed my units down the road only to have one of them collide with the train that derailed.
Obviously this is a day when the Jaguar clan should have stayed in bed. :)
Ok move north either on the railroad track or the road, if you choose the latter you will attract one single Elemental that will follow you up to the Masakari, get your APC close to the mech and it will fire the engines and zap that guy. Theres some few crawlers that are between you and the installation with the orbital guns, take them out - in case you get damaged run back to the repairbay to fix your mech. Send one of the Swiftwinds back to the town, theres one resource building with some few weapons to get - just a short distance east of that mountain you scouted from early on.
Take the Masakari back up north and take out the two Uller W's that are assigned the duty of close range defence, jump up on the ridge to take over the turret building - theres some few weapons around there as well. Now blow up the orbital guns to finish this mission.

Operation 4 mission 2
Keep on truckin
Rating: Easy

Time for some fun! There's two ways to win this one, some trucks or all trucks. I will describe the version that gets them all AND the weapons in the enemybase - rating is easy for the minimum option of seven truck - you can't fail on that!
Well as for preparation bring two heavyweights for the first group plus a Cougar with ECM. The second group should have one artillery unit with LRM's - that Vulture again and a Cougar or Madcat and one Uller.
Third group gets three Cougars where another one gets the ECM to get less visible. This should be all 360 tons you get for this mission.
You have three teams for this mission but you need four, so you have to split the Cougar out of the first team from the very start -thats click the unit and press F5.
Now move the Cougar down the western side, get over the bridge and see all those nice gastanks - place the mech some distance west of those and leave it for now.
Ok now you move group 2 and three a bit to the west use your Vulture to take out that sensortower and the pop up turret south of it.
One Uller and then a Hunchback will come out via the path trough the forest from the east - long range fire will damage them - use all Cougars to kill both off - now move down that path, and to the crossroad where you find a path leading back towards the base. There's one sensor there, shoot it up or move fast and the claxons won't start to burp.
With that group in place you move the two heavvies from group one to the barn at top middle, also move your Vulture there but keep the Uller close to the opening in the forest.
Your heavy mecs could now move down towards the base and take out some of the northern turrents with long range fire, some defender will come out - blow it up, this will trigger the alarm and all units will start to move.
Use the small strike on either unit you fancy - if you place the aistrike close to any of the gates you'll get at least three units - perhaps four or five. Your heavyweights will target the defending tanks and mecs that follows the trucks moving to the northeast first, then the closest trucks - the Uller will take out one or two that sneaks away.
Your second team on the eastern path will greet two trucks with warm missiles. Move your three heavy units into the base and take over the turrets, get the weapons stored there.
The set of trucks and their defenders should be among the gastanks at about this time, shoot at the nearest one from a safe distance to take all enemyunits and trucks out at the same time - this will end this mission, so make sure you have gotten all weapons at the base first.
If a single truck manage to get away you could follow it trough the forest, but the paths there are lined with all kinds of turrets and it might be better to start fresh. Having your mechs in position and timing is crucial, but not really difficult if you replay this mission one or two times.

Yet another way of playing this mission i've tried is to bring a miner and get into the forest mining the roads.
Theres an advantage, that you will get a few weapons from a containerstack - alas, it is located in a minefield so you better blow up the mines first. Also you might get one Cougar J and get a few more kills for your pilots. This way of winning is 100% sureproof, but takes quite some time to play - and probably isn't the way you want to play the game, at least not I.

Operation 4 mission 3
Run for it!
Rating: Medium

This one's fun, medium diffi-cult-y in case you try do this exactly the way I describe it.
Here you'll need at least two jumpmecs, lets say one Jagermech J and a Cougar J plus a Vulture or that Madcat fully stocked with missiles - since you need to shoot over the walls of your base.
In short, whatever you bring, dont have any long range lasers for any units on this mission. I did bring a Hunchback J and the Madcat for the ride - just for additional firepower.

From the start you'll see a bunch of tanks and LRM carriers moving down from the center - you could blow some of them up with one of your two airstrikes directly to cut down on the enemyforces.
From your rear theres a set of hunchbacks coming towards you so don't stand there enjoying the scenery.
Instead you move up towards the western middle side - full speed recommended, your enemys have no sence of fair play and wont give you a chance to sneak away. Approching the base you stop before getting into rage of the turrets.
Jump in with a heavy one at right and the Cougar at left - take over the turret control buildings.
The Hunchbacks should now be just behind your main team, bring them up at full speed and move all units to the middle getting into the fortified base - if the enmy is close you move while shooting the Hunchbacks to pieces, aided by the turrets.
Keep the Cougar in the rear - it probably have taken some damage. Well when the Hunchbacks have gotten the message you take the weapons stored at this base with the Cougar - send the other units up north, best to move trough a path in the forest, if you go to far towards the middle they will run into two LRM-carriers. Well you probably wont be able to avoid one of those - just take it out and move on.
At the base you jump in with one of your units, take over the turret control towers & gate control building so the other units can get into the base. In case you dont have a jump rated mech you would have to blow up the gates which would make it to easy for the enemy to get in, and less likely to be able to win this mission.
The repairbays are located in the far northern corner of the base get them active and repair any damage now, bays are not fully stacked but will be enough for one repair of each of your mechs. A set of Uller J's will come in a second later for a brief but intense visit so hurry repairs!
Those are the only enemys that will try to jump in, place your Vulture and Madcat on each side of the base and order them to use longrage fire on those dumbxxx's that will get into range - and not too close to those doors that are a little to helpful in opening if any of your units are near.
You will barely have time to repair between the attacks - just fix the unit that have gotten the worst damage and move it up again to take care of the next wave. Dont capture the main building or this mission will end very abruptly when the enemy is out!
Batter save that til last, then you get a chance to get the weapons stored in various locations in the city in the maps center might get a better rating for your pilots as well. At last you take down whatever might be left of crawlers and then send one mech back to the base to capture the mailbuilding to finish the mission.

Operation 4 mission 3
Hostile takeover
Rating: Difficult

You need to choose visely for this mission - heavy mecs will do perhaps one Atlas, but you also need at least one that can jump and ECM on a light mech will help. The configuration of the weapons will also matter, bring the Madcat or the Vulture - but if you have configured it for longrange artillery you need to take off some of the LRM's and put on more SRM's and at least some lasers or PPC's.
Same for the other units, Jagermechs will do if you aint got any of those mentioned above. You will need to have them with allround clanrated weapons for maximum firepower, why that - well you will fight long and hard this time - and it will be your first encounter with the Thor and Loki class mecs both which are formidable opponents.
Even though theres a repairbay to capture I still think it's a good idea to bring a Refit truck - but thats your choice. Had a lot of luck the first time I played it, and did win since i've heard that it was a difficult mission and therefore played very carefully - and that's a recommendation that still goes.

There's three bridges on this map, and two groups of enemys will have to pass over those bridges. This can be used to your advantage and this mission can in fact be played in many ways - bridges can be taken down forcing the enemy to rerout. They can be mined since you know they have to pass that way - and finally you can ambush one group and one bridge. Here I will suggest the latter strategy.

You will start at middle south, move to the west along the road directly. Either you get up on the hill to get a view of whats around or head directly for the bridge to guard there.
I've tried both and there's time to do that, you will have to blow up a bunch of Hunchbacks II's that arrive from the southwest in any case, not any major problem - just dont let them get to close and those clan heavy AC's could cause serious damage. Also, they are nice weapons to have so feel free to aim for legs by pressing '1' or head with '8'. The chance of capture will inprove if you order your pilots to fire from a certain place with the yellow button on your strategy palette.
When the Hunchbacks was down I moved towards the base and attracted some defending Firestarters that came swarming out, did take out most but not all and then pulled back for repairs. And then got up again to pull more enemys out of the base - including Loki's and Thors til I could see the southern part of the base.
This made me suspicious and I remembered that there was a hill north of the base on the map in the briefing so I moved around and finally got a clear view of the whole area to be coquered. There were still some more Firestarters, some badly damaged in the east and a bunch of Bulldogs and Von Luckners defending the northwestern entrance. Well those latter tanks were out of luck, I used the large strike and moved down at full speed towards the base, got some few weapons in the stacks there cought the factorys and got rid of the remaining defenders which ended the mission. But this isnt the way to play this one!
Instead you should move to the middle eastern part of the map after you have taken out the first set of Hunchbacks, then you move over to the middle eastern part of the map where you will be able to fight the four units walking up - those are two Loki's and two Thors - aim for the legs again, good units and full with clan weapons. In fact if you salvage these mecs you will use them thorough the rest of the game.
Now take over the repairbay, and you will need to repair your mechs after that fight - one or two of your mecs most likely have taken serious damage with some loss of weapons.
But it's worth it, in case you havnt gotten all of those new Omnimechs, dont despair, there's one or two more of that kind that will come from the northeast. So place a sensorprobe up there, if it is quiet (unlikely) send your Cougar up to the top eastern part to get up on the mountain there - remember it got ECM and you should have good sensors on it as well so you'll be able to avoid the enemy mecs and won't attract any attention hopefully.
With that region scouted out you won't need to waste any more sensors in that area - save them for the manufacturing area instead. Hack away at some more of the late arrivals, but dont take all, let one or a few into the enemybase -else the clan will consider the factory to be lost and start to blow it up.

Yeah that happened to me twice when I replayed this mission, first I didn't understand why, but rereading that mission brief finally got even a dim person like me to get the message.
Well having taken out quite some of the potential defenders, move your units to the southwest until you have reached a bit south of the middle of the map, then you head to the northwest.
Move over the hills on the norternmost part of the map towards the east - yes this long march round the whole map takes a while, but it is worth it. Burn up the forest to get up on the hill north of the factory area.
Now you can see it all you have to judge how to take the remaining defenders out, you could use longrange fire to take out the two Bulldogs that are farthest out from the base - then that large strike to kill off most of the others. Well you're supposed to clear the base completely from enemys in any case, but dont take the factorys yet! Instead you get all the weapons stored there, and there's plenty this is one manufacturing site remember?
Use the jumpmech to get up on the island up north for additional weapons only then you will catch the factorys and this mission will end.

Note: I've also tried playing this mission with a minelayer - but there isnt time to make a good minefield in the east and when the enemy have reached the plants they will more or less remain defending that area so it wont be especially useful. But its worth a try, especially against those swarming Firestarters. The best i've succeded on this mission was to get three Thor's and three Loki's.

Operation 4 mission 5
The killing minefield
Rating: Difficult

I failed with this mission several times before I realized that it would take somewhat unusual tactics to win. Every time I tried to play with whatever configuration of units, lightweight, longrange capable, or heavyweights with AC guns for dogfighting - with or without ambushes on the enemy, there was always someone which did get past somewhere.
I still had the idea of trying to capture as many of those new neat Omnimecs as possible, and to salvage the others for their neat clanrated weapons to stock up for the missions ahead. This is still a good idea, but you cannot bring enough mecs to do that in any ortodox way.
So yes there's at least two unortodox ways to win this mission, either you refit your mecs with heavy flamers, lasers and all the ER PPC weapons you got at hand. You could of cource bring one refittruck, but dont depend on that one, better move off a damaged mech from an endangered position and go on with the others. This mission could be winable this way but not at first attempt.
A walktrough is supposed the provide an easier way to win so here goes something:

Bring at least two minelayers, this could be enough, but for me there was still two enemymechs that got past and ended in a bad dogfight with my mechs, taking out one or several pilots in the battle. So I recommend using no less that three minelayers for this misson! Bring one good unit like the Madcat or the Vulture and let those be complemented with whatever Loki and Thor mechs you caught in the prevous mission, the suggestion about primarily using flamers, ER lasers and PPC weapons is still a good one. (Ultra AC's will run out of ammo to quickly, so even though they have a punch they're not that good this time.)
Provide the mechs with just a bare bone minimum of close range lasers, focus on the midrange stuff plus some longrange weapons.
There wont be time for any repairs when the enemys come storming to the north in any case, use Madcat, Vulture or a Catapult for artillery, always a good idea for a standoff battle like this one.
There's nothing wrong with the suggestion you get in brief to scout the southern end however, place a Cougar J down there in the third group or any of the fastest of your heavier units.
At the start you send the Cougar to the right, there's a mountaintop there which will give you a good view of the southern area, the other unit is sent towards your mainforce to scout the middle ground and team up with the mainforce. It's ok to let a Madcat or Vulture do that leg, both are fast enough.
Also start your minelayers at creating a good minefield up in the middle right off - send one somewhat to the middle south to fill a road trough the forest with mines and the other to the east to begin filling a passage between the water and a forest with mines, but keep your attention on your southern scout right now.
You can also move down one of your mecs to that spot and continue to the south, there's a base there with two places where weapons are storaged. More on that later but mentioned so you will remember when playing. (I really dont think and even less recommend you trying to play when reading a printout of this walktrough. Keep your eyes on your screen mechcommander! L0L
Well first things first, after just a minute or two after the mission had begun you'll see a bunch of Cougars coming from the east, now you bomb that bridge east of the mountain with a large strike - you will get at least one Cougar and the rest will rush up on the eastern side.
Why blow the bridge? Cuz it's there dummy! Er not really, well if you dont blow it a set of Catapults coming in from the southeast will team up with the Cougar's and move ahead of the rest. And that opposition will be a little to much to handle. Now they will walk up the eastern side all way up to the corner you are defending ahead of the maingroup of enemys.

Now the service as a scout is over, send the Cougar up north as well. The Catapults will have to walk up the right side now - which are one advantage and gives you an alternative option.
This is only extra, but if you feel you have the time in the beginning send one of your units from the mainforce down to the mideastern part of the map, you will find an industrial area there. Take over the turret control tower in the north, move a bit south and you'll find two resource warehouses with three intermediate sensors and three SRM packs, you could take over the turret control in the southern end this installation since that will create havoc for the second set of enemy units, the Catapults, when they get there. But you could also leave it, have you noted that area with pressure and gastanks? Keep an eye on that one and send one small airstrike there when the Catapults get there. You can get all if your strike hits when they are between the two sets of tanks. One or two miht even be retrieved for salvage - but sell those, you have better mechs to play with now.
And by the way, this is the only site where you have weapons to find on this map - the large area to the west only have some few farms, thats all.
Well when taking the weapons you might run into the Cougars at the same time as you check out that industrial area - take one of two of them out then pull back to the west and focus on the group at the top to take out a few more Cougars. Now pay attention to the minelayers, bring the eastern one back to your maiforce - else the Cougars might blow it up and take some mines along.
Getting as many Cougars as possible will mess up the enemy strategy bad enough to ensure victory. After the Cougars have left don't forget to bring your mech at the industrial area back to the mainforce in the north to assist in stopping the rest of the enemy when they appear.

Your guys might take out Cougars but if one slips trough it will run into the middle minefield in any case so there's no problem if you dont. Well these Cougars seems to have been sent to scout the area before the mainforce begins to move north, you have already disrupted this part of the enemys mission - but the enemymechs will turn up in the south in any case and quite soon.
So you have only a short quiet time, spend it creating a very tight minefield in the area a third down the center of the map. Let the two minelayers there work northwards so they have the time to work as long as possible. The one that made a field to the east can better first fill the holes created by the Cougars and then move to top center to place a last-ditch set of mines in the top center of the map.
Well now you should see the enemy forces moving in from the south, you can start bombing right away with those large and small strikes you lavishly have been provided with. But - and thats a big but (no pun intended, I wont moon you here - promise) as soon as you use a strike on the enemy they will shift to the highest gear and rush northwards, so be adviced letting them walk halfway up before you do anything.
Theres also some gastanks close to the center of this map which could give an even better explosion for your smaller strike if you like.
Well as said, I played this to salvage as many enemymechs as possible so I didnt use all airstrikes in this mission.
Instead I let them walk into the minefield and had their legs weakened, then when they got closer aiming for the legs and ended up with quite a good yield from this mission. In total I got four Loki's and that's all you can get in this mission I think, plus Cougars and Jagermecs which only carry sphere rated weapons. Sell the Jaegers for cash, not that you should be short of that at this late stage really.

What about bringing four miners then, well it's your choice. Personally I think thats less fun - and fewer pilots will gain experience.
Replaying this mission I managed to get all Catapults down and salvaged a third when it walked into the eastern minefield. That way I could focus on the enemyunits that comes in from the south. In the end you'll have a single or perhaps two damaged enemyunits limping in - either sit back and see how they move around the minefield - seems there's some smart programming on how they move, a mech that runs into two or three mines on one side will walk to the side and try on the other side, well in the end you use the less damaged units to bring the last enemies down and say - phew!

Replayes again to refine tactics and found it possible to kill off all Catapults at the industrial area without problem.
Skipped on mining and moved the mainforce to the middle of the map instead just in front of the road trough the forest.
Intended to blow up the gas tanks when the enemy caravan came near when something completely suprising happened. The Jaegermechs stopped in front of my mainforce shooting wildly, while the Lokis turned around and began to walk right and then up on the right side. They changed tactics to save the most valuable mechs! Amazing, the game ended with a pursuit where my two Madcats and a Cougar desperately tried to catch up, and eventually did stop the enemy. The cost, two ejected pilots and the best weapons from their mechs ruined.

Operation 4 mission 6
Dental work - pull their teeth
Rating: Medium

Again you are about to take out some orbital guns - this time its the mobile set Betty Reese mentioned in the clip before this set of operations began. These are heavily defended, and you'll be up against some Atlas mechs this time. But dont imitate the enemy by going heavy all the way - your sluggish heavyweights will take a trashing if you bring to many of those - get just one or two and bring more mobile units for the remainding slots. Then add some Loki mecs, one expendable Jagermech and one Cougar with the best sensor and a ECM (you might have a clan ECM suite now, if so use it - must be better that the sphere version since everything else is). Yeah that ECM stuff provides you with such an advantage in suprising the enemy.
For this mission you could need a Refit truck, no doubt about that. There IS repairbays in the middle, but you'd better do fieldrepairs in the southern end than have to spend time sending up a units back and forth to that base. Belive me, that it takes FOREVER to play this mission that way! Best is to use them to fix your mecs in the end of the mission - and yes, that Refit truck will probably be completely depleted in this mission - so many large weapons and heavy mecs it simply will run out of stuff.

Well there's hills in the area where you initially are deployed, scout around with your Cougar to get a look at a large portion of the map. You'll spot three LRM's quickly, use an airstrike or shoot them up, it really doesnt matter. If you use your heavy guys they'll go kaboom right off, dont even react when you approach - perhaps they are on a cofeebreak - dunno.
This might or might not activate two Luckners, must be the guys who had run out of do-nuts, well the only activity they'll show after another alpha strike will be radioactivity. They no match for Loki's or Thors - why the heck do those guys bother? A suicidal streak in their personality perhaps?
And yes break that refit truck off from whatever group you have it in by pressing F5 so you dont accidentaly send in into the middle of a battle - some of the ones you'll end up on this mission are pretty intense.
Well the gamedesigners seems to have thought that you should head for the middle base at first, there's a sensorstation there which could give a little extra aid in fining the opponents. But I went to the northern one first time I played it - again one I won at the first attempt, but didnt catch any Atlas so I went back to replay it several times til I gotten the salvage I was happy with.
In any case, the resistance you'll face up north will be the worst, so go there. If you survive this without major damage you will be alright, else restart. You'll find Von Luckners, trainspotters - aaargh! read Aerospotters and perhaps one Atlas, try to get at least one Vulture J also there. There's one more in the middle base - so again, no sweat if you dont get the first - you get another chance - also in the middle is a Thor W which will come in handy later on.
But feel free to be trigger happy and blow everything up if you like - there's more units to catch later on. If you come out undamaged or with only minor losses of weapons from this battle - the rest should be a breeze. One reason to head up north is to get to the mobile HQ, also providing info on where at least some of the enemy are located, as well as a sight of the center part of the middle base.
Well when the enemy team is out - should be a zilch score to the bad guys, you take out that orbital gun and send... lets say three guys to the middle for some targetpractice on some hapless Luckners at top middle and to get two PS lasers that the enemy have no use for in any case.
Send your guys southward a bit to the western side but not all the way to the bottom - say about two thirds of the way - another enemy depot - ultra AC's this time.
Move south-by southwest and stop and let the sensors work at maximum range - you'll see where the next bunch of bad guys tries to hide - blow them sky hight for the unforgettable sin of not keeping clan rated weapons around for you to steal!
Send two or three Loki's there to take the Luckners and LRM's out, you'll find more crappy weapons and by this time you are extremely irritated - you might have two more sensor contacts at this point.
You are so high on adrenaline that you split your force on two groups to blow those crappy Atlas guys up independently, a third one might pop in for an unfriendly visit. With your superior units neither one will be any serious problem - some repairs neccesary after this battle. But will anything be able to stop you now? Indeed it will, the constraints of the following mission, which are yet another fastpaced one. But that for later. Another sensor contact with four units will show, take those guys out first - you could choose to use the driver with the lowest experience points to bully the Bulldogs to increase their rating for the few missions that lies ahead. Well sorry for that garrolous extra remark, theres two clan ER lasers in the warehouse there, finally your mood improves somewhat. So you move closer to the southeast - a zillion sensortowers surround the mountaintop, those are no problem but each got a lolly-pop turret nearby - as always, use long range fire to take those out. I distictly remember meeting two Atlas guys here, but replaying this mission for this walktrough I now find two Thor's instead - well as mentioned first on this walktrough this game DO change the enemy in the missions depending on what you bring.
Theres nothning interesting at all up the eastern side so take out the guns there and move the middle west up to the middle base, two Aerospotters, A thor, some Luckners and perhaps a Loki J' try not to have the latter one completely shot to pieces! Better try for keeps right? Well take the two repairbays and make repairs, finishing the two last guns will end this mission.

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