The Masakari is a heavy Assault class mech, and the most formidable opponent you will meet in this game.
The clan designatoin is 'Warhawk' while Sphere pilots often talk about it disparingly as 'The walking apartement building'.

Still fail at these missions?

Here's all cheatcodes:

In Logistics:

Poundofflesh = 1000000 RP
Rockandrollpeople = unlimited drop weight
Mitchlovesyou = repairs all mechs in bay
Hereitcomes = gives you one of every weapon.

In Mission:

ctr+alt+w: wins mission
osmium: God mode
lorrie = repairs armor (Not pilots or lost weapons)
lordbunny = unlimited artillery strikes. (hold b and then left click.)
mineeyeshaveseentheglory = Reveals terrain
deadeye = Gives extreme gunnery skill to all pilots during the mission.

Not a cheat really but interesting:

Framegraph = Display framerate.

In case you play with unlimited dropweight you will see that the cost have been higher than your earnings, and you might get very short on funding. If so sell all sphere weapons as soon as you get them, plus mechs you dont need. You can play it trough that way. But believe me, ive played trough this game many times before I even checked on the cheats - and call me weird but, I think its more fun with a real challenge!



"Bet this hurt!"

Comment from Gunman which comes in the middle of intense battles.

Mechcommander Walktrough

Operation 5 mission 1
Stop that Atlas!
Rating: Difficult

You probably didn't go with the full dropweight in the last mission, and so have earned extra on top of the good pay. But you will need it this time!
Fill all the 500 tons and bring at least one of the captured Vulture J from the previous mission, reconfigure it with a bit more short and medium range weapons that it originally got. You might have noted that the Masakari isnt any ultimate weapon, but it will be useful here together with two more jumpcapable heavy mechs.
The second team should have the best medium mechs you got. In the third you might use Cougars perhaps, and then artillery - unit with LRM's thats it. You also will have to be able to shoot over walls, so bring at least one pack of LRM's in each heavy unit here. Ive also tried to play this mission with Thors and Lokis only - and it works out ok, its your choice - in case you have gotten that many by this time.
Start directly at full speed north with both groups, all of them are to take that middle base.
Then use airstrikes on the Cougars and Vultures that attack the Catapults defending the Atlas when they move down on the road leading to the base. Alternatively you could send one Cougar to the west of your starting point up a hill to get a look at the enemy mechs that lurks close to the extractionpoint - those doesnt move so you can use a large strike and whack two of them while damaging the third badly.

By the way, have you noted that these mechwarriors do have some personalities besides from that some whine or bitch when they gets shot at, like Siren and Countess? Stupid, what she expect the enemy to do, get cuddly?

Well Beast always manage to mess up his mecs more than anyone else, yeah even though he's been around from the beginnig and now have a top rating as a gunner and either are a Veteran or even one Elite fighter.
But he still takes more damage than everyone else. And if you use Scarab you could end up with him I suppose that handle which sounds quite like 'scare' is supposed to fit.

Well nuff about that, you start by getting up north. Behind the line of threes you finns one insutrial area, use one clan mech to check up a bit to the northeast and you'll find two buildings with weapons. Send the rest west and jump in with your first team to shoot at the pressuretanks close to the wall to take out one or two of the Vultures that head for your guys. Take over the fire and gate controls, or just shoot them up. And bring in the other guys.
Alternatively you fire with LRM'r over the wall at same pressuretanks and might even blow up the Vults at the same time.
Try to take over the firecontrol at the northern gate, it will help, let one group shoot at the gastanks in the western part of the base - there'll be two Hunchback's and then Bulldog tanks coming from that direction. You might take at least the Hunchbacks out when the gascontainers blow - finish whatever comes out from that direction. Two more tanks will follow, this will be your first encounter with the Shrek, the only crawler beside the LRM carrier that are any serious threat to a mech.
The second group move up and finish the closest enemys north of the gate, but dont try to take all - might use another airstrike at the gate when you withdraw.
There's a lot of enemyunits that follow after the Atlas - use any of the airstrikes you might have left further out and use your first team to finish the rest when they get near or into the base.
Then move down and finish whatever mechs or tanks you see in the base - the Atlas will engage any enemyunit that comes into sensor range so make a clean sweep and get the sensorbuilding and some few weapons stored there in the southwest.
Theres also repairbays and yet another weaponstorage in the western part of the enemybase - you could try to get the weapons - but theres hardly any time to make repairs and catch up with the Atlas. But this mission is hectic in the extreme, and survival is most important, so you can skip on that and still be happy with the accomplishent of getting your guys alive trough this barrage.
The extraction point is in the far west, dont try to get each and every of the enemys, instead follow the Atlas closely, two more Vultures and two Hunchback IIc's lurks close to the extractionpoint.
You could divert your third group there, but I advice against it - better rush ahead with a few units to engage those four enemys when the Atlas almost have arrived there.
This is the first mission in which you'll see the Shrek PPC tanks, the first crawler units that will pose any serious danger to your mecs - those will come down from the northwest to the mainbase, yes from where that weapon depot is located, but will turn up so late that it is possible to avoid engaging them completely.
There's not much use bringing a Refit truck into this mission - simply isnt time for repairs. And some of your mechs WILL take serious damage, one or two of your guys might even eject -happened when i replayed this mission- theres no chance of avoiding that. The mission will conclude when the Atlas are at the extractionpoint and it is clear of enemys - latecomers, yours or enemyunits will not matter so you could hit at any of the later ones for extra points or salvage if you let some mecs take an easy stroll from the enemybase.

Alternative way:
Ive tried diverting a single scout to the west at the start to get a look at the enemy that waits at the extractionpoint and sent one airstrike at them. It worked quite fine, also splitting the team to send two units in that direction to try to capture those - but this isnt the easiest way to play so just mentioned it for completeness.

Operation 5 mission 2
Hide and seek
Rating: Medium

You need to refit your mecs from the previous mission, the map looks like you'll need jumpunits again but that isn't the question, but you could use an Atlas - you have kept one of those havn't you?
Weirdly enough I had, even though i've sold many other units I had saved one of those for some reason - yeah it could have been useful it the previous mission too - but I opted for maximum mobility instead when possible.
Get some long range ER PPC's and perhaps a single LRM on each of the heavy ones. The enemy will actually try to avoid you this time, for that reason you also need scouts with good sensors and also beagle probes.
Thats ok, with 400 tons to go you get heavyweights together with Cougars, alternatively Raven J's or Ullers for the rest of the slots. You might choose to go without a refittruck, your choice -there will be a refitbay at center to fix your units before the end of level boss. Both your teams will spot a Madcat early on, they will fight you for a while then pull out.
Try bringing two Thor W's in your western team they will have the firepower to bring the Madcat down before it gets away - keep the Cougar or Uller in the rear - it will risk getting blown up and you will need that Extended sensor and Beagle probe it carry along. When they press on towards the base in the middle two Hunchback IIc W's both with TWIN autocannons will power up - use that brief time well and you will at least bring down one of them.
Your middle team will spot another Madcat, approach it and a Thor J will jump in from the east use all firepower you got in your team to bring it down. Theres one enemybase close to the middle of this map its almost completely wrecked - but theres a minefield on the eastern side - move carefully, use your best mech to create a shortcut to the base or bring a minesweeper. You will find a repairbay in the base - reason I recommend you go without a refittruck.
If you take over the sensorcontrol building, prepare to defend it from getting shot up. Two more enemyunits will pay you a visit Thor's most likely - perhaps also a Madcat in case it jumpedmanaged to pull out from the first attack. They will try to take out turrets and whatever buildings you have taken over at the base.
Theres two warehouses and two stacks with weapons in the base - good ones even. Well the sensors will tell you that theres one enemy up the top middle of this map - either burn to the forest or jump over to get there quick thats the one you might need the jumpunits to get at.
It's a true end of level boss here, a Masakari W, rush it and one of your guys most certainly will get killed.
It do have a bit more of longrange weapons so either get close and shoot off the legs or retreat and shoot at the nearest gas or pressuretanks to bring it down or at least maim it badly. When this unit have been brought down the mission ends. In this mission I caught two Thor's, one Madcat W, a Hunchback IIc W, and that Masakari W the first time I played it - well I did use several of the elite pilots for the mechs after all. At this stage of the game, with heavy mechs and few missions to go you hardly will have time to develop more guys into Elite class - but sure if you have a Veteran that looks promising, sure bring him on!

Operation 5 mission 3
Olive oyl anyone?
Rating: Easy

Again you need the best mechs and serious firepower here, Atlas, Madcat, Thor or whatever, include some Er-PPC or LRM's on them, they will come handy since you will fire over walls several times. One single Cougar with ECM might be useful as a single defender in the rear.
But you can do without a Refittruck, repairs will be possible in a bay on this mission.

Walk down the western side, take out a bunch of LRM's at the entrance to this refinery and gain control of the missile turrets.
Move to the military installation close to the center, either you slug it out or shoot over the walls at the gastanks to take out the turrets and gatecontrol and perhaps even one or two Von Luckners - take over this base and repair.
Alternatively you shoot up the gates take out the closest Luckners and start a civil war by taking control of the turret tower - your choice.
Some weapons to get there and a conveniately placed Sensor control building which will give you information of the disposition of the enemy forces.
Continue down on the western side and you will see some gas and pressuretanks defended by a Loki A and two Bulldogs, take those out. The second site on the leftern side are one oilderrick which you also are supposed to guard. There's two Luckless tanks there - easy to finish. You could capture that derrik, but let it remain in enemy hands for the time being. And yes a resource warehouse is found just left of that derrik - a quck smash and grab will get you another heavy AC.
Theres a hill a short distance to the north, move up there to confirm that there's nothing more than those three Bulldogs you already have spotted at the next derrik.
Hey didn't mec's have fusionreactors? Just kiddin, even if they are nuclear they still need oil for grease - or what? Just tell which Bulldog you want to take out and it explodes instantly, with this kind of firepower you shouldn't have any problem at all. Well continue to the east and now you see that the enemy do have a suprise for you. At bottom, a bit to the east you'll see a mutitude of sensortraces. And this was the reason you didnt take any derrik directly, move all your units and take on these units.
You might or not have spotted an airfield and a Sabutai omnifighter, will it start and shoot you up? Or attack the derriks when you take them? Better take that s.o.b out before it cause any problem. You will find yet another in that base - plus one aircontrol tower - get that one too just to be on the safe side. Well this is a hint, on this mission you havnt got all information from taking over that Sensor control, besides the fighter and the locations that have been revealed there's additional enemyunits to the east guarding yet another istallation.
In case you take out everything around this southern part a Masakari A will start shooting at the installation at east - just like that mission with the weapon manufacturing plant you already have played.
Well what about those sensortraces, its one Cougar and eight Von Luckners, you can take out the crew barracks before all of those latter becomes active. There's one active probe and an extended sensor stored there, dont forget to pick those up.
This finally have caught the enemys attention and some enemyunits move towards this position, two Commandos goes up in smoke without any problems, this some kind of joke?
A Loki will follow from the far southeast, invite that one also to a BBQ. You need to keep one unit up at the eastermost part, when a Masakari moves in from the east avoid engaging it and let it get into position shoot at the pressuretanks close to the eastermost derrik.
Aim for any of the gastanks around it, it should be enough to shoot at one of the tanks to take it out.
But you might have to give it another shot to bring it down depending on where it stops - seems to be a little variety there, once it stopped in the middle among the tanks, on another time to the side of them. Now check the warehouses, there's one a bit to the north of the base with the HQ - go get it.
Finally its time to take over some oil derriks, take the ones in the east and middle, this will cause two Hunchback IIc's to enter the scene. Take them out or let them experience a sudden and creative use of the fuel stored there - kaboom! Move two or three units over to the eastern derrik, take that one and you will trigger a bunch of J.Edgars and Condors to come - you dont need more than two mechs for those. Mission accomplished.

Operation 5 mission 4
Airstrike inbound
Rating: Medium-difficult

For this mission you'll need allround sturdy mecs that can take a beating, those Thor's and Loki's will be fine here. One Madcat will also come in handy, use up the last bit of tonnage for a Repairtruck.
Theres so many enemys here with serious firepower that you cant do without it.

As soon you move northwards you'll run into two Bulldogs and Saranene's, when those are out you move up the hill to meet more of that kind.
Remain on that hill and a Raven plus two Hunchback IIc W's will come in from the west, followed by two Centurion W's carrying PPC's - take all those later ones out quickly.
As soon as you move northward from that hill you will attract the attention of at least yet another Hunchback IIc W and a Catapult W. If you get to close a Centurion and a Catapult will turn up at the same time - try to avoid that but to get those enemys in pairs only to be able to take those out quickly without any serious damage.
One alternative way to go is due east at first, you will now face some LRM's and Bulldogs, but Centurions and Catapults guard up there and several of the other enemys will find you eventually. You will not have to mess with two Bulldogs and Saracene's that way, but thats only a minor advantage.
Over all the eastern side seems to have an advantage, some enemys will not reach you before all objectives will be completed.
Well now i'm ahead of things again. Regardless of how you play the mission the artillery have quite some armour so they can take some beating, one stupid "feature" of this mission are that you cannot repair them with your refit truck.
Move north and you will see incoming airstrikes which are quite random, move up and take out the towers at far east, middle east and at center. If you head for the eastern side you will make a bunch of Cougars to pop out, well they will attack whenever you take out the eastern Airstrike tower.
There's pop-up turrets spread out just about everywhere on this northern ridge take them out or avoid - your choice. One funny thing is that some of the airstrikes will take out turrets for you - friendly fire indeed.
Replaying this mission I used one Atlas, one Masakari, a Madcat and a Thor - with that major firepower this mission was all but easy -and why I ended up rating it as medium.

Operation 5 mission 5
Massacre of the Masakaris
Rating: Somewhat difficult

Sometimes i've stated that a mission is fun, well this one really isn't. Quite a challenge to get up against three Masakari's at the same time, but honestly I really dont think this one are about great gameplay. To win you have to be careful and spend way to much time in this mission.
You are about to take out a bunch of generators, since you are up against a number of Masakari's you'll need some units with major firepower and armour to match.
First time I played this mission with a funny mix, two Madcats (one with an C/Ultra AC), a Masakari W an Atlas and finally a Hollander II without a Gaussgan but a mix of clanrated weapons for scouting plus a Refit truck.
Well this isnt optional, as said earlier you'll need a unit with ECM in almost all missions - same for this one.
So replace that Hollander with a Cougar, and you might go without that refit truck - instead bringing in yet another mech, perhaps a Hunchback IIc with two clanrated AC's for some real punch.
You've seen how the enemy runs up and tries to slug from close range in the previous missions, now its payback time. So try this: Take a Masakari, put on a Heavy AC and then two ER PPC's and see that bar for firepower shoot up really good - now fill up with other clanrated weapons. That bar that shows firepower should shoot up at least three-fourth the way to max. Do the same for the Madcat, one AC for closerange only, two clan PPC's and then LRM's for the remaining slots - talk about major firepower! Well if you rely on AC's like this you might want to go with that Refittruck after all, they Do run short of ammo quickly.

You start in the upper western corner, move down towards your first target and youll run into two guarding Shrek tanks. There's some Luckners behind, when you engage then you'll attract the attention of a Thor A.
There's a component warehouse there as well, dont forget to pick up the two clanrated gaussguns.
Well now move southeast and blow the generators, again you can gather intelligence from a taking over a sensorstation.
Two blips approach you from the southeast, might be on a patrol, not sure of that even though I replay this mission coupla times, regardless they are Maskari A's. Some gastanks close to the road they arrive on, blow them up when the M's gotten close enough, just a few shots will bring them down.
Right south of where those generators used do go humming there's a small hill, to the north are another - if you move up your scout there you'll get three blips - those are Shreks and they will retreat and team up with other enemyforces if you engage them - so just leave them there. East of those are such a major defence with missile turrets that you better not try to take them head on.
Look east and you see one containserstack - move one unit there and you'll find that there's in fact three of those plus two resourcebunkers with stuff to take, none of them clan rated - but do you really need more weapons now? Well since I had stripped so many captured enemymechs I really didnt. Now send a fast unit due south, you see some water but continue down toward the middle, you'll find some hills.
Nothing to be seen really, but it IS a good idea to be able to see as much of the map as possible - isnt't it?
Optional: Move back northeast and cross the bridge, first you reach one industrial area, cross the next bridge and you see some discarded cars - interesting? Not! But you have two sensor blips in the south now, dont get closer.
Instead it's time to bring down your mainforce, you have two Shrek tanks there and quite some missile turrets, take out the Shreks and get control of the turrets.
Not much around here though, a bunch of LRM's hide in the forest north of your position, yes your scout with the extended sensors should have spotted one or two of them now. But dont mess with them now you can choose to take them out at the end of the mission for additional experience points for your guys if you like.
Well assuming you play the mission this way you can head southeast now and get to your second objective - only guarded by a single Thor A, if you go with full tonnage and maximum firepower there will be two of those at this location. Move south of the second generator installation, take over the control of the turrets blow up the generators and pull back to the west - perhaps all the way to the base there.
Blowing up the generators, or rather taking over the turretcontrol will give a set of three Masakaris the idea to move down to check on what the heck is up. Let them shoot up the cannonturrets and turret control - then they will move down south of this mase and stop, yeah what about an airstrike? It actually takes two to bring one or two down and / or leave them seriously damaged. Check the data on these units, if any of them have an ER PPC left - that's your primary target.
But it is worth using one or two aistrikes like this, three of those guys are a bit too hot to handle at the same time, but now you can move back and finish them very quickly, just a first strike and they eject. Nothing interesting south of that site, just a peninsula so dont waste time scouting there. But there IS a hill in the east - check that after you have done the following.
There's a bridge to the southeast guarded by two turrets, take control of those, there's nothing at all in the whole southern part, you might have seen that there's some buildings there but they are only farms not a single enemy or weapon to get, so dont waste time sending your units there - nothing to gain at all.
Same for the eastern side, there's one bridge a bit over halfway up and another turret control you can take - again nothing particular to gain from taking over it.
How many blips you got left? Twelve perhaps, the three blips in the mid eastern part are three LRM's a major danger huh? Just kidding well there's more Shrek tanks and also those LRM's thats out of sensorrange in the northwest - not to mention the turrents. But your mechs should be fresh yet at this point even though you've taken out half of the opposition - neat isnt it? Instead move up towards the middle base after you've taken over the turret control just before the bridge there of course.
Everything will be there as described, sans three Masakari. Approach the base and you'll attract the attention of the Masakari guarding the western gate. Again if you have chosen the heavywights this mission will be changed so you'll see two there.
Regardless move quickly back again past the second generator installation and a bit further. They'll follow you down until they run into the cannonturrets, they'll fire on the controlbuilding and then stop - you are out of the sensorrange so they are lost about what to do. Now use a large strike to take down the bridge under their feet. Then move back and north again to attack that middle base from the southwest. Sensor blips east of this base are just LRM's - no sweat! But yet again there could be a little variety, with good mechs there will be yet another Masakari in the middle of that base.
All'n all this variety could be just a little bit more easy way to finish this mission.
If you dont play the mission that way you could head for the middle base now, but there IS a price to win in case you have taken some damage and play without a Refit truck. You got plenty of things that go blip just east of the center of the map - don't you?
From south to north: The top three are two Luckners and a SRM, the second are three Masakaris and one SRM, time for one large airstrike perhaps? South of those are three more Masakaris, talk about overkill! Use yet another aistrike to weaken them and then take them out.
Well the base they guard have four cannonturrets on the western side, there might or might not be missile turrets in each of the four corners - rush in and get control of those. (In case you dont git missile turrets you will see squares of some small scrap there where they should have been deployed - this thing with different opposition is kinda weird, but a sign of a very good game). You'll find no less than a whopping seven repairbays in the middle base nevertheless, more than what you possible can use up - but good to have. Well when you've finished repairs you could move out west again and check on that road going to the north for your last target.
There's four sensorblips and two cannonturrets there, blow up the turrets with long range fire.
Try to get the four blips to come out and play, they are only LRM's, but if you don't get them out and have to approach you'll activate a bunch of Uller's that have been powered down. (Another good idea to have a scout with a Beagle there - they you will see that the northern base really have some guys to defend it.) The Ullers carry some really good weapons, but move back to that middle base for a fun variety. They dont have missiles for long range fire, but only ultra AC's and lasers for mediumrange - yeah they do have streak missiles for shortrage but they wont try to rush you while you are in there. In fact they dont dare to get close to that base of yours at all, instead stands outside at some distance sulking - now you use LRM missiles to take them out one by one.
Move up to that morthern installation and you might see one or two more blips there - dont sweat, its just some more Ullers that you didnt get close enough to attract. Take them out and you'll find the generators and two more repairbays - you didn't take any damage from Ullers hopefully - but stock up on ammo after taking out the all generators but one - yeah you dont want this mission to finish yet. Remember those two Masakaris on the bridge, well it's possible that one of them actually can get out to the south, and starts moving around the map. Either you use one of the remaining strikes to hit the gastanks on the island when it moves past, or let it get to you and shoot for salvage - your choice. You also have the option to take out that Shrek tanks I mentioned early on - take control of those missile turrets, it easy from this side. Two Shreks will move in, easy targets, well they might get shot up even before you can hit them actually. So now you have the option to go for those LRM's in the northwestern hills, or finish that last generator to end this mission.
Operation 5 mission 6
Stairway to heaven
Rating: Medium

Ok finally you are at the starbase, a whopping 600 tons to go and a 35 minute time limit to finish this mission.
You get a recommendation to bring your best pilots - as if you were about to bring the worst or?
The idea mentioned in the brief to take out the Thor's that are about to reinforce the starport are a good one.
You need a fast jumpmech to run ahead and take over the fire AND the gatecontrols, one Cougar with ECM stuff will be a good choice.

Start your guys on the trek northwards as soon as the mission starts and make sure that they are to cut the Thors down from behind when they reach the gates, but hold your attention on that jumping Cougar - dont let it get to far to the east, the area is mined so jump over and get all turret controls plus the gator - gatebuildning.
Well when you have firecontrol you bring the rest of the force for the Thor mechs, you probably wont get all but anything is a gain. There's two Loki J's that jumps in on each side one at far west the other in the southeast and which will begin to take out your missile towers now. Take them out or leave them at it - they most likely wont survive long.
Moving north will reveal several blips, those are Madcat J's and Vulture J's take those out - one blip you have a harder time to get out are one Masakari W - dont get close there but move out further east to pass out of range of the missile turrets to the east and then north again.
There's one gatecontrol there, take it, but dont try to approach that gate - another minefield there and nothing to gain from going astray in the middle east (a pun? -er hope not) in any case.
Well when you move up find the upper easten corner of that walled area shoot down the wall, bring in your guys and take out that powergenerator - the turrets will fall silent.
You'll attract the Masakari - kaboom! When you move for the second orbital gun you will have to hack at another Masakari followed with three Cougar W's that runs in from the west, if any of those Thor's you ambushed at first have gotten trough they will team up with this bunch - so it IS a good idea to get them early in this game.
All done? Good, now you can finish the orbital guns here.
One alternative way to do this is to move up the middle and jump in with your Cougar to get the firecontrol that are located in the southwestern part of this installation it's completely surrounded by a wall, but this is dangerous indeed. Well after this done you head north, you have two blips ahead - a mech with a Beagle will reveal more on each side. Well you have a jumpunit don't you? An option is to jump over to an island, then to a second one - the blips there turn out to be two powered down Hunchback IIc's. They wont react to your presence unless you get really close - use an airstrike to bring one or both down. Well there's a road leading up in the middle, if you rush it and move up this road you'll end up in an ambush, the two middle blips are Masakaris and those to the sides are Hunchback IIc J's, yeah another pair on the other side. As said both pairs are powered down, the Beagle probe will show them but a clan active probe won't do the job.
When you have taken those out you'll find the starport up in the middle north, one blip to the east can be taken care of by blowing up the pressuretanks ahead at east, if there's one there it's another of the original Thor's - from the west a Masakari J will jump in.
Well that's all you find here, move down now for the final showdown. When you get close you have a hill just before your target - send the scout up there and withdraw directly.
You will attract yet another Masakari, then a Madcat and then some four Hunchback IIc's, the latter will get very close and could cause major damage. Now either you press ahead, take over the turret control and you'll find a repairbay. Use it, yeah this isn't over yet.
The turrets further west have their own generator and control, either you move in directly taking the control at the northwestern part of the starport plus several Vulture's that defend the last orbital guns.
If you have plenty of time, send one mech out again and round the base on the outside, it will be followed by one or two Von Luckners that spot you - get close and take those out then move south again at the far west and you will reach the generator from the back. Fire over the wall to take out one turret then bring down the wall and wreck that generator. Without turrets the Vultures won't be a major problem for your mainforce.
Else you could choose to move a bit south and get up on an even higher hill before you take on this last enemyinstallation, by getting that close you will attract the defending Masakari, and then also a bunch of Hunchbacks IIc's already mentioned - there's no way of avoiding the defending enemys that I know of.
There's another entrance there facing the southeast, get down there and take out four or five turrets, move up to the repairbay as described above and fix you mecs, then head west again. If you dont rush it the Vultures will come single or in pairs - again take out that generator to mimimize the damage.
You could have about five minutes left, wreck one supergun and send up most of your mecs north, there's the Luckners defending yet one more repairbay. Taking out the last orbital gun will end the game with another rendered flick.

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