The care and grooming of mousemats®

    In our series for you DIY guys out there we now have gotten to the care and renovation of mousemats.
    Just follow our easy step by step instructions below and you will extend the use of your mousmat for years to come!
Wash well willya! Gooey and gluey.
Wash first!
You better start by washing and rinsing the textile of your mousemat carefully.
We used the kitchen sink as you can see, but you should be perfectly fine if using the sink in the bathroom or even bathtub. Well thats unless you make a forced entry when your sister, mother or girlfriend already is inside. If you disregard this recommendation and do wash the mousemat in the bathtub while any of those are still in. WRITE US! We want to hear all details!!!
Spreading the goo er.. glue
After washing its time to reattach the textile to the substrate of the mousemat. You can use a razor to spread the glue so you wont get your fingers glued together, the best choice is your fathers / boyfriends / hubbys Gillette Mach3 triple blade razor. In case you got a girlfriend, her ladyshave will also do. Again you sneak the razor back in the bathroom and this time you can hide beween the laundry or whatever you got for a fun time when they try to shave.
Snip and snap. Mouse me baby!
Cutting frenzy
Using the sharpest cissors you can find, in case you are uncertain we recommend reading the instruction manual for the cissors before you beging cutting. If you dont have any check the website Manuals R us and if you dont find it, write their webmaster and complain.
Refurbsihed mousemat
Hey see, its back in use again. Not perfect but much more useful and cleaner than before we got started, as you can see on the darker spots we used a lil bit to much glue. Except for the excess on the mousemat we also managed to glue the dog to the sofa - but a lil waste of wear always to be expected in a project of this vast magnitude.


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