I got the Thor in op2 mission 1 when replaying. So here its used in op2 mission 2, expect to crawl trough a number of cages. But take your time, the enemy will try to ambush you by shooting down the roof in one case, so dont rush it.

In operation 2 mission 3 you are back on the surface, well only temporarily. Here the Puma mecs are down but the end boss, a Champion can cause major damage if you expose yourself to much.





Background image a screendump from end cine of the game, borrows from classic mecha illustration by Mark Zug.

    Things begins to heat up now, in this set of missions you will face several ambushes and the first major enemys. Try to capture the best mechs now, you will need those against the enemy later on. Also protect your mobile field base, the enemy will try to take it out if you leave it exposed. Well thats all for general info here - onward to the mayhem!


Operation 2, mission 1:

Here you are to check on what might lurk in one dried out lake, as the briefing tells you there have been battle before in this area where your buddys got a beating - take that as a recommendation to move carefully. At first you see some Bulldogs and Harassers, move close to or over the dried out channel to take those out, lasers only to conserve on ammo. You might want to use the command to make your buddy stay behind else he might use up precious machinegun ammo. Moving towards point Able you will meet a strider, shoot to kill right off. Arriving at Able you will be able, ouch bad pun, to take out two fixed gun emplacements. It would be tempting to move directly in towarrds the next waypoint - but of cource its heavily defended and is more or less a trap.
Check around and you might see one Owens not so far off, if its there shoot it to shreads now, this one could mess up your MFB if you dont take care of it. Now follow the tangent you used for reaching waypoint able and you will see the mouth of a tunnel, say 'aaah' and move in - in the other end you can at least take out two more turrets. There's four elementals fooling around on the bottom of the dried out lake that also are easy targets.
You might spot one Fireant here also, but more likely it will be found at the right edge of the lake seen from this point. If you get out of the tunnel you will expose youself to two more turrets, and since those shoot from an extreme distance I think they are Gauss turrets, so stay clear rof those right now. So get back trough thr tunnel and continue around the mountain to have a look of the lake from the opposite side. Here you will see that Fireant and also get a good shot at those two remaining irritating turrets.
When those and the ant have been taken care of you can move over the lake towards your MFD, kill any elemental that still might be around and move under the bridge - then you stop. Look carefully at the brown ground and look for anything gray, you should see at least two hemispheric objects - use zoom for a better look if you dont spot them. They are watermines, dried down and half concealed - use long range laser to blow them up, on the way to your last waypoint there's one more and now its time to head in that direction. You will have one target, an Owens, try to attract it with a few LRM and take it out - the end of level boss is a Thor and you dont want to fight both that and the Owens at the same time. When the Owens are down, get back and repair you need both mechs as fresh as possible for the last push forward. When you move back over the lake you will hear a radiomessage that the clanners are moving out - a spaceship will launch, you can fire on it but it wont be stopped. Look around for that third mine, just avoid running over it now since a Thor are coming up via an elevator from a tunnel underground.
Shoot to bring it down for salvage, if you tell your lancemate to attack make sure you have targeted a leg with the numeric keyboard first - you need this mech for salvage. The mission ends when you press 'M' and have gotten your MFB over to this last waypoint.

Operation 2 mission 2:
Caving in

For this mission you need some major firepower. Whatever mech you go with it need one heavy AC for close up work. At the start you will be attacked by one Orion and one Shadowcat, target your lancemate rightoff to get him ready to take your orders and press F6 after you have targeted the Orion. This is vital, especially if you try this mission with lighter mechs. I've played it with lighter mechs on medium difficulty a number of times, and its possible - but certainly not easy and you might not have the option of trying to capture mechs if you try that - but it's a nice challenge. And yes you will need to use coolant then, since you will have more guns than heatsinks, but don't fit your lancemate that way, else you will hear him power down in the middle of the battles - its weird that they havnt got that detail right so also your lancemates could fight as efficient with the tools at everyones disposal.
Well after the Orion is down you can finish the Shadowcat, send your lancemate for repairs or just order him to stop while you move on to point Able where you will find another Shadowcat, four trucks and a bunch of Bulldogs.
You have to get around a corner, so swiftly turn your torso to target first the closest Bulldog with LRM's and then the Shadowcat - let the trucks run, you'll get them later. When the Cat is out you hack away at the Bulldogs who try to protect the trucks, you can target a truck if you manage to het all Bulldogs - unlikely. When you get to the second tunnel you stop, take out the elevator at center before doing anything else. This will prevent any truck from going up, it have happened once and its impossible to get at it then.
Why stop your lancemate from following? Well first off he might waste shortrange ammo at the shuttles at waypoint Able, secondly he might shoot at the various targets when you move in to take care of the trucks - have happened to me once and getting all those tons o the head of the mech brought it down permanently.
Secondly you take out the defending turrets, then a single Strider - which just stands on a corner if you dont get so close that it activates. Finally you can try to pick the Elementals one by one from a distance, always a good idea, not that they are particularily dangerous - but they run around so much they are hard-to-get targets. Finally you walk up and get the trucks, and here's the final reason to keep your lancemate behind, there's a small way up and if he follows it can get blocked. With all this said and done you call for your lancemate and also the MFB to get into the cave by the enemy HQ. Now you move back and get the shuttles at Able, then move to the HQ again.
Here you repair and stock up on ammo, there's a third tunnel close to the MFB, when you get to the opening you will get a message about a mech powering up - this is a Blackhawk in case you go with lighter units shoot away with LRM if possible send in your lancemate and then get close for the dogfight. If you have a Thor or Orion you can get close and dirty yourself, repair again after this and move back in.
When you continue towards the middle of this last cave you will hear some radio communication between the enemy officers and a mech which is inside - the pilot of the latter is quite good. Or it could be that the Orion he pilots got a better set of weapons. With lighter mechs this unit is one formidable opponent. If you have good mechs you can still try to salvage by taking out legs, as said earlier, if you target a leg via the numeric keyboard your lancemate will aim for that leg also when you order him to attack - which makes a salvage of the mech much more likely.
When the pilot of the Orion have bought the farm you will hear some more radio traffic from one upset clanner. Move past the green lid of the chemical plant to get a look at a hemispheric lid behind it. Shoot at this lid to reveal a tunnel.
You can order you lancemate to stay behind just to make sure he doesnt mess up the mission, and you go up on your own, making sure you dont get to close to the chemical plant - if you touch it both that and your mech will blow.
When you gotten into the tunnel to see the elevator the game will tell that you have concluded the mission. You get a Thor and a gaussgun for free when you shot up the elevator, but feel free to replay this mission if you havn't obtained one Orion already - that mech is quite superior.

Operation 2 mission 3:
Watch your step

Regardless of which mechs you use, the long range pulse laser will come in handy for several targets in this mission. You start at waypoint Able, the target is the elevator building. Shoot it up if you have the time, you will see some Harassers and two jumping Fireflys coming fast however. Those guys should be cannonfodder soon enough.
Moving towads the second waypoint you will see a Strider, the pilot in it sound nervous enough - and she got reason too. One almost feel sorry for her. Getting a little bit further should reveal two APC's at left and Pumas at right. It might be tempting to press on, but approach the bridge carefully and you soon should hear the sound of helicopters - pull in the reverse gear look up and fire with the pulslaser, it fires for quite a long time so you can wiggle it around to get at the choppers. Even though they got firepower enough to cause some damage, they are weak in themselves, one or two hits with the pulse and they are down.
Now you can start picking the APC's with same pulslaser and then start at the Puma mechs. One will keep hidden behind a ridgeline for a long leg on his patrol route, but it's a good idea to try to get even that one before you approach. When you do so two more Pumas will reveal themselves, and this the reason to be careful. Four Pumas working together can cause havy damage and even bring you down. So taking them two and two is a good idea.
When you have convinced the pilots of the last Puma to check the ads for agricultural opportunitys you can get your MFB over the bridge and repair, then you take out the Hotel No-tell, silly name. Heading for your last waypoint you will spot a Champion coming your way, again you can stop and shoot for the legs - I've managed to bring it down even before it gotten close enough to cause any damage whatsoever.
But get close and dirty if you like, the champ will make a good addition to your stock of spare mechs. Getting into the tunnel defended by the Champ will complete this mission.

Operation 2 mission 4:
Mining mechs

All'n all this its one of the shorter missions in this campaign, you can take off the AMS if you want to save it for later missions - the risk it will be damaged is quite small in any case so its up to you but another weapon could also come handy.
Get down the tunnel you see in front of your from the start, soon you see one target - a single Owens. Try to get on the platform before it moves down to the floor of the main cave. When you get out on the same platform two Thors will power up, its possible and quite a good idea to take those out from this point, less damage to you and a chance of capturing more mechs for your own use.
When the Thors are out bring down the MFB and make repairs. From the platform you did see a conveyorbelt, bring it down by shooting at its foundations. Now you can get in front of the plant and take out the single gun, silly clanners to place it inside, not any useful for shooting at anything in that position.
Get up the the part of the conveyorbelt that now become a ramp and make sure your lancemate follow you.
At the end of the short corridor is a door at left, shoot at it to get trough and follow the corridor past the right turn until you see a smaller room. Stop there and fire at the mechfactory until you get the message that the objective is done. You can end this mission here and now if you like, but you dont want it to be too easy huh?
Well you already should have seen a Puma strolling back and forth, aim for the legs to bring it down.
Now you check that your lancemate are ready to recieve orders, move a bit forward and you will get a message from Epona Rhi that she's under attack by one Annihilator. To save her you either rush in or send in your lancemate, the Annihilator certaily have a lot of punch and if you get directly in the line of fire you could get whacked - regardless of which mech you are using. Alternatively you can stop just before the entrance and try to salvage the Annihilator by fire at the legs without exposing your own mechs to much. But Epona Rhi will certainly be brought down since she only rides one Bushwacker. But playing the mission several times it doesnt seem she can get killed, but always get the ticket home to team up with your lance. I prefer to reply this mission if one fails to get the Annihilator, but if you feel its difficult and you already have Thors and Orions - you can also move on, those mechs are good enough.

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