You will see lots of enemies in op1 mission 3, but many of those are only projections from that building in the background. Go up there and shoot at a panel if you like to turn the holograms off.

Operation 3 mission 3 will bring a huge number of enemymechs, if you rush toward the navigationpoint you might have to deal with a few to many at the same time. Try to scout around and deal with each group on your own terms, then you might only have to mess with the Elementals at your final destination.

Operation 3 mission 5 is one of the most interesting missions of the game, at least to my taste. Several objectives and even some city fighting which will test your skill as seen on this screendump.

The Thor might carry somewhat less armour and major weapons than other heavy mechs, but it compensates with its speed and manuverability.




Mechwarrior 3 walktrough

Operation 3 mission 1:
A visit to the enemy HQ

For this mission you have two ways to play sucessfully, either to bring lots af armour and heavy guns to get up close and dogfight or to try your skill as a mechsniper and stand close to a ridgeline for partial protection and shoot at the legs with longrange lasers. In any case you are advised to put on one or two AMS units, since you as always will be up front you can even opt to have two. The enemy will be well equipped with LRM's so anti missiles certainly will come in handy.

At the start you will see one single target, which is a turret close to a laser fortress which protects the enemy HQ. Getting closer one Orion will power up, aim for the legs if you need more and better mechs - but if you played it right you really dont need more of those right now. The Orion will withdraw shortly in any case, so you better pay attention to the Striders which will try to get past you to attack your MFB. There can be two or three of those, one Strider seems to get caught at point Baker in some cases.
There's a lot of Madcats standing in the open here, but dont worry they are completely inert, in fact they're holograms - after the mission you will hear the commander apologize for the fact of mistaking them for real mechs. I guess that the building with the dazzling red light are supposed to be the projector then.
When you have taken out those move MFB to the second waypont and follow the ridge around until you find a valley leading in towards the enemy HQ. Now you have two choices, either go just slightly forward and start to pick the enemy one by one or launch a full scale attack together with your lancemates.
Both strategies have their advantages and disadvantages, since the enemy mechs are fitted for long range defence you can take a bit to much of damage from the sniper apporach. And rushing in also can cause serious damage to you or your buddies. The enemies are the Orion which pulled back earlier, one Bushwacker and one Avatar plus one turret. Make your choice from which playstyle you feel more comfortable with, you will need your lancemates up and going for the last part of this mission in any case.
When the enemies are down you can approach the base to take it out, move your MFB there for repairs if you like, but it takes quite some time for it to move around so you can also choose to go back to point Able and make repairs and refitting there.
The next leg takes you to one installation which are a passage which can be somewhat problematic for your lancemates to get trough, this is really one irritating thing with this game that they get stuck over and over again!
So make sure they get trough, you need then for the final push past a Vulture and a Madcat who will try to stop you from making the leg to the final waypoint. I prefer to move sideways to get a free line towards the enemy and send in my lancemates to attack while I shoot from a distance at the Vulture and later the Madcat. If you play this mission with Thors they certainly have the firepower to bring you down - with heavier mechs you can opt to get in close yourself also, especially if you have AMS which will cut off some of the inbound missiles.
When you bring the MFB to the final waypoint you will hear a conversation between Dominic and Epona, Dominic asks: "You said something about a dance" to which Epona replies: "I take it back!" Darn, that one missed on that one, I always wanted to see two mechs dancing!

Operation 3 mission 2:
In need of restocking

You think that you've had a hard time already? Think again, because now things will start to heat up considerably. This short mission with only one waypoint contains a lot of opportunitys to fail. Start forward toward your waypoint, round the cliff and a Madcat, Orion and a Swadowcat will engage you. The Madcat might be firing at your new lancemade Mattila who arrives from the right, so you might choose to go for the cat first. Standing at a distance shooting for the legs of the other mechs isnt an option here, bring them down as quick as you are able to. They have buddies on their way, one Thor and another Madcat. I recommend playing this mission by issuing orders to the lancemates. That way you can keep your mech relatively fresh and with enough ammo to take on any of those two latercomers.

Operation 3 mission 3:
The dropship

This is one of the more difficult missions, especially if you dont have really good mechs. One of the objectives in the mission is to protect the MFB's, and since the enemy will attack those at every opportunity its one extra complication. But you havn't lost no MFB in any other mission yet I hope, if you do you will loose valuable ammo and weapons. Before this mission you could check extra on what things you want to keep, you are bound to have an enormous stockpile of some kinds of ammo and ordinary armour - get rid of that now. Check your buddies mechs also in case you havnt already, one of them might have ordinary armour and your advantage if you replace it with FF armour one you also should have one AMS per mech and perhaps two on your own.
I failed at it two times, partially since I pushed ahead to quickly and got to many enemy units going, but replaying the mission I discovered that some enemies doesnt get going before you reach able -so it is a good idea and a winning strategy playing this mission step by step.
You start in front of a bridge, give the MFB the order to deploy rightoff and then move over the bridge. One Avatar will climb up the hill in front of you to engage, you might choose to nattle this one from the other side of the bridge but then you will risk that it pulls back out of range. Soon also three Striders will come running, they might fire at the MFB's, take out as many as you can since they othervice will withdraw and join a set of 5 Elementals that are heading toward waypoint Able. The Avatar sometimes will withdraw to that point also, rarely the helicopters also will pop up early when you are at the bridge, seen that only oncem again you might choose not to cross the bridge but stand shooting on the other side.
After you have out as many as possible of these enemys and the last have disappeared from your screen you restock on ammo and eventually send in your lancemates for refit also. If you push ahead you will start the second scripted attack, so take it easy at this point. When you feel confident that you and your buddies are as fresh as possible you move toward Able. Walk on the ridge at left to spot any surviving Striders, if you keep following this ride you will also get to engage the three helis separately - one advantage. The MFB can be moved forward to one intermediate rallypoint, and yes they will not be stopped if the bridge at your starting point have been taken out but use a second bridge. And I havnt seen the MFB's getting attacked while doing that move, so no need to protect them separately.
Getting closer to waypoint able you will see five Elementals, they are no problem of their own Epona Rhi blurts "Bloody toads" when they pop up - i'd say frogs rather. When you move in your MFB's you will also be attacked by two Owens who will come over the ridge you have followed, if you took out the Elementals from the ridge you have the option of kicking the Owens before they get close to the MFB's. You can attempt to move the MFB, to Able for one additional repair and refit. But it is quite likely that you already have a new set of targets on your screen, those are two Avatars and one Orion. If any lancemate is damaged you might choose to issue the order that he protect the MFB.
If any of the enemy gets close they will attack it first, and your mechs only secondly.
One alternative is to check the ridgeline at right after you have taken out themechs of the very first attack, you then walk right at about 90 degree angle from waypoint able following the ridge. You will find a way up to the higher level, and before reaching there you will see three mechs powering up. Those could be two Avatars and one Orion, mechs that would attack your MFB's at Able at the end of this mission. Using the terrain you can take those out one by one and then be able to finish this mission much more easily, only having Elementals and the two Owens to take care of in the last battle.

Operation 3 mission 4:
Industrial decease

For this mission you have an edge if you bring a pair of long range lasers together with the ordinary short range guns with good punch. You will have one target from the start, one Shadowcat that walks on a ridge. For an easier mission you can try to bring it down with lasers, its partially hidden behind the ridge at times so using LRM can be a waste.
Heading for Able you spot more targets, one of your lancemates might even take out the bridge at baker on your way there. Regardless you see one turret, again use lasers. Your lancemates most likely will shoot at the plant and trucks when you get closer order one to take out the Blackhawk, while you fire at it from a safe distance. Seems that mech only got short range weapons, then move on to the Chauldron born most likely found behind the plant. Send a message to the MFB to relocate, depending on your shape and amount of ammo you might do a pitstop here but you can also press on to make the pilot in the Vulture at point baker to buy the farm. Darn, i'd liked to have seen the endflix of this game showing all those clanners in they new career as farmworkers! Last waypoint is a bit further away, when you approach a Thor will power up. Move over the creek and use the ridge at right to your advantage. Stopping behind it you can follow the Madcat and Thor when they patrol, your best chance is when the Thor piloted by Ratache Otis is at the closest.
In the radiocomm he have quite an attitude, but is no sweat to bring him down really. The Madcat got PPC's however and either you play it safe and fire with this long range lasers I recommended you to bring. Or attack with everyone and rush him when the Cat is behind the ridgeline closer to your final objective. On your way there you have a singe turret to take out and arriving there you find a bridge and two laser towers. This mission will conclude when those targets are down.

Operation 3 mission 5:
Enemy at the gates

What rank have you gotten now? Master Seargant perhaps. Least I had that when starting this mission. At the start you see two Owens approaching, its perhaps best not sending any lancemate in at this stage but to stand and fire since one Annihilator also will turn up in front of the big structure at point Able, one Puma will sneak up from the right and on top of it there's also a Vulture which fire happily at you and your buddies, so keep a cool head. Hopefully you will quickly be able to take down the closest enemies at the time the Puma gets within range. Your mechs might need repair and to stock up on ammo, but there's one advantage to get up on that structure - that is to finish that Vulture before it can team up with another Vulture which is closer to your final objective. Dont stand enjoy the view, you have Bulldogs and a patrolling Puma that you can take out from this position. When those are out you can bring in the MFB's and repair. While your buddies do that you can busy youself by heading to the loading docks at Dog, there's only two Bulldogs there in any case so no need to bring the whole team anyhow. Then you head backfor point Baker, one Puma most likely still are around. Its protected by a wall so choose the closest opening to get at it. From there you will be able to get a few shots between the buildings when the Puma expose itself. You might choose to order your lancemates to remain behind, else they might waste quite some ammo here firing away when the Puma is protected of buildings.Not to mention that they might waste missiles and bullets at the main quarters at point Baker.
Getting closer you might also see one Avatar and one Annihilator power up, so it's a good idea not to take on all those enemys at once. You can either dogfight your way to Baker or shoot up the quarters from a distance, if you choose the later the enemymechs will withdraw towards point Charlie. Getting them out in the open makes things a bit more easy since your lancemater will have a free range towards the targets. Not to mention that you risk getting shot in the back by them in some circumstances. Now its time to bring the MFB closer and repair and restock again, then you push forward towards Charlie, you will see a Vulture there, and if you didnt take out that Avatar it will also wait outside the corridor leading down to the gates you are supposed to blast open.
When those have decided to bail out of their mechs you can bring the MFB's in for a final refit if you like.
The gun emplacements along the corridor are easy targets with long laser fire, and you can also blast the gates open from a distance and finish the mission. Closer to the gates you will find more enemys, if you didnt take out the second Puma it might be there, also the Annihilator, finally they got one buddy there,yet another Annihilator. Together those guys might be a little to much to handle at the same time, luckily you can play it safe and bring them down from a distance if you like.

Operation 3 mission 6:
Clutching at straws

Two objectives in this mission, to take out a fortress and secondly also a spaceport.
The difficulty isn't too much, medium and even perhaps on the easier side. Especially since you are able to opt out without taking on all enemys. Heading for the first objective the fortress you will see four Strikers and five Elementals. Neither a serious danger of cource, but keep your attention on the more distant blips that soon pops up. They will engage you after you hear the words "Open the gates" an Avatar and one Madcat will head for your guys. When those are smoking you can mop up the defenders of the fortress, well that's in case your lancemates have failed to do so. Can't imagine how they would however, considering how triggerhappy they are.
Heading for the spaceport you see see one turret and two Avatars, approach slowly when you have gottem them on radar, soon two Cauldron born's will head for you one from either side. You might or might not get attacked by some helis at this point also.
When those are out and you convinced the pilots to have a change of career, Ratache Otis will try to make a comeback. He comes in a Supernova, and with his attitude and a mech with such a name you might think its time to worry.But it isnt, despite the fact that it got six poverful long range lasers Otis seems to be anything but well: triggerhappy in fact. So shoot for salvage if you like, the Supernova is a rather slow mech but I happened to like it and used it in all of the following missions in one campain except the following one: op4 mis1. If you manage to salvage it you will see that it is extremely steady when you are approaching a target, even if missiles are bouncin on your armour, but that it doesnt carry quite as many weapons as some other heavy mechs.

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