You will meet one Osiris for the first time in the second mission, but he isnt here for a friendly handshake. You better show off with your guns proving you are the top dog here by ripping him to shreds.

Do you know?
You can fit any weapon into the grey omni slot, the Shadowcat have a large one on the left arm.

Keep an eye on the enemies walking around your buddies to get at the APU's, if those are blown up your dropship wont be able to take off.




Dropship liftoff from cutscene.


Operation 1. Mission 1
Destroy lunar communications relay

On the first missions you are on a moon located close to a ringed planet, have a good look at the green geysers and cool sky in this first mission. Since you wont have time to appreciate the scenery in the following ones.
An easy mission, regardless of which level you play it on. You are to take out three hyper pulse towers, some SRM carriers and four missile turrets. In addition there's some scout cars which will attempt to escape, so keep an eye on the radar - but you will also get a message about the possibility. Regardless of the level this mission is played at you can hardly fail, overall more of a training excersize than anything else.

Operations 1. Mission 2
Destroy convoy

Before this mission you could check in at mechlab and make some minor modifications to your Shadowcat. You might already have noted that the machineguns dont have any punch at all, so take those off and put on one or two extra lasers. You might also opt to add one LRM 5, but the resistance will be so weak that you can do without it. You will see that the Shadowcats main advantage is its speed, the enemy units will fire but rarely hit as long as you run in circles around them. So dont compromise on the speed of the Shadow for now.
At the beginning of the mission go straight for nav 1 and you will soon target a Swiftwind or one Osiris. When those are down you will also find some Swiftwinds and a Scud launcher and trailing behind are some Vedettes, some of these might blow if you simply step on them. When those are decomissioned you can set your cource for nav point 2, if you have taken any damage and are conserned about getting killed you can get up the hill instead of going straight for point 2.
If positioned right on the hill you will be able to fire at the Osiris when it gets closer without it being able to shoot back since you are to far up. There's also some SRM carriers, but that is all enemys on this mission which will conclude when the last standing enemy is taken out.

Operations 1. Mission 3
Dropship hunt

If you still have the SRM on your mech you can take it off for this mission and replace it with a LRM 10, and if place permits also a second LRM 5. Reason for this is that time will be important and you will need to fire from a distance instead of running around getting close to every target. First times I played this mission I had quite some problems getting the dropships down before they took off. Now replaying the mission with difficulty setting 'veteran' and 'elite' it was more easy to win here! What was the difference - targeting the APU's perhaps. The difference that made it easier was that I did take down the two Osiris mechs so my buddy in the other mech also got to target the dropships, if there's any enemy around he will chase after those which make the mission harder to accomplish.
Else from those two Osiris mechs the defence isnt much to write home about, two Vedettes and a number of laser turrets. They can in fact be ignored is you just keep moving around while you fire away at the dropships.
The APU's stading next to the ships also will show as targets, taking those out might prevent the dropships from getting ready for launch - when they blow they certainly seems to damage the dropships so aiming for those cant be the worst thing to do.
But you could also play this mission the way I did it at first, letting the lancemate chase after the other enemys. Since he's in another Shadowcat he wont face any serious threat from the enemy units that are outgunned.
If a dropship takes off while critically damaged you can still fire at it while in the air, have won this mission a few times that way. But whatever you do, dont get to close to the dropships, they might get their guns working and could peel your armour off like a lemon. They have at least one gaussgun each which can damage you mech badly, and worst of all if you stand under the rocket exhaust during the takeoff your mech will certainly blow up from overheating. Its possible to shoot at the last minute when a dropship is taking off and kill it, but you really should be able to get all while they're on the ground.

Operation 1. Mission 4
Base defence

This the first mission where you will have many mech targets and a bit of a real challenge. You are to defend your dropship and most imporantly the APU's close to the loading bay of the ship.
If those are taken out the mission will terminate, so from the start you better look for two LRM carriers that will get up on a ridge to the left to target at the APU's. One Osiris might also be found here, but you better just dodge it. Take those out and check your back before you do anything else, at least one Bulldog will pop up from the rear and will target the transport crawlers as soon as it get close. One or two additional Bulldogs plus a Vedette, numbers might depend on difficulty level, will also approach the dropship and aim for the APU's as well as any enemymechs that gets close.
You can either opt to go with as many LRM's your Shadowmech can carry, or try to dogfight this mission with the Hellspawn you got from the previuos mission.
When the Shadow and Hellspawn are down you can check for the enemy at the far corner, those might be one Osiris, 2 Vedettes and one SRM. But whatever you do don't start with those targets before the rear and sides have been cleared. The mission will finish when the dropship is ready to take off, regardless if all enemies are down or not so you can opt for playing this a bit more easy by staying close to the dropship and kill anything that gets near.

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