In the first mission of Operations 2 you are to get rid of that Raven, some crawlers plus one Cougar to clear the landing spot for a dropship. As seen on the larger picture - yoru supposed to click! I played it singlehandedly to see if its possible, and yes it was.

Do you know?
If you need one or two extra tons you can often take off a little armor from the legs, then move all weapons over to the torso and the other arm, strip the empty arm of armor, the extra ton can be used for more ammo or the anti missile AMS unit.

In the second mission you better go on your own at first, else your lancemate might trigger the warning system. Take out some choppers also when you get back to pick up your lancemate.




That's a Bushwacker whacking bushes - right?

Operations 2 Mission 1

You can stick with the Shadowcat for this mission, its versatile enough with that omni rack on one arm. Add AMS both for you and your lancemate if you like, most attackers will use lasers so you could experiment with reflective armour if you got AMS. Ive played this mission on all levels singlehandedly, yet bringing a lancemate will make his skill get a bit better so bring a buddy along for the ride. I opted for one LRM 15 rack though its not specially useful since the Ravens will run around to much to be aneasy target for missiles, also the ammo will be somewhat wasted on choppers and Bulldogs - make up your own mind how you want to play but prepare for one Cougar that will be somewhat of a challenge.

At the start you face towards nav point alpha, move towards it and you should see two Peregrine choppers, if those are brought down now you are at an advantage. Somewhat closer to the navpoint you will see a Raven, like its buddy at the navpoint ahead it seems inclined to fire missiles from a distance dodge and fire back with all you got as soon as it stands still or gets to a point where its bound to turn around. More choppers will turn up during the fight against the first Raven, dodge when you hear the beep telling you are targeted and fire at them is they get to close - a single laser blast will kill them off.
Press forwards to alpha to engage the second Raven, when it is down you will move ahead towards beta, a number of targets will be seen at right. Dont fire at the Snowcats there in the middle, that might be a waste of ammo, instead you might choose to get up the hill to take on the targets there before pressing ahead, theyre only Bulldogs which you dont want firing at you in your rear when you engage the Cougar that guard navpoint beta.
Getting back towards beta the Cougar and two Bulldogs might have gotten up the ridge, time to begin using the LRM's you might have brought. Killing the Cougar isnt that difficult, which is somewhat weird, its supposed to be one of the very best medium class Clan mechs. Regardless it seems that capture of enemymechs might be scripted somehow since I always have managed to get it in this mission.
When you get closer to beta you will find four laser turrets and two more Bulldogs, the mission will conclude when you have gotten to point gamma and convinced the drivers of three Bulls found there to take an early retirement.

Operations 2 Mission 2
Raid Depot

This time you could swap your lancemates mech and let him pilot the Cougar you got in the last mission.
You will get a recommendation to turn of radar from the start, that's a good suggestion. Its possible to sneak then, well rather rush and get the station with LRM's fired from the distance. Have even destroyed it without turning off radar, its more likely it a matter of time getting that building. You will be able to restock so no need to waste space on extra ammo here, since you also will need to repair - you get a refill of ammo when refitting.
If you have problems getting the radiostation you could go with one Hellspawn which can be fitted with the ECM - the electronic counter measures unit. Since it cant bring any big lasers take the best small ones and add missiles.
At the start you order your lancemate to remain behind, else he will follow you and might screw things up, by pressing F1 for the menu and then F6 you make your buddy stop. Head for point Alpha on your own and make sure you turn off radar, get past the large ridge and towads a small rocky outcropping with three bumps. Behind it you find a walley and the radiostation, dont get closer but aim carefully, you wont get any lock on for this target just fire with your missiles until it is blows up. Have also played this mission with a small gauss mounted, faster kill of the station that way.
If you play this mission with Casey as your lancemate he will get so bored back at the base that he will begin to tell silly jokes about an Icebear that walks in with a penguin and a salami under each arm - mission control will tell him to shuddup, darn partystoppers! Walk past point Beta on your own with radar off, that way you might sneak past the copters there. But again, thats not for certain. Then back to base to get your buddy with the F3 command. You shouldn't see anyting at waypoint Gamma, but from point Delta you could spot two Calliope missile turrets, those got quite some firepower. If you approache them with the radar off you might get both with LRM's without they taking notice that you are in the vincinity. Its possible to get some coopters also while they hang in mid air in the distance. Getting closer to the base without the radar wont matter since the enemy will see you visually, and from a certain distance you will hear a message that they use short range radio to call in one patrol. So bring on the radar now. Its preferrable to shoot at the copters from a distance, if play on Elite level you might need to get back to repair after all choppers are out. If you get closer a Cougar and Catapult will split from their coffee and though-nut break - so keep your distance from point Epsilon for the time being. When the choppers are down and you have repaired you send in your lancemate and follow boldly, remember to dogfight the Catapult in close and never to stop shooting. It have some major firepower with those twin LRM 20's.
Now you have two choices, if you move in to Epsilon you might have time for repairing both mechs.
But you can also go back to your own base, your choice, one enemy patrol is inbound so if you choose to repair at the captured base you need to be quick. The patrol consists of a Cougar and a Hellspawn, and they pose a lesser threat so mopping up shouldnt be to much of a burden. You should gain the Catapult for salvage in this mission, a better mech than you had previously so it will become your workhorse in several missions from now on.

Operations 2 Mission 3
Escort Techs

Before you even get started on this mission I have to tell you that you are in deep now. It's a long mission with many targets, and your mechs might take quite some damage so check on your armour first and boost it to max before checking on weapons. Since there will be multible targets and an extended mission you better dont bring guns which will run out of ammo quickly.
Since you take a more active role up front in the battles as the lanceleader I picked the Catapult and fitted it with three large ER lasers. With the AMS on there was only place for 2 clan LRM 10's after that - sadly no clan 20 as of yet. The lancemate in the Shadowcat can also go with several lasers, but check on heat when its used by the lancemate. I really dont know if they are unable to use the cool 'F' command or if they use it to much coolant early on - regardless lancemates tend to overheat and shut down way too quickly if they dont have quite some heatsinks. At the start you will see some targets to the left, take those out now at the beginning, they're only SRM's plus a Raven that comes rushing in to befriend you - not! Heding towards point Alpha you will spot one industrial area, just a lil right you have three targets - only Condors but finish them quickly so you dont take any damage yet. Turing towards the plant again you will spot a Uziel, a nice mech and if you are quick you can bring it down without any damage. But dont hesitate in front of this one, twin PPC's can cause serious damage.
In case you choose to do so, blow up the fueltanks before getting closer so you dont risk damaging your mech unneccesarily - and yes, the Uziel might get caught in the blast causing some extra damage before the close up fight. By this time you will hear a radio message asking where you are at, dont worry, the caravan wont start to move until you get near - so take your time walking towards Alpha.
Three Bullshitters will be seen close to the closer part of the ridge, kill with extreme prejustice since a Hellspawn is bound to join the havoc very quickly. When the Hellspawn is down you peek over the ridge again and take out the four mobile turrets at the valley floor.
Now you can finally get to Alpha, you will se another mech there, dont shoot, it's a buddy.
Target the first APC by cycling trough friendly targets by pressing 'W' and then press F1 for your lancemate and choose 'Protect my target'. You should have your new navpoint up, if not press 'N' to bring it up, follow the hint of direction it provides and rush up ahead of your buddies to seek the guys who have the wrong attitude. It shouldnt take too long to spot a Hellspawn moving in from the left side. Bring it down and continue to follow the valley, depening on the setting you will soon see a some half dozen or more choppers in the air.
Never stop! They can be brought down with a single laser shot, but they got quite some firepower so dont let them target you. Another Raven might pay a visit at the same time. When all those are down you will face yet another Uziel, also coming in from the right side. If you have taken serious damage you better tell your lancemate to break off from the bodyguard service and attack and you can opt to shoot from a distance. This last enemy mech is so late that the APC's can get over the bridge before it gets anywhere near.
If your mech really have been messed up you better follow the APC's instead, bringing down the bridge will finish the mission regardless of which side you are on so you can finish the mission that way and avoid getting killed.

Operation 2 Mission 4
Capture base

For this mission you have two lancemates, mechs of choice could be the Catapult, Shadowcat and the Uziel, AMS can prove to be of an advantage.
At the start you will see some SRM carriers, fueltrucks and one laser turret ahead, a second laserturret is hidden at right close to the ridge on that side. When those are down you have one option, that is to do some scouting on your own, order your lancemates to remain behind and turn right up the ridge.
When you have gotten over it you either have a secondary base right ehead or a little to the left. There's four LRM carriers there, if you take those out now you will have a bit of an easier time in the final battle over this base. When those are smoking you team up with your buddys the same way you came, dont get to close to the base yet since you will attract the defending mechs and two or three against you will be a bit to much.
When you have gotten back you give them the order to follow you, and you get closer to the base. The small mountain at left can serve as protection if you have chosen to go with short range weapons. The first mech you will encounter will most likely be an Bushwacker labeled 'Sentry 1' ecen though it hasnt got major firepower its quite mobile so aim carefully. The second one that soon will join is the Uziel, dont get up close of its front or the PPC's can cause major damage on you or your buddies.
It could be tempting to take out the tower which controls the Calliope turrets, but dont do so yet, if its out the transports will move into the base to take it over and the counterstrike will commence. Its better to take out all defenders first and last the tower, you will then have some limited time to repair not only your mech but also those of your lancemates. Here one of the shortcomings of this game will show, at times your lancemates will simply refuse to repair, you can then order them to follow you to get them to change their location and then give the order to repair again.
Yet with the limited time at your disposal this could mean that one mech never gets repair and so badly damaged that the pilot bails out, this is stupid indeed and a complication one didnt have in the previous mechwarrior game.
The first wave of the counterattack will be two Cougars that comes in from one side and Peregrine helicopters from the opposite side close to the repairbay. You better take all those out quickly since more enemy mechs will pop up shortly, namely two Argus and another two Cougars. These latter ones will be followed by the LRM carriers in case you didnt take those out early. Overall this mission is quite difficult on all levels you might play it on, yet you should not have to revert to the cheats the game comes with.

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