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Do you know?
While in briefing you can click on the map to bring up a closeup for the terrain of the upcoming mission.


Did you know?
One flamer doesnt do much damage and wont stop most mechs from continue to fight, but multiple flamers will make several mechs to power down. In hot environments three flamers or more you will even be able to keep some mechs powered down completely so you can destroyed them with other weapons without taking any damage yourself.




A Madcat vs. a Thor, who will win?.

Operation 3 Mission 1
Sweep & Destroy

This mission is the first where some players might choose to turn on (or off) some of the cheat features. And again, there might be those who think im completely wrong on that. I played with all features on the first times.
If you like me will try to play without any cheats you will likely have to do try this mission several times.
In any case you only have one lancemate, to make things easier you could take the Catapult with three ER lasters plus some missiles for yourself and the Uziel with ER lasers and clan SRM's for your lancemate. A check on the armour can also be a good idea, AMS can be useful, but not if the tradeoff would be armour. If you need one extra ton you better downgrade the engine. At the start you wont have much to do since you wait for reports from your 'private eyes', soon you will hear a message that enemies have been found at navpoint Alpha. Those are two Cougars that come with a mix of missiles and lasers, this fight shouldnt be to much of a problem.
After those are decommisioned you will get to head towards nav Beta, on veteral level you will find two Osiris mechs plus a Raven there. Personally I have most problem with the Raven which moves to fast to target at times.
At navpoint Delta you will meet a Cougar and one other Osiris, they tend to get down into the lake something which you can use against them by remaining on the slope, they will have quite some problems firing at you when you are to high up.
The last challenge is a major one, two Vultures, luckily the rugged terrain might prevent them from using the misiles effectively. If your lancemate havnt taken any major damage you can send him in first by pressing 'F1' for: Attack my target. Or 'F5' for 'Go to my navpoint'.
When you get near try to get up close, you will hear machinegun fire from the Vults but that weapon is weak as you know by this time so dont let that worry you. Depending on if the Vultures get separated or remain close together you could choose to either attack both at once or one each. This mission concludes when you have killed the Vultures, you should salvage one Vulture from this mission, yet you will find that the old Catapult model actually are more versatile with better armour that several other mechs.

Operation 3 Mission 2
Capture convoy
You start in a mountainpass and soon you will see four Nightshades flying overhead, feel free to pick them out of the sky with your long range lasers. Though its an extra since they dont seem to attack you in this mission.
To make sure you win this mission you better ignore waypoint Alpha, your lancemates have serious problems getting over the ridges and often get stuck. Even worse, if you order them to attack any target while you are up on the ridge they might even decide to walk around and simply disappears somewhere behind you not to be seen during this mission until the very end - stupid programming! One would think that jumpjets would help out, this will make you arrive faster at any destination, but your lancemates doesnt seem inclined to use them. Instead you simply follow the valley at full speed then turn right to get a contact with the enemy units, those are one Argus, two Cougars and a Vulture. The convoy itself consists of three trucks closely guarded by two Bulldogs. If you battle well you can bring those out at this point between Alpha and Beta and make the convoy to stop, if any enemy still are around it will continue and another Vulture standing futher ahead will cause additional problems.
So the best option is to get the enemy early on, and yes, if one truck is destroyed you will still be able to win, but not if all are blown up. The convoy will stop and let itself be captured when you have finished the Bulldog tank which rides in front of the caravan. There's a second objective to this mission, to kill all Steiner forces, so there might be more enemies hiding somewhere on this map. They aren't found at the two last waypoints, perhaps you are supposed to take out all flyers seen at first in this mission to get the secondary objective too.
Operation 3 mission 3
Destroy dropship
For this mission you need your best mechs, stupid to say - just like in almost all missions. Yet overall its somewhat more easy than some previous ones and especially compared with the mission on the moon where you had less capable mechs and had to take out three dropships. In one version I brought the artillery strike unit and fired at the dropship - but I really cannot vouch for how effective that weapon is.
You dont have any navpoints here, to find the drotship you head towards northeast and if you are heading in the right direction you will soon run into one Argus. After that mech is down you continue in the same direction, just right of a large mountain and will soon find a half dozen Bulldogs. You better get as many as possible since you will soon get a message that enemy mechs are powering up. Those are a second Argus and one Mauler, order your lancemates to target the Mauler its more powerful than anything you have run into yet and can cause major damage if you dont stop it soon. The seconc Argus should be a lesser problems for your lancemates so order them to target that one while you take out the defences consisting of two mobile turrets. When the defences are down your lancemates might team up with you firing at the Dropship, dont let them get to close but call them back if they end up right beside the Dropship, its gaussguns can cause serious damage.
Mission completes when the Dropship is down. If you have serious problems you can opt to rush toward the dropship and target it while your lancemate fight with the other targets.

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