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The Thor might carry somewhat less armour and major weapons than other heavy mechs, but it compensates with its speed and manuverability.

Do you know?
If you are going into a mission where the enemy are bound to mostly use lasers you can replace the fibrometal with reflective armour on your mecs. But if you do so you better also provide the mecs with AMS to avoid getting too battered by any missiles that might be used.

Do you know?
The Novacat is one of the few mechs that could be used as it comes. Yet the heat from the weapons can be a bit to much so you better remove the clan Extended pulselaser and add another heatsink. That makes it possible to add ton of armour - not the dumbest thing to have dont you think?



This powered dowm Thor actually found in the base of the last mission.

Operation 4 Mission 1
Raid base

For this mission you have a major problem with configuring the mechs, you need to be fast to get in and take out defences ahead of the cargo trucks yet fight many targets and risk running out of ammunition.
Going all the way with energy weapons with laser and PPC isnt one option here since the enemy base is located in a desert area so you will risk heating up if you dont have heatsinks to match. I picked the Mauler fitted with twin LBX guns and two ER pulselasers without AMS for myself supported by the Catapult and the Vulture fitted with ER lasers for this mission.

You better get started with full speed directly. Rush in toward the base and either take out the mobile turrets or their control up front. You will soon be attacked by one Shadowcat and no less than four on the left flank Cougars (this on Veteran level, think it was only two Cougar on lower settings). Take out at least one mech yourself while you pass and order your lancemates to fire at one other of these while you rush up and take out the SRM carriers, this is neccesary since those else will target the cargo trucks.
At this stage I managed to refit in midfight in one version I played this game, and actually did win but its not really a recommended way to play this mission, it was more of out of desperation since the Mauler was really battered.
In this area also two Ravens and a Hellspawn will move in, bring them down and now you will have to face any of the remaining Cougars that originally was seen on your left, they will now moves up to attack you and your lancemates. About the time when the cargo trucks are at their last pitstop 2 Uziel and another 2 Hellspawn will attack, if you or any of your lancemates are seriously damaged repair rightoff. Better if you havetime to do that before these last four enemies gets near. At least one of the Uziels seems to be fitted with a Gaussgun, you better take that one out if you are able to get an aim at it. You could be a bit creative in this last fight, try fire at the gascans when one enemy is near to cause extra damage and overheating.
If you really got problems you can conclude this mission by getting back to the startingpoint, even if there's anemy mechs left which your buddies still are fighting - in short the easy solution can be to chicken out.

Operation 4 Mission 2
Defend base

For this mission you can use about the same configuration of mechs and weapons as on the previous one. At the start you will be harassed by four Peregrine helis, laser them to oblivion and continue to nav Alpha, there you will see a Shadowcat jump up and down on his trampoline. When you get closer he will give it up and pull back to the left of your waypoint, if you follow another sporty Shadowcat will jump up from beihnd a second hill. These renegade mechs are here to delay or stop you from getting to nav Alpha, you can take them out which I did - but they really are a secondary objective so you can also skip on that. A third mech, one Uziel will also attack before Alpha, overall they shouldnt be to much of a poblem though.
Arrving at Alpha you will first see one Cougar, dont fire at it since it's a buddy, behind the small pass you will find more legit targets, two Shadowcats and a bunch of LRM carriers, perhaps six that now are attacking the turrets at Alpha. When the LRM's are down the small kittens will withdraw. Now you might want to repair and restock on ammo - but your lancemates will only walk around the mountain the long way and then declare that they cannot repair! So dont waste time on that. This problem with the game will become a big trouble later on but in this mission should be able to continue.
Dont refrain from fixing your own mech though - especially since you will need to stock up on more cool-aid or whatever the mech uses to keep the machinery from overheating. A second attack of Shilone bomber or Sheilas might come in also, the Calliope missiles will take those out without you needing to interfere. Arriving at navigation point Beta you will soon see four targets, two Uziels and two Vultures. Taking those out off the enemy rolls will end this mission.

Operantions 4 Mission 4
Capture barges

You're in the navy now! Well not quite, your mission is rather to take out a navy of patrolboats. Your lancemates will be quite triggerhappy and might destroy some barges while aiming for patrolboats, you will be at an advantage if you order them to target the mechs found here and you go for the patrolboats and get close to turn the barges friendly yourself.
Another complication is that you really are in deep in the water, noted that the Tanatos is too short so that its arms will be submerged and unable to fire. Your a tough guy right? Let your lancemates get he better mechs and you will have to make extra leaps up on the shore to get all guns working. Heading towards the barges you will see quite a number of patrolboats, more if you have a more difficult setting. One Argus lurks nearby also, halfway over the lake a number of Peregrine helis will assault together with one Uziel that comes with jumpjets. Near the final destination you will find one Loki and yet another Argus that comes in from the left. Overall I find this to be the easiest mission in this set of operations.

Operantions 4 Mission 4
Destroy factory

In this mission you will get dim, er make that foggy, what about clouded then?

'Get serious man!'

Er well your range of sight will be limited here, and you could use that to your advantage. Fit you and perhaps one other mech with ECM for a more easy time. You will need to keep your lasers charged, I did in fact choose the new clanrated LBX guns on several mechs here, each with one or two tons of ammo extra which turned out to be a good choice. Despite the name of this mission your targets are in fact munitions plants, so dont fire just about at everything.
You will run into an amazing number of Bulldog tanks, also a large number of guard towers, must admit that i lost count despite replaying this mission - the lancemates blow them up so quickly that it wasnt possible to keep track. You have one navpoint, but you could better scout around a bit first taking out some of the targets which lurks in the fog. It wouldn't be possible to take out enemy mechs at the same time as you shoot at the munition plants in any case.
Going with ECM will enable you to avoid some of the mechs though, ive managed to finish this mission without having to tangle with at least one Nova plus a Shadowcat when ECM was fitted on my mech. On Veteran level there's in fact two Novacats and Shadows, one mech that it seems you cannot avoid is the Awesome - and I dont think you should since it's a good idea to have that one for upcoming missions.
When the enemy and perhaps all guardtowers are down you could move over to point Delta to get a guided tour by the Swiftwind. Either target it with the friendly 'W' button and follow or let it go by itself, when it have arrived a new nawpoint should pop up - and there shouldnt be any problem identifying the targets even though they wont show up as red. The mission will conclude when all plants have been blown up.

Operations 4. Mission 5
Capture prisoner convoy

Another capture mission, easy one and quite fun in fact. Even though its possible to go with heavyweight I preferred a little experimentation and played this somewhat smaller and faster clanmechs like Vultures and the Novacat without any serious problem.
The first objective is the Air defence radar and turret tower at point Zeta. There's a single Uziel there but you could aim for the two objectives first and let your buds fire away at the Uziel. There's actually a repairbay at this base but I really dont think you will have to use it. If you have choosen to go with slower and heavier mechs you could order one of your mates to remain here if you like - to order that mech back to the final waypoint if you like.
Move on to the next objective and while you are on your way you will hear a message that the convoy have passed point Alpha - dont worry they are in fact coming your way. You will see that the trucks, which actually do show as 'buses' in you target display, are guarded by two Cougars and some Bulldogs. If you go with the Novacat you will find that the Cougars are so weak they will drop dead just from two hits or so from the distance. If you try playing with a heavier mech you can try something fun, crashing into the Cougars will cause them to loose their foothold and you will be able to shoot with your best guns without having to worry about your aim.
There's two vehicles carrying gas or whatever that also will show as targets, dont fire at those if they are close to any other vehicle or those might be damaged. A Vulture will move in from the left here at point Alpha, either you divert one of your lancemates to attack or you participate from a distance. Follow the transports back and you will get the extra 'Target of opportunity' objective which is two Uziels that will come up from the corner of the map. Both are fitted with jumpjets so if you got a flamer you could attack when they jump or just have gotten down to force them to power down.
If any of your lancemates have gotten any serious damage you could order them to remain behind in this last fight, three mechs will be nuff to stop those guys dead in their tracks.

Operations 4. Mission 6
Liberate prison camp

One of the most difficult missions if one considers the number of the enemy mechs, their firepower and static defences. Yet there's a few tricks which one can use to make this a little bit more easy. First off you should choose the sphere assault class mecs you have at your disposal, fit them with energyweapons first and at least one ton of extra ammo for each bullet or missile weapon. It could be tempting to include any of the superguns for this mission like the clan LBX 20, but I really advice against it. Its to heavy to start with and even your lancemates miss their shots so its better to choose somewhat less powerful guns that dont run out of ammo so readily.
Your new lancemate Terra Risner is also a better pilot than the other guys so you can choose her for one of the best mechs - perhaps the Mauler and get the Awesome for yourself the final mechs could be a Madcat and a Novacat - no risk of running out of ammo for that one. Finally you check that your buddys dont have any ECM or other thing that wont be useful, but AMS will be some advantage here since there will be quite a number of missiles on the enemy mechs.
The turrets at the enemy base each have a control tower and when you have gotten up on top of the hill you can target those first and so stop all lasers from blasting. Yet again their firepower is limited so dont choose to target those if you are under attack by several enemy units. And youcan also choose not to take out all the guard towers at each prison compound and instead repair your and your lancemates mechs before doing so. That way you will be able to stand the counterattack a little bit better.
Finally you better keep to the right of your navigationpoint Delta when you are heading there, else you might get to tangle with the mechs that are guarding the permiter defence prematurely. In this mission you will get two extra lancemates steering Uzliels at point Delta, and even if it might sound cruel - you can use those as cannonfoder, especially since you cannot order them to attack specific targets or even repair. Well that's for general advice. You won't have to seach for targets on this mission, already from the start you will be attacked by two Cougars and three Peregrines, if you move ahead you will also get under fire from a number of mobile turrets.
So to keep damages at a minimum from the start you better let those choppers and Cougars get over to you if played right they should be killed off before they even have gotten close. Now you set course for your navpoint, fire at the turrets when you pass and then turn slightly to the right of the navpoint so you dont get to close to the prisoncamp. Arrving at nav Delta the two Uziels will power up and during the remaining mission they will follow you like two faithful puppies. Your bast chances of winning this one is of you keep your lancemates leashed with the 'F3' command if they tend to stray.
Umm nuff about dogs now for the time being, can only blame the fact that im a dog owner for those deranged comments. When your extra buddies have gotten started you will soon see one Vulture followed by two Catapults which seems to be on a permiter patrol. Best to take out those early on, a second Vult will also join from the side.
When all those are down you can start the actual attack on the prison, two more Catapults will more forward and down the slope - like the previous four enemies you better get up close so they wont be able to use their missiles.
Like I mentioned early here, its best to order your lancemates to remain close so they dont take serious damage from missiles at this stage. When the Catapults are down do a quick check on the three guys you can give orders to, if anyone have taken serios damage order that guy to remain in the background. On Veteran level you will face a lance of no less than four Uziels and two Vultures supported by SRM and LRM carriers when you move into the base. When those are taken out you better check so no LRM or SRM carrier dont stick around as well as to take out any remaining turret towers.
Only after that you could check on the guard towers, again, try to spare one until you have made repairs. When all the mechs in your lance have been repaired you go and take out the final guardtower, when that is done you will face a counterstrike with three Vultures and Johan Kulin at the wheel of a Madcat.
If you have all mechs fresh those wont be any major problem, and when those are out you better take a break before getting into next mission - least I got quite exhausted from this one.

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