Take out those ships fast, they got major firepower.

The Awesome is one of the better heavy Sphere mechs. Its rated as an assault mech but can also be used in defensive situations, you will meet this mech in both situations in the upcoming missions.

Do you know?
Jumpjets can be a huge advantage in streetfighting, your lancemates will however not be so good at explointing this opportunity to the fullest.




Thor in operation 5 mission 2.

Operations 5 Mission 1
Destroy bombers
For this mission you might consider getting light amplification and ECM on your mech, you might do without the ECM though. Its only helpful when you approach, all enemy mechs will be called in as soon as you make your attack up at the airbase or have been there for about one minute. The light amplification thing isnt that much of a blessing either, the image gets so weird that I actually prefer to turn up the gamma of the game a bit for the nightmissions. Ok it's a bit like cheating - so sue me! J Since the number of targets are limited you can use heavy guns like the LBX and MRM missiles for a quick conclusion - instead of clan ER lasers you might however choose large pulselasers for the crawlers and bombers. I cannot imagine anyone having problems with this mission, but in case you have you could use the ECM and approach carefully taking out the alarm towers around the permiter and if you take those out before you might get a stealth attack - er well that fitting for attacking stealth bonbers indeedy. When you start the mission you are in a corner of the map so just make a heading that takes you close to the middle - the airbase will be found there. You will see quite a number of targets but most of those are Condors and Peregrine helicopters. There a missile turret in the water a bit to each side of the base, you are bound to run into at least one of those, but luckily thats it - no swampthing will jump you from the back. If you head a bit more to the left you might run into a Shadowcat, and if you turn right a Novacat. Yet those move around so dont expect them to be exactly there in case you take a break or more less than straight. Getting into the airbase is no problem though, no major fixed defences this time. If and when the alarm sound one Novacat and two Vultures will attack, the Novacat that was on patrol will also turn up. This will happen at the same time as any remaining bombers will get into the air, dont despair if any of them do that, they will make another sweep over the runway so you can pick them off with lasers. A Novacat will also pay a visit coming in from patrol wondering what all the racket is about. This likely the last enemy on this map but im not 100% certain on that. The mission will conclude when you take out the air control tower.
Operations 5 Mission 2
Swamp patrol

This is a single mission and one which I didnt win until after trying three times. The crawlers don't have much firepower each, but there's so many of them that the damage added up so much I had to cancel out and try again.
On the third attempt I succeded by being more active moving around a lot more, the Condors and Harassers will miss their shots if you are fast so I say that's the way to go for this mission. Replaying it again I found a repairbay when the end boss went in to repair his mech, was able to take him out while he was standing inside in fact. Replaying once more for this walktrough I used it after taken out the crawlers of the first two waypoint and again before clearing out the last. That's the way I suggest you could do it to prevail.
For this mission you could choose any mech with good armour and several slots for energyweapons, one Awesome will do fine but for a little more challenge ive also used the Novacat twice here. Get ER PPC's but dont use the ordinary ER lasers, replace those with clan rated large pulse lasers. The Condors and Harassers move a lot up and down and get hidden behind ridges now and then which might get you to miss, pulse lasers charge faster so you can fire soon again in case your first shot is a miss. The navpoints are Alhpa, Beta, Gamma and Delta and the swamp are crawling with those dumb hovertanks in each of those locations. You can move up the left or right side, your choce, each have about the same number of tanks. The repairbay is located about halfway between Alpha and Beta so you can repair when about half of those swamp vermin have been exterminated. As mentioned at at first you better make a second repair before taking out the very last since that will trigger the end of level bogey man to come for you. There will be an intermission first though when he braggs that he's out to get you, he will turn up in a Thor and this final battle should not be to much of a problem.

Operations 5 Mission 3
Defend exodus

Now the dictator have gotten seriously mad and started to attack the civilian population in Vale, since you have taken your scout oath you will of cource get in and try to save them. You better bring the havyweights for this mission with a decent mix of guns and energy weapons. Settle for major firepower and somewhat less speed if you have to choose. If you make your cource simple, like and 'L' first straight ahead and then turning straight right you will still have time to complete this mission.
Less powerful weapons actually are an disadvantage this time, since it will take more time to bring the enemy down and you wont get to to protect the boats that are evacuating the city in time. From the start you will have a number of Bulldog tanks up ahead, fire away since you soon also will be attacked from the rear by Nightshade attackplanes. Dont stand there wondering what to do about them but use the puslselasers then check your back for a Novacat that comes over a ridge to attack. With and opposition of four mechs it will more or less go up in smoke directly.
In one version of this game one Awesome went trough the city to attack after the Nova, but I only seen that happening once. It was probably one of my lancemates that chased after a 'Bullfrog' and got so close to the city that the Awesome decided to attack.
It is however more likely that you will have to get into the city yourself to attack that Awesome, a Novacat and another Awesome will also arrive a bit from the left. Any of those two Awesome must be fitted with a Thunderbolt, so dont stop to get a better aim, instead you get close and even crash into the enemymechs, then hit reverse and do an alphastrike, preferably on their backside. Repeat this a few times to bring the enemy down, but dont crash against the enemy front - he will then be bound to retaliate with as much as he just got.
If any mech have taken serious damage you might consider to let it remain behind, but that should really not happen here. So order your lancemates to follow and head for the water, you might already have gotten a radiomessage that the ships carrying the refugees are threatened. If you move a little to the left you will get to attack the patrolboats a little bit earlier. Again order your lancemates to attack your target and then you are in for the final showdawrn. The battleships Indomitable and Thunder-hill-billy will turn up and they can pose quite of a danger since their missiles will cause major damage. Move quickly and turn the torso to keep them targeted while you fire to avoid getting hit. When the battleships are out you wil have to escort the ships to a final vaypoint for the mission to finish.

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