Using multiple flamers against the Atlas mechs is very effective, they overheat so badly that they dont fire back at all!

Do you know?
When fighting in the city you better use the broad avenues to get around. It might seem to be a neat idea to use smaller streets for protection and to ambush the enemy but your lancemates often will get stuck in corners and in sidestreets.

There should be a Thor in this image, well he's somewhere in that cloud of smoke.

If you choose not to rescue your sissy you will run into Jeanine Castro who steers this Daishi stallion.

A dropship the last objective of the final mission? Er sorry, not quite - your cousin have his own ideas. He will turn up soon enough in a Daishi of his own.




Endscene from the game,  image borrows from classic mecha illustration by Mark Zug.

Operations 6 Mission 1
Recon in force

This is one of the toughest missions in more than one way, the number of powerful enemy mechs is one thing - but your lancemates will get stuck over and over in corners and in narrow passages between buildings. So just navigating the city maps is quite a problem in itself. You will hear a recommendation to refit your mechs for close range fight ists a good one - but you might not go all the way with shortrange weapons, LRM's still have its use both in the beginning and the end of this mission. A beagle probe BAP can also be a good choice. In any case you need heavy mechs, Awesome and Maulers is a good choice, perhaps a Madcat for your last lancemate. Start for nav Alpha, make sure your lancemates follow, already here one might get stuck at the start. You will see two Argus mechs to the side but ignore them now, the broad avenue towards Alpha is open and gives a free range for mechs located there. You should soon see one Awesome, use LRM's if you brought such then move in for an alpha strike. You will hear a message that a second mech soon will power up, that's a Madcat. The voice will tell you to hurry to take the second one out before it get active, but I really dont know how one would be able to get there that fast. So the first battle will be against one Awesome one Madcat with extra support from four mobile turrets. At navpoint Beta you will find 2 SRM carriers, three Bulldogs and one Atlas. Ive found one interesting way to play this mission and that was to mount four clan Flamers on my mech. The Atlas gets so overheated that it will just stand there, the down side is that your lancemates wont get to shoot at the Atlas when it powers down unless you got a Beagle, so that's the point of bringing that sensor. The next waypoint Gamma is quite close. So the two Argus mechs might come over to visit you at Beta. They are no major problem though, getting closer to Gamma you will find another Madcat powering up. At nav Delta you will see some Bulldogs, getting closer one Awesome will get very active, Im certain you will begin to wish for a repairbay now - Alas! I havnt been able to find one on this map. The last waypoint sports another Atlas, quite a number of crawlers plus mobile turrets, on Veteran level you will also get to tangle with a second Atlas here. Overall this mission is as diffifult as the endgame, and even though I replayed it until I was able to accomplish it without using any cheats I understand those who will choose the option of taking out the heat option to be able to fit more guns and maximum armour.

Operations 6 Mission 2
Rescue Pilots

This is a single mission, you should have gotten one Atlas on the previous mission, on Veteran setting perhaps even two. So you better bring it on here, strip it of the sphere weapons and refit with clan rated lasers and guns. Ive put on both one LBX 20, ER PPC's and a clan Gauss - it was wonderful to see the Cougars and Shadowcats blow up from my alpha strikes. Yet targeting them will be a bit of a problem, they will run around buildings in an attempt of getting behind you. Especially the Cougars and Shadows, smart idea really, in front of the Atlas they have a lifeexpectancy of less than twenty seconds. At waypoint Alpha you will find one Shadowcat and two Cougars. A Thor lurks nearby which will attack if you get to near. Beta sports another Cougar and one other Shadow. At point Epsilon you will find two Shadowcats and a Thor, it seems that the location of the pilot is set up randomly - would have been nice to tell you to get to one navpoint or another but ive found them in several places. Alpha being less likely though, and Epsilon more likely - it might be that one are supposed to have taken out a few enemy mechs before its possible to locate the guys. When you have done so you will hear your 'own' voice telling mission control that you have seen a flare, a chopper will come from outside the map shortly and land. One option is to use ECM here, one could take out some few lighter mechs and then locate the pilots. Atlas mechs can actually sneak by - stupid opposition not noting that the whole city is rocking, perhaps they just think its an earthquake when the Atlas moves past - hehe! If you play this mission that way you will make a famous, but hopefully not last stand protecting the helicopter while the pilots are brought out from the carpark. Mech from the all over will move in trying to stop the operation, I prefer to take them out beforehand but you might get fewer targets to tangle with if you play it with the ECM option.

Operations 6 Mission 3
Destroy base

For this mission you can take some armour off and get jumpjets, if you choose to restock and repair its also possible to go without any extra ammo and add more guns. You can play this mission 2 ways: Either go direct to Alpha and when the enemy is down there the mission will conclude - simple but might come with a penalty of damaged mechs. The other is to check the two secondary targets on the way. You got repairbays on all three so there shouldnt be anything from stopping you from doing all three objectives here. At the start you will most likely see one patrolling Vulture, order your lancemates to attack when its far away from other machs for an easy kill. Beta is the easier of the secondary objectives with just one Vulture and Uziel plus a Bulldog. Getting straight over to point Gamma might not be the best option, repair first. Getting close to Gamma you will see two Uziels and two Vultures, bulldogs plus some lasers. Order your lancemates to take on one mech at the time, while you freelance with targets of opportunity this will make victory a bit more certain. The last objective and the primary one doesnt come with any laser turrets, again you will face two Uziels and Vultures plus one Bulldog, the terrain here opens to a park in the rear so the Vultures might get the chance to use their missiles to their advantage - if you are smart you remain in an alley. The mission concludes when all mechs are down. You chould gain one Madcat Mk2 in this mission - a neat and good mech.

Choices, choices

You now have two choices, either go rescue your sister or head for supplies. Well I'm keen on family so I never did check carefully on the supply thing before doing this walktrough. You make you choice by clicking on the map, when the active map is shown in a somewhat lighter shade of blue - you are heading for that mission.

Operations 6 Mission 4
Rescue sister

You now have one additional mechwarrior, Damon Squire, and you will also get some extra help this time with mechs of the same kind you did have in the first moon missions and at the prison camp. Guys that will follow you around but will make up their own mind on what to attack.
No repairs on this mission so in case you did go without extra ammo you might want to add one extra ton of missiles or bullets. If you want to try out the Madcat Mk2 you can keep the gaussguns but replace the missiles with LRM 20's. Downgrade on the engine a bit to make those fit and dont forget to get more armour, no pitstops until you have gotten to the ambulance so plan for one extended mission.
Already from the start you will face two Novacats and some Bulldogs, press space to take control and not having this first battle go on auto since this fight actually begins during the introsequence. You will also see some Shiloh bombers passing over. But those can be disregarded. Head off on the right side of the map, you will see more bulldogs and another two Novacats in the rear.
Take those out and continue on this side, two Awesome guys and one dog will be found at left. Order your buddys in to take them down, again you can use the buildings at your advantage - popping out in a corner to fire at one enemy back and then withdraw.
The ambulance will be found at point Beta at this right side, there's a repairbay nearby fix all mechs and then you can either send lancemates towards nav Zeta to attack the Madcat Mk2's that are halfway down the road there to intercept. On Veteran level there's no less than four of those.
The ambulance will follow you so you could remain a bit in the back of this fight - if you have fitted clan LRM's and Gaussguns this could work quite fine but your buddies are bound to get in the way at times. This mission concludes when you and the ambulance are at point Zeta.

Operations 6 mission 5
Capture supplies

Ok you're an uncaring character, or you hate your sister.
Or when you were in the briefing screen for the previous mission you did see the map for this one, sister already saved, go back and reload the previous mission to play this one - you will get one Daishi which will be really useful in the final assault.
No repairs on this map as far as I can tell, prepare for one extended fight with weapons and armour. You can do without ECM and jumpjets, but the AMS will take care of the missiles from the Calliope turrets so it's a god thing to fit on.
At the start you will be in the middle of a fight just like in op6 mission 4. Press space bar to get control of this battle. This time you will face three Lokis and one Madcat Mk2, the latter is piloted by the officer which the command will radio for you to take out first.
Going to nav Alpha you will have four Bulldogs and three Calliope turrets to take out -might actullaly be a fourth, a bit hard to tell which belongs to Alpha or Beta on this narrow map. Blow the door of the bunker which is found in the rear as seen from the direction you arrived from.
Nothing to retrieve there of cource, head over to Beta and start taking out the Calliope and Bulldogs there, four of each. The final navpoint will of cource be the most heavily defended one, another four Calliopes and three standard Madcats plus one Daishi piloted by Jeanine Castro, the woman which you have seen in one vid sequence earlier in this game.
Taking down the Daishi will end this mission so you have the option of ordering your lancemates to attack Castro for a quick end. But a better option is to attack the three Madcats and then press on to the weapons bunker. When I did play the mission that way I got two Daishi's, so I will assume that they are supposed to be stored within. With these machs you now have the cards stacked your way for the final assault.

End game

Time for the final mission, if you have played the supply mission you might have one or perhaps two Daishis at your disposal. Castros mech will have one quite unusual configuration without any armor on the arms, you can continue to build on that idea, only adding clan rated famers on the arms - still without armor, let the enemy blow them off when they have done their part in the beginning. You cant save nothing for later now at this final battle so give it a try. Did find out that the flamers really was efficient against the enemy Daishi which powered down several times when I used those - neato!
If you aint got the Daishis dont worry, this mission can be played with Atlas, Awesome and a Madcat Mk2 as well. An Atlas is in fact superior to anything, but ive also tried with a Daishi sporting no less than three clan Gauss guns - had a few shots left in the end even though no extra ammo was fitted! The base is surronded by a high wall, you might choose to try with jumpjets to get over. If you do so you wont be able to use the heaviest mechs, since Atlas and Awesome cant be fitted with jumpjets in this game.
The new Madcat Mk2 together and your lancemates in Thors and similar mech can do this variety of getting over the wall close to point Beta, but I havnt been succesful with this variation of the endgame so its just mentioned as a hint of whats possible to try when you have managed this mission by going with heavy mechs so the rest will describe that way of playing: There's only one entrance to this large base, labeled waypoint Alpha, head for it and you will soon see one Novacat coming to the entrance to greet you. Its followed by one Madcat Mk2 coming in from the right. You better stop the Novacat yourself and order your lancemates to attack the Madcat2 while you hurry toward point Beta. If you are fast you will be able to kill at least one Thor there before it powers up. One enemy less to mess with. Yet the Madcat Mk2, a Daishi and one more Novacat on the ridge might cause problems if you expose yourself so better try to use the buildings to hide from the line of fire when you finish the power for the Calliope turrets.
When the power is out you join the fight against the defenders, there's most likely several still alive and kicking.
About the time all are seems to be out and you head for the dropship two more Novacats will power up near the dropship, well im certain they're there if you play on veteran level but perhaps not on a more easy setting.
Time is short however so you better finish those quickly and start shooting at the dropship.
I's however also possible to aim for the dropship first, if all your buddies still are standing one could be ordered to go for the Novacats where two aim for the dropship.
You will hear the former dictator begging you to be allowed to leave, but no second thought, he have a lot to answer for so fire away, you will lose if he slips away. When the dropship have been melted into a slab on the launchpad there will be another cinematic intermission. Well unless there isnt one defender still up, in that case that one have to be brought down first.
Your cousin William Dresari will turn up for a visit, but not to celebrate the victory, but to challenege you since he wants to become the big cheese instead. Even if your mech might be quite damaged, i've managed to get him down several times. I guess the configuration of the Daishi he's driving isnt optimal. The game will finish with a flick at the palace, a little chit-chat with your lancemates and a family reunion with your sister. In case you played the second option of capturing supplies you will see another endflick where 'you' have regrets about some of the 'hard decisions' you have made.

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