Is your computer infected with spyware? The odds are that your computer is!
I had the reason to search check on some peoples computers when I was doing maintainance on them some time back and the result was a big surprise to me.
Persons who certainly havn't had 'dangerous' surfing habits like visiting crappy porn sites or had downloaded questionable shareware programs had their computers badly infected!

One such person with seemingly 'safe' online habits had 8 spyware components, though 6 of those was just cookies - two the wellknown 'double click' variety. Another had 22! A new record setter turned up the other week with 86 spyware components, he was quite happy to get them off. The spyware did stall and delay his activities on the web - yes he was able to see a clear improvement when they had been deleted. No rest from the spyware issue, Morpheus added the 'Wurld' spyware to the 'Preview edition' of their filesharing system. It infects the root as well as the system and Windows directories plus some more.
At right below you can see the logo Morpheus use at their frontpage - this is a farce! The 'Wurld' spyware which comes bundled, and they dont even tell you about it, will hijack your Internet Explorer. When you try to access Ebay you are redirected to and when you try to access a box from will pop up - just to make two examples.
There is nothing at all wrong with Morpheus getting a referral commission from sites linked through their system, but 'Wurld' does not stick with Morpheus but continues to work even if Morpheus isn't running!Click to read what thinks about Morpheus move in their recent section. In case you have gotten this version of Morpheus, beware of some recommendation that have been posted on the newsgroups and elsewhere on the web. Some will tell that you should turn off all external programs in IE - dont do that! It will cripple you browser. Download Ad-aware from the link below or, if you already got it, get the latest reference file update to get rid of this nasty piece of computer spyware.
The best choice however is not to download Morpheus at all! Another program that comes with spyware is Anarchy now, not only do they ask you for your credit card number for 'trying the game for free' but the downlad also infects your computer with Gator - very strange business practice and certainly not anything which gives any confidence about their business practices.

Some spyware change the way webpages are displayed, as a webmaster im extremely irritated of the scumware that change the content of my webpages - in itself a copyright violation.
For you the visitor, the spyware can affect you in several ways, the surfing goes slower since the spyware steals bandwidth, not to mention it's an invasion of your privacy. And if you are a parent, the underline links one of the spyware adds can take your children to adult content web sites!
I mentioned cookies, rest assured that this website doesnt use any cookies, invasive or other - if you have your security on high you will see two cookie alerts total on, both comes from banner exchange programs.

You will be tested with a simple javascript for two common varieties, result in the box below. For a full spyware removal go to Lavasoft website linked below.

You can also check the Webveil opt out cookie. Though they admit that the solution is halfbaked.

Click here to go to Lavasoft website, their spyware removal is for free! The box above indicates that your computer is infected with spyware browser virus, but it cannot spot all. To keep your confidential data secure and private, you must rid your computer of all infections.

Internet Explorer only. Netscape cannot be infected.


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