In mission four you only get dairy farms, but peasants will still gather to you without problems. A wooden wall will be quite enough to keep the enemy out at this level

You start with your men in the bottom right corner, send them immediately to the walls, build a few more units to ward off the attacks, quite simple mission overall.
More so since the enemy seems hesitant and fail to make an organized attack with all units at the same time.




Military campaign:

Mission 1, gathering the lost

The first mission is simply an excersise in the most basic gathering of resources - meat and wood.
Take to long doing so and you will get a message about one upcoming wolfattack. The mission should be no problem regardless of which level you play it on.

Mission 2, finishing the fort

You start with a partial stockade and 4 archers, your task is to ward off attacking wolves and gather food.
Build a few woodcutters huts first then add hunters posts. Either you build the sockade around your small hold or expand the stokade all the way to the mid-bottom part of the map. The latter have some advantage if you can capture the deers within the stockade. If you manage to do that, you can close the gate and kill off the wolves without them being able to attack your men. Easy mission regardless of difficulty level.

The only thing that can go wrong is if you choose to build to build the stockade and too many hunter posts too early so you run out of wood. In short, always start with woodcutters, this advice is valid for all missions where you can build.

Mission 3, eliminationg the wolves

In addition to gather resources and build, you will now be able to draft your first soldiers, archers. Place your Saxon hall and get wood and meat to be able to fortify and expand th epopulation - one house will be enough.
Don't build too close to the corne where you see a signpost, enemy units will appear there and if you have anyting too close that building will be teared down when the enemy units appear. This is a feature of the game which prevents the player from cheating by building over the place where the enemy turn up.
To finish the mission quickly you can use the space button on your keyboard to lower the terrain to reveal the wolves that hide in the forest, attack with archers before the wolves awake and attack themselves.

Mission 4, the hidden lookout

As in the earliest mission you need to build woodcutters huts to get sufficient wood to get your other projects started here, besides the farms there's a good idea to have a fletcher making bows early on, even though you can wait a little while with the barracks.
There's no need at all to have building on lower ground in this mission, instead you fortify the higher area completely. Build a gate anyway, since it can hold many archers and some platform along the rest of the wall where you place 2 archers each when you have enough men.
Use spacebar to check that the wall is without gaps which the enemy could run trough.
The first attack comes early, a single archer and nobleman can handle those themselves. But dont expose your men by letting the enemy into your hold in the later attacks.
The number of enemies will be grow in the later attacks but by then you should have a sufficient number of archers. If not, take out woodcutters sheds and assign the men for archer duty. Your cattle will be struck by 'malady' in this mission, dont worry most likely it will be brief but it might need your attention.

Mission 5, between a rock and a hard place

This is more or less the last training mission. Here you will get a new farmtype where you can produce wheat, just a few farms of this type will produce a lot. Build farms on your island or to the south of it - when map are seen as when you start the mission.
Don't forget to get a windmill - you could however stock up on grain for a little while before building it since production takes a while. One windmill will grind the production of four farns. There will be only a moderate time that you are left alone however - so one fletchers workshop should be built early as well as the armoury, the barracks should follow shortly.
The bakeries are quite inefficient of creating bread so you might want to have as many bakeries as you have farms. Add a house to boost your population and buy more archers to ward off the following attacks more efficiently.
Build wooden gates at top and left of you island, when you have added platforms to your wall you could take out all woodcutters except one - since some more wood will be needed for the fletcher. In the last attack the Rat will include a catapult, make sure you have at least 20 archers by then, no reason to attack outside your fort however - the catapult will vanish when all attacking troops have been killed.

Mission 6, the Rats proposal

This is a non mission, you will see your men shot down by archers on the cliffs.

Mission 7, breaking the siege

Here you are to build your first stone castle buildnings, try to kill as many of the enemy before they have reached your castle so hurry building a wall protecting your valley from the start. In addition you will have bears attacking from bottom right - either kill them off with a direct attack or place a pair of archers on a wooden platform - in so also giving early protection to your farms. When building gates in the wall - make sure they dont face the wrong way so your workers can get trough.
It's somewhat weird, but at least for me it was better placing them when they were facing the wrong way - when placed they came out right - another irritating detail that doesnt work as it is supposed to in this game.
Your citizens will be most happy if you can provide them with many types of food. Happy workers will make it possible to tax them a little, and that enables you to build more military - yet on this mission low taxes will be sufficient. You will have to build quite a number of units to ward off the attacks that will come in several waves.

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