Limited land for agriculture in this mid campaign mission, here you can trade surplus weapons or beer to buy what you arn't able to produce on your own accord.
All workers can be clicked to see if they're happy or not, on this occasion they give a rave rant since the economic surplus had made it possible to actually pay the rednecks for their work.

In this mission you start by a hostile takeover, build up your forces quickly and you will ensure victory. If you also can protect the farms and the quarry with an external wall you wont have to rebuild your economy after each attack.

With one enemy down, you will move on for the snake on your way for total dominance of Britain.
The Snake have a few objections about that however, and he will attack again.




Military campaign;

Mission 8, dealing with the Devil

Even though this mission is played on a medium sized map you will have very little space to grow food on. So try to plan carefully where you place the farms in the narrow valley. The rear defence line should come natural on the highland. For me it was sufficient with two wooden gates. You will benefit from building stonetowers on the other side of the valley, in so also protecting the farms and quarry. Here you also are able to produce beer, which needs hops and at least one brewery.
Make sure you also build the marketplace - from that you can sell surplus goods - which gives extra money. In subsequent missions the marketplace will be even more important since you will have more commodities to sell and buy. So practice selling surplus kegs of beer and buy the food you cannot produce.
The attacks comes from the east and are so badly executed that you shouldn't have any problems with this mission - regardless of which difficulty level you play it on.

Mission 9, the Rats last stand

In this mission you have taken over the Rats castle, as they say in the preparation screen it is badly designed - so you can improve quite some by expanding it with more walls and turrets. You also will be diggin moats for the first time. Do that since it will straighten the defences.
As always you need to be quick getting your fortification work and weapons production going.
Get one extra ox-tether to the quarry to speed up the transports of stone, and add one woodcutter. Also build a fletchers bowmaking shop. Then you can tend to the farming for a while, making sure you dont run out of food.
The castle is basically just a fort, by adding one or two perimeter turrets you get good platforms for your archers.
When those are up it will be little time before you will face the first attack.
It's the Pig who sends troops to aid the Rat, keep four spearmen and one archer outside the gates. Let them approach the enemy to finish the catapult, the other units will try to fill in the moat around the castle. Use archers to kill them as soon as possible, should they succed you might better restart this mission.
When the spearmen who tried to fill the moat have been killed, open the drawbridge manually and send out a set of spearmen to kill the other enemies who by this time are trying to destroy your quarry and other buildings on the outside. When those are dead, send your troops to kill off the laddermen, if those survives the following attack might me to much to handle.
If any building have been destroyed make sure to rebuild, especially the woodcutters huts since wood is the basis for most other buildings. Secondly the food production if any of those was destroyed. Incase you have plenty of stone you might opt to build a freestanding perimeter tower, since this is a small map you dont want it too close to the signpost where the enemyunits pops up - else it will be raised automatically.
By the time the last attacks occurs you should have built enough to take them out without any major problems, again you could have a few spearmen outside the castle to take care of laddermen and other enemy units.
Its possible to play this mission without the marketplace, but if you run into problems due to limited resources you can try replaying it with the marketplace and buy the commoditys you need. Either you get food to keep all your workers happy with providing three kinds of food or you can make beer and build one inn - either way will enable you to tax your citizens to some degree and so keeping your economy healthy.
Only real problem you can have with this mission is if you build too much and or in the wrong order in the start, else I dont think you should have any problem completing this mission

Mission 10, the snake hunt begins

This mission have both economic and military goals. Besides being able to conquer and hold a castle you also have goals to achieve for population size and religion. The initial attack and conquest should be easy, the enemy defences arn't finished and there's few defenders.
So rush in and take control, when you have done so the real problem will begin.
Bears will attack from the northwest so keep an eye on those so you dont loose to many producing citizens, and it wont take long before the snake will counterattack.
So get your woodcutters and weapon production going, you will need to expand with more houses quite shortly to get enough of a population to support your infrastructure. After surviving the first attacks you most likely have lost the quarry, rebuild it but also keep an eye on the pesky rabbits who will destroy your farms if not kept in line. Press shift bar to reveal them and then use archers placed strategically on the higher ground behind the farms and order them to kill rabbits - later you will send down some spearmen to finish the rabbits off entirely if all havnt been killed. Wolves will also attack, most of those early on, so keep an eye on the wildlife in this mission.
Talking about growth, the trees grows quite quickly and most likely you wont have enough woodcutters to prevent the bottom half of the map from overgrowing entirely - especially if you play the mission on hard where you need a larger population which takes a lot of time. This could actually be one advantage since the Snakes men wont be able to get their catapult in position. Beside building chapels you will also get the option to build 'nice' and 'bad' things, the first are shrines, statues and flowerbeds which will make your workers more happy. The latter is stretching racks, dungeons and similar neat items which will scare your workers to work more efficiently.
So in this mission you can experiment with the boosting of the production, your military will also get a bonus from nice things and fight more diligently if you so choose.
Besides finishing the stonework, I recommend that you also build wooden fortifications in the valley protecting the quarry and farms - if you do that it wont be neccesary to rebuild those after each attack and you will be able to finish this mission faster.
The mission ends when you have grown your population - larger pop in more difficult missions - and built enough chapels to get 75% of the population blessed. The attacks will continue until you have reached the goal.
Taking the castle isnt the hard part, the animal attacks is more of a problem to get one working economy.
It is possible to finish this mission quite fast if you play it right, but it's a better idea to let it roll for some time and learn to cause and effect of the new features such as the fear factor you get from gallows, stocks and racks.
Not to mention the positive effect from churches and a dancing bear.

Mission 11, first blood

This mission is a bit more difficult, you need to build a quite complex economy quickly.
Start by building your keep quite close to the higher ground and the basic production things that you'll need. It's a good idea to have the woodcutters to the west even one on the peninsula there, you will need five or six from the start, and two or three more during the most intense building phaze, but can take out one or two later and so moving that worker over to more important tasks. Located in the west they wont risk getting killed by apporaching enemy troops, farms can also be placed on the grassland as far west as possible. Make sure your milkfarms, four from the start and adding one or two later, and hunters, at least three, produce food and have stocked up a little in the granary before building the first house. Wait with the wheat for a while, the operation to get bread is more complex and you need both the mill and bakeries to produce it - in short, choose to build other things such as a fletchers and a quarry before that.
Also remember to keep the buildings quite close to the stockpile, well when possible at least, the workers will have to walk between to deliver and sometimes get material and so some prodution will be slowed if the farm or especially the workshop are too far away.
Expand the stockpile from the start, on this mission you will have quite a number of different products, again some will be there for selling. This is the first mission when you in fact really can begin to specialize your economy. Surplus wood doesnt pay well at the marketplace, but you will have to opt for that this time, by selling you dont need to have a major production of all the items you need. Instead you can produce more of those easy to achieve ones and buy other things like the maypole and statues to keep the workers happy enough to stand a high taxrate without leaving your castle.
When you have your basic production going start at weapons as usual, with the armoury and fletcher before the barracks as always, even though you have some free weapons from the start on this mission weapon production is so slow that you need to get it started early. Then get your stoneproduction going. Its tempting to start with the military to early, instead build a tower and a very short wall with stairs first, wait with the barracks until your first batch of stone arrive from the quarry.
If you check on your granary you will hear that the foodstock is dwindling, dont worry. You have been given some food already from the start and you need to survive so dont build more farms yet - the men you have available will be needed as defenders.
You will get a message from the Snake that he's on his way, place your barracks now if you havnt done so, if that happens you are a bit late, so build a hovel also so your population will grow just to make sure you will get men enough to be able to survive this attack. Draft all arrivals as spearmen and archers, but hopefully you have your archers and spearmen in place - most on top of your hold.
This initial attack will most likely be the hardest to handle, especially since you havn't had time to diversify yet, by having a tower now you will be better set for survival. You should have at least one fletcher, having a bit of wooden wall in front of the stonetower will make the macemen attack and tear it down - tactical advantage since your archers then will be able to shoot at them for quite some time and bring many down.
On easy you will have sufficient time to rebuild after the first attack, but if you play on normal or hard the next attack will follow almost immediately - if thats the case you draft soldiers as soon as the weapons are ready - you might even choose to have double workshops for bows and spears at this point.
You need to build a tanners workshop to be able to get studded leather for your macemen, its time to build the first one now in fact so you have leather for them later.
After surviving this attack you will first get a message from the Wolf, shortly after you will also get plans for new weapons, which will make it possible to build crossbowmen - get two tanner shops unless you already have those and change the production for your fletcher shops to crossbows.
When you produce more troops after this attack you will get an edge by placing a few arrowmen on the higher elevation where the ore is located, leave them there until you have been able to finish your castle, then move them to towers and walls.
If you are short of wood, put the poleturners to sleep by selecting their workshops and clicking the 'z' button - they will stop producing and you will have more wood available. Using spearmen for defence is not such a good idea when you can have macemen instead.
When you have the front of your castle finished you will face a more serious attack. You can add a wooden wall and gate a bit to the east and place two archers and a spearman there - the enemy will attack that one first giving you time to cut down on the enemy forces so much they wont be any serious trouble.
Don't forget to check on the milkfarms -er dairy farms- two or three tanners will get quite some cows now and then to create the leatherwork from the hide and the milkproduction will be affected. Build up your military to withstand the following attack, then build a wall around everything - you can even opt to include the farms even inside the wall. To get macemen, you dont just need leatherfrom the tanner, but also iron from the mine which will provide the metal for their spiked balls.
When the castle is finished its time to diversify, build as many iron mines as your population permits on the highland and see how your stock of iron goes up.
Use the marketplace to sell iron for money, and you will have the funds to keep your population happy in every which way and so you will be able to raise taxes in turn. The marketplace need to be in place quite early actually, sell off any surplus you have, even food if neccesary to build up your strength and buy the nice things which makes you population even more happy - but dont overdo it or they will begin to work less. If that happens add a dungeon and a few enemy heads on spikes as a reminder to work hard.

>>>>Walktrough act 3, fighting alone>>>>


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