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Happy easter!

No rest from the spyware issue, Mortheus added the 'Wurld' spyware to the 'Preview edition' of their filesharing system. It infects the root as well as the system and Windows directories plus some more.
At right below you can see the logo Morpheus use at their frontpage - this is a farce! The 'Wurld' spyware which comes bundles, and they dont tell you about that, will hijack your Internet Explorer. When you try to access Ebay you are redirected to http://www.qksrv.net/ and when you try to access dell.com a box from linksynergy.com will pop up - just to make two examples.
There is nothing at all wrong with Morpheus getting a referral commission from sites linked through their system, but 'Wurld' does not stick with Morpheus but continues to work even if Morpheus isn't running!Click to read what Speedy3d.com thinks about Morpheus move in their recent section. In case you have gotten this version of Mortheus, beware of some recommendation that have been posted on the newsgroups and elsewhere on the web. Some will tell that you should turn off all external programs in IE - dont do that! It will cripple you browser. Download Ad-aware from the link below or if you already got it, get the latest reference file update to get rid of this nasty piece of computer spyware.
The best choice however is not to download Morpheus at all!

As a webmaster im extremely irritated of the scumware that change the content of my webpages - in itself a copyright violation.
For you the visitor, the spyware can affect you in several ways, the surfing goes slower since the spyware steals bandwidth, not to mention it's an invasion of your privacy. And if you are a parent, the underline links one of the spyware adds can take your children to adult content web sites!
I mentioned cookies, rest assured that this website doesnt use any cookies, invasive or other - if you have your security on high you will see two cookie alerts total on boreale.se, both comes from banner exchange programs.

You will be tested with a simple javascript for two common varieties, result in the box below. For a full spyware removal go to Lavasoft website linked below.

You can also check the Webveil opt out cookie. Though they admit that the solution is halfbaked.

Click here to go to Lavasoft website, their spyware removal is for free! The box above indicates that your computer is infected with spyware browser virus, but it cannot spot all. To keep your confidential data secure and private, you must rid your computer of all infections.

Internet Explorer only. Netscape cannot be infected.

Internet traffic report

Current status from the site with same name.

Happy birthday!
Saturday March 23, Japan resident Mr Yukichi Chuganju celebrated his 113'th birday with relatives.
The former silwormbreeder who lives in Kyoto is the current Guinness Book record holder for being the oldest man on earth. More about Mr Yukichi Chuganju on USA today website.


IT news in brief

Free speech hindered online again:
Search engine Google removed links and references to the xenu.net website after the 'Church of Scientology' claimed the Xenu website violated the 'church' copyrights. (Please note that C.S tries to play the game from both sides being a religios organisation and a corporation at the same time.) In a comment to the Norwegian online publication digi.no the owner of the site Andreas Heldal-Lund said that "The Scientologist have given up on stopping us by ordinary means so they have reverted to attack us this way instead."
Google later restored the website on Tursday Mars 21, but now the website itself have gotten under attack and as of writing its unavailable.
The German sistersite is however available feel free to visit The cult of greed and power: Scientology and Dianetics.

More about Boreales Internet services. Allan Persson engineering. Lenko, equipment for Snow production.
Rudolf Westerberg AB & TOX AB.
English summary - and contact info
at website - look for button at low right.

hostel & viewtower.
Njarka, interesting
ecotourist site.
Naestie hotel in
the true wilderness.

Tourist attractions
in the area.
Image service, pictures
for download and purchase.
Images from
northern Sweden.

Online native publication,
no english version.
Online exhibition with
native handicraft
for purchase.
Presentation of the Sami
people, indigenous population
of Scandinavia.
The Sami owned
meat processing plant.
(No english presentation yet)

at this site:

World Indigenous
Youth Conference.
Min Geaidnu / Mijjen geajnoe.
Native organisation represented
in the Sami parliament.
Åarjel Saemien.
No english version.

The zone:
News oddities
and links.
Assorted humour
and links for
the lighthearted.

Comes with the imfamous
"Life on Mars" page.
Cyberpunk: An interview
with William Gibson.
Gamespotter section.
Some walktroughs, links
and stuph that
might be cool.

Teletunes, melodic rings
for your Ericsson phone
Webbcameras on the view
outside - yeah else we never
would get a sight of the scenery. :)

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