The erratic journeys during the summer of 1997.

The background shows the straight, logical and well planned path.

Ok first one have to admit
to the unforgettable sin that
i've done some work during
the vacation -nononono!
Don't send any flame-o-grams!
And -uh- i've spent some days
checking out some of the local
stuff, this is the wasteland of
Tys thats found nextdoor.
First trip northward ended up
in Finland for some reason,
and the grand opening of a
new Sami site in Vuotso, lotsa
friends turned up there as well.
Here's the river of Tarendo,
doesn't look much doesn't it?
But it's kinda special, one day
it could flow in one direction
and during the night it just
sits there pondering which
direction it should flow the next.
And it might very well reverse
and flow in the opposite for
weeks and months before it
changes direction again.
I'm i pulling your leg? Nope!
During solistice i've drived on
some of the highest elevation
roads that are around, summer
had just barely been jump-
started by the warm weather of
late June as you can see on
this image.
One of the places that got a
brief visit, this one in mid-
northern Sweden is still an
important gathering place for
the native Sami's of the area.
Summer means festivals and
concerts, and one's gotten a
good share of this stuff.............
With midnight sun there's no
dark nights so one could really
have fun around the clock. : )
Except for the usual bunch of
rockbands there was some
native artists such as Tuva,
Inuit and Sami artists. This is
the Inuit (Greenlandic) drum-
dancer Kasaluk Quavigaq.

Wanna know more about the Sami people?

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