Native week in Östersund.

The Sami indigenous week during February 24 until Mars 2'nd was arranged by the local Sami societys in conjunction with Jamtli. The indigenous week in Östersund offered a variety of activities and exhibitions for the indigenous population as well as for those who have an interest in the local native culture.
In the museum there was one of the largest exhibitions ever held with contemporary native art and crafts that have been held in this area -if ever. Nearby in the history themepark Jamtli, visitors could take a ride in a sledge pulled by reindeers and visit Sami's who have erected traditional Sami tents called låavt-gåetie for the occation.
At one of the local showrooms the Sami artist Lena Stenberg from Kiruna held an exhibition with sculptures and installations.

She has previously held exhibitions in many European cities such as Budapest (Hungary) Lods (Poland) and Edinborough in Scotland.
On the ending weekend there was lectures about Sami culture, one of these described the Sami traditional dress and was held by Torbjörn Doj and Irene Dorra chairman of Östersund Sami society.

Jannie Cecilia Lindberget and Doris Rensberg really seemes to enjoy themselves at the craft-exhibition. Or is it the photographer that has caused this unrestrained mirth? Oh-well, that is -in fact- the explanation. | ) Peter Fankki a young but already
skilled North Sami artisan from Kaitum in northern Sweden showed his art and how he creates it at the exhibition.

Jaamie Aimo.

In the evening of the last day of the indigenous week, the first performance of the new dance-play Jaamie Aimo was held at the local theatre Storsjöteatern.
It is an exiting performance both from an artistic viewpoint where Ola Stinnerbom, (front in the image above) have blended traditional Sami movements with modern dancepatterns as well as the storyline which is about the Noaidie (Shaman) Ana Vuola who saved the life of a sick child.

All images by: Aanta.

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