Life on Mars -huh?

    August headline, article in brief.

    An ancient meteorite discovered in Antarctica may indicate that a primitive form of microscopic life existed on Mars some 4 billion years ago. Some are calling it the "biggest discovery in the history of science."
    Scientists think that About 15 million years ago, a major asteroid impact on Mars threw the meteorite into space, and eventually fell on to an ice field in Antarctica about 13,000 years ago.

    Members of the scientific team that studied the the meteorite originally found in 1984 thinks that the stone must have originated on Mars, making it unusual but not completely unique since a small number of such meteorites from Mars have been found previously.


    The existence of life on mars is already proven, see these genuine Viking and Mars Global Surveyor images: First we have a large monument over Kermit the frog! We really wondered why the martians was so enthusiastic over that show until we'd seen the movie "Mars attacks!"
    They actually look kinda similar, with those big round ping-pong eyes an ev'thing. 8) -And yeah, TV-programs from Eyrth (or was it Dirt?) sure can be seen on Mars. All it takes is one somewhat largish antenna of course!

    The existence of different monuments on the surface of Mars hints at the existence of different factions, no we're not talking about the "face" in Cydonia here. That was a fake, a conspiracy by NASA and the scientific community to get new funding. After spending most of the money on beer they eventually sent a radiocontrolled car - sporting a chassi from a local toystore. That was Pathfinder.
    Next was the Poo-lar finder, we didnt hear a beep from it so we guess it didnt find any poo at all.
    Talking about cover ups: Italy will send a communications satellite to Mars in 2007.
    Why do a country who havent a single space probe at Mars, even less any astronauts, send a communication satellite? You can figger this out for yourself, they must have sold a TV satellite to the Martians of cource!

    Update! Ahh oh, now Ferrari are on their way to the red planet as well.

    Well back to the pix, here we will present three of the most noteworthy - and these are so obvious we even can tell which kinda folkx who made 'em:

    The Kermit monument
    made for worship or what?
    We assume this landmark was made
    by martian TV cultists.
    Hey Mr Gibson - was it this you were referring to?
    Some say smile and live happy,
    just look at that smiley!
    Most likely created by the Martian rave gang.
    Isnt it lovely, a heart on Mars!
    This piece of art probably
    made by the local hippies.

    Yes even though the Moon was said to be made of cheese - it have turned out that vast areas of Mars polar areas on fact is made of this nutricious substance - smart to keep it there, the chill will also keep the cheese fresh!
    So yet again we are able to provide you with an exclusive insight into the diary, er sorry make that, dairy for the Martian citizens.

    Opportunity knocks

    Now the Italians seems to have taken the lead in the colonization wave, we can only congratulate them and suggest who should take the second turn. Mars is a very dusty planet, so our suggestion is quite obvious, we reccomend that the Vacuum cleaner salesmen get their act together and launch an expedition to Mars as soon as possible to set up shop there.
    So whenever the US eventually arrive on Mars, they might not be getting a parket ticket from a Russian (an idea which was the scare in the cold war space race) but be met by their friendly Electrolux salesman instead. ;)

  • New Zealand Space Agency NZSA have some late breaking news on this as well. -Thanx guys keep it up!!!

  • Now the question on life on Mars is solved, you might want to look into the issue on whichever there's intelligent life to be found on Earth: Follow this link to the mindboggling SETI research (Search for Earthly Terrestrial Intelligence) by Dr. Wally Walter. Dont raise your hopes to much though - after visiting this page you might remain sceptical. :)

  • Some cartoons on the Mars Polar Lander failure -quite 'funnie'.

  • An interview with Pluto on a website I wont comment on - just check it out. :) New!

    And if ye ain't believing anything 'bout this you can take your 'puter and go to these dull scientific pages:

  • Uncovering signs of life in the Viking data, where something have been found to be active during 9 weeks in one of the life experiments. New!

  • CNN had gotten interested in vanishing rocks - or was that varnish?!?

  • Hungarian scientists claim to have found vegetation in Mars Global Surveyor images.

  • Nasa counters by putting the words 'Not vegetation!' in italics close to the top of the page showing images from the region.

  • Website for Beagle2, the Brit exobiology lander.

  • Mars Global Surveyor website with info an' pix.

    BTW dat polar lander wasn't a life seeking mission -so what, we've already proven the question about life on Mars with this page!

  • And here's some stuff 'bout an ocean on Jupiters moon Europa and a brief speculation of the slight chance of finding life there. See NASA's own page about this subject.
  • Other science news:

  • 160 million year vomit found! Isnt it fantastic what interesting things scientist can find when they really try - now put them to test by challenge them locating the beer cans as well!

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