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I must say that im pretty tired that Microsoft always tried to be so darn "helpful" and include functions in their programs that often cause more problems than what they solve. Such as for my former scanner which was SCSI and couldnt coexist with Plug and play. The Internet connection stuff in Windows which assumes that we live in the dark ages with dial up modems and most recently when I tried to connect the new digital camera to the USB bus when Windows over and over wanted to add new drivers from the Windoze install CD which only did screw up the manufacturers drivers - duh!

Well Im not the only one, below you will find some mockery made by a person who seems to be as tired on this foolishness as myself .




New tools for Word - I like these - a LOT! ;)




Truthful version of the options settings!




If nothing else that 'assistant' could drive me over the edge - and what happens then?

It will continue to bug you even when you try to write your suicide letter! Well seriously, I really hope that you never will - but funny nevertheless.

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