The small hotel with the many opportunities.

We're located in northwestern Sweden, close to the Norwegian border. On this map you'll find the two closest airports. From the one located in Östersund, Sweden there's buses that could take you to our hotel. By car there's an 1 hour 30 minute drive to our hotel from the same city on the roads marked in brown.
We're happy to provide potential guests with additional information on how to visit us, as well as other places to visit in the area.

To contact us about prizes or to get a additional information, write to:
Naestie Touristcenter P.O. Box 18, 830 67 Valsjöbyn, Sweden.

Phone: INT +46 645 320 57

Fax: INT +46 645 320 86

You can also contact us via e-mail:

Other Sami information provided from this webserver.

Sami crafts and art
by awardwinning artist.
Samefolket, journal of
native affairs. Abridged
translations into english.
One other Sami
owned vacation site
you might visit.
General but slightly
politically slanted information
about the Sami people.

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