Some of the activitys offered:

We offer a vide range of activities and adventures in the forests and the mountains, some nearby the hotel and some in the true wilderness. Most of which are suitable for a person who havn't experienced the true wilderness before. One of those are day tours to Vinklumpen Sami camp together with our native guide. For the adventurous we offer backpacking tours and horseriding in the mountains.
Try your skill with the lasso, we provide the tools -including reindeer antlers for your target practise.

We offer guided tours to see and participate in the activities of the local Sami community.
In the summer you might experience the gathering and marking of the reindeercalves - an unforgettable experience in the bright summer night.

Fishing and hunting is offered in several nearby locations. Berrys and mushrooms are free for the taking during the early autumn.

Participate in the storytelling evening in the Sami "teepee". Here you also could make your own traditional Sami panbread or cook other food over open fire.

See our small exhibition with genuine Sami crafts and art, made by local craftsmen, for sale at competitive prizes.
In the evening you might relax in our Sauna.

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