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World Indigenous Youth Council Network Manual Last update: 18 th of june 1996. This is instructions which should be used in the daily work of the functioning Network. Both as inspiration and guidelines on how to understand the Resolutions. An other important function is to gather experiences, solutions on problems and practical information, in order to make things better.

In order to set up a functioning Network from the start the necessary addresses and information have been collected on the 4WIYC. The functioning Network is ment as an exercise to find out which benefits and obstacles there is with a Network. For this purpose the preparation of the next conference hopefully will produce good and constructive experiences. These can then be utilized to develop the Network. The next host organizers will also compile more detailed information about Members of the functioning Network. These information will be used to determine who have skills, abilities and specialized information which can help.

Daily tasks of functioning Network:
As much work as possible should be delegated to as many different members of the functioning Network, in order to ease the next organizers work and at the same time get as many as possible involved in the work, and collect the energy of the youth.
The functioning Network members should report back to the next organizers who they been giving the information.
All information should be translated to the needed languages, with support of all the necessary members of the Network.
The next host organizers can use the functioning Network to get inspiration as to what to put on the agenda for the conference.

- Timetables: When should material be out after a conference, when should invitations be out, how often is it necessary to publish a to-be newsletter.
- How many regions are necessary:
- How to secure that there is a response on requests/different things to/from the organizers.

Practical things:
When possible information should be forwarded both in written and electronical form. This in order to ensure that copying further will be possible.
- physical form of distribution. The Future: A Secretariat could be established in the long term in order to
strengthen the preparation and follow-up of conferences. The world can
be divided in regions, so that the secretariat doesn't need to send
the information to ALL indigenous youth. These regions could then be
responsible for distributing to the localcommunities.
A newsletter could be published on a regular basis.
Make a list/database of good places to get funding/ressources.
The Network could be used to follow-up on the specifik cases that the conference has decided to comment/act upon.
A long the way the get more detailed information about members of Network in order to use their skills fully.

The communication should be done in the most practical way, according to the means that are available to the receiver. In order to work as efficiently as possible we suggest to divide the people/organisations in different groups, depending on their available ressources.
The organizers will then set priorities. For example if they need something translated they use group 1. And if someone needs resources, or other kinds of assistance to actually attend the conference the organiseres can use the necessary groups.
An important factor that should be considered in all three subgroups is the security of the receiver, as many governments interfere in people's work. This should be addressed according to the situation of each receiver.

1. The fastest and most secure group with access to e-mail, fax, phones, and a good postal system.
2. Those with fax, phones and a good postal system.
3. Those with no phones and a bad postal system.

We would also like you to take a stand on whether it should be the next organizers or an independent organization. We suggest it to be the next organizers.
This years conference has proven that it is very difficult to get word of the conference out to the youth around the world. This due to the often missing or very poor communication between the youth. This again makes it hard for the youth who are in need of assistence to attend, to get help from those who may have the necessary ressources.
Also a Network of some kind can develop the relations and general awareness of other indigenous peoples among/between the indigenous peoples.

Per Albinsson
Anders Forsgren
Soeren Labansen
Richard Valkeapaa

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