Vacation site with cabins and open air
museum of the native Sami culture.

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      Njarka is located on a peninsula in lake Häggsjön, 15 minutes driving distance from the famous skiresorts of Åre / Duved. This quiet and breathtakingly beautiful location is surrounded by mountains with the waterfall Tännforsen nearby.
      You will find an amazing diversity of wildlife in this area including hundreds of species of birds including eagles, ruffs and ptarmigans.
      Visitors will be invited to participate and learn about the native Sami culture, nightguests is accomodated in modern cabins, for the more adventourus we offer the option to spend a night in a traditional Sami hut.

      During a visit you might learn to handling a lasso, cooking over open fire, or how to prepare a rawhide. Maud Mattson vill invite you to the sami "teepee" for coffee, panbread and some storytelling.

      Njarka is a site suitable for the whole family, since reindeers are gentle creatures that at most are mildly curious about what new visitors smells like. You can choose to explore the outdoor museum at your own pace, or find some lichens to get a new friend.

      Njarka´s cottages are open for guests around the year. In the winter you could go cross-country skiing or try out icefishing on any of the nearby lakes. The owners of this site are also reindeerherders and members of Kall Sami community.
      Cabins are offered at 45 US$ a night, traditional Sami lodging starts at 20 US$.
      Free admission to the open air museum for nightguests.
      As a guest at Njarka you can rent or borrow boats or canoes -free of charge for nightguests in the Sami kota-.
      An exhibition of Sami crafts and tools is also found at this site.

      dotThe open-air exhibition is open from 20 June - August 10, cabins can be rented any time of year and international groups are welcome on any time of year -contact us for info on availability-.

      dotChildren are most welcome and can participate in all activities.

      [IMAGE] (BTW: The waterfall is upstream and on the opposite side of the lake.)

      By road: 1 hour 20 minutes on E-14 from Östersund, look for the sign shortly after Duved at the right of the mainroad "Njarka Sameläger".
      From Trondheim, Norway: On E-6 to Stjørdal then on E-14 towards Storlien total, time ca 1 hour 35 minutes.

      Air: Östersunds airport, then either by bus or train to Duved.
      Closest international airport: Vaernes (Trondheim) airport in Norway, train from Stjørdal station towards Meråker / Duved.

      Reservations can be made by phone or letter:

      Phone & Fax: INT +46 (0)647 - 250 42
      Via letter: Njarka Samelager, pl 1952, S-830 15 Duved, Sweden.

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