Souvenirs sold by Frosotornet.

Useful and somewhat
less useful things..
Cuddly toys for
the youngest ones.
Souvenirs made of horn
wood and leather
Jewellery and gift-items
made of Tin and natural materials.

[IMAGE]Sold directly at the viewtower.

[IMAGE]Private customers can obtain these wares at our store only.

[IMAGE]1000 different postcards in stock.

Retailer inquires welcome, we have much more that what can be shown on this page.

Phone +46 (0)63 - 12 61 00

Facsimile +46 (0)63 - 51 32 51

By letterForlaget Frosotornet Tornvagen 5 - 7, 832 00 Froson

E-mail Retailers can order directly by E-mail: Frosotornet@telia.com

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