Sample of products sold at the Santa Claus themepark.

A few more examples from the shops in the mall.
Is this respect and support for the Sami culture
as one of the managers claimed?

Closeup on one of the dresses sold,
note the sticker attached with text
"Hand Made" implying it's genuine.
Click to see larger image.
Weird dolls with hats borrowed from
one of the North Sami cultures.
Caricatures which does nothing
but insult and offend.
Another variety of doll,
together with Santa Clauses
and trolls.
Click on image to see more dolls.
Interior of another shop.
Note the drums at top center,
these has South Sami pattern,
but are sold at the polar circle.

Credits: Images on these pages, Heidi & Kati Eriksen (SSN) and Aanta. (Saminuorra).