Other information on the Sami people
we're maintaining on this webserver.

Sami crafts and art
by awardwinning artist.
Min Geaidnu / Mijjen geajnoe.
Native organisation represented
in the Sami parliament.

No English version. New!
A Sami owned
vacation site you
might enjoy visiting.
International native youth
conference which has
been held in this area.
Åarjel Saemien.

Swedish and
Sami text only.
SamiQ, Sami
owned and operated
meat processing plant.

No English version. New!

Links to other indigenous sites

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Earlier we created and maintained
these two Sami information websites - now gone
Samefolket, journal of
native affairs. Formerly maintained by us,
link is dead and so is the website.
Gaaltije, site no longer
maintained by us.