Naestie is located within a reindeerherding district, except for these there´s plenty of wildlife in this area, so remember to bring the camera.

In the winter you could take a tour on ski´s, several skislopes is also found in this area. Daytours with dogsledges, snowmobile tours is arranged in nearby Åkersjön.

Tännforsen waterfall west of Duved.

Each summer the outdoor play Arnljot is performed on Frösön.

In Åre you can take a ride on the cableway to the top of the mountain, it is open around the year.

Jämtlands län have the largest
collection of skislopes in Sweden.

The rhunestone of Frösö, the northernmost in the world.

Thomée, are one of the last remaining steamships in Scandinavia which still is used for passanger traffic. During the summer and early autumn you can take a daycruise from the harbour of Östersund.

But what we really are best at, is the unspoiled nature.
And yes! You won't find any "don´t trespass" signs here. :)

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