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Today's cartoon!
Today's cartoon!

N'uth'r alturistic service.
MIDI-music for mute
homepages .

The abandoned

Please don't go to this
drab old outdated rustbucket
of a webpage.
Sensational news from astronomers
Planets found
around stars like our sun!

Interview with William Gibson.


Weird world web links.


First human embryo cloned!
Isn't it time you get
a clone of your own?
See what Clones R'US
have to offer!
Eightball magazine,
Or was that eyeball?
Re:mote induction
Get inducted
Survival research

lunatic group of
artists who
demolish machinery.
Voices in my head
Comic strip, major weird
-sorry 4 dat!


If this ain't good enough for you (sigh)
the only thing left is to let you roll away on your own....


Feelin lonely?
Internet personals - list your profile for free!
Meet the girl of your dreams tonight!
Girls, guys, couples - whatever you're into we've got it!
High quality online dating - register free!

Public access newsservers, currently available.
Recheck and update April 15, 2002. (About monthly update here)
news4.euro.net (Fast, great newsfeed,
have outed alt hierarchy since last check.)
news.tehnicom.net (Decent speed, lousy newsfeed.)
diana.bcn.ttd.net (Slow, good feed.)news.freenet.de (Decent speed, small part of alt.)
talesin.netcom.net.uk (Limited no of groups) news.readfreenews.net (Only part of alt.* hierarchy.)
dp-news.maxwell.syr.edu (Good speed. Limited no of groups) nsnmpen2-lo.nuria.telefonica-data.net (Many posts, shaky newsfeed.)
news.story.com (Very few posts)post.usenet.com (This for posts only, to reply to any msg.)

The Rail
Take the rail, for a tour of websites -more or less- similar to this one.

Cartoon provided courtesy of: Mostly Business Daily Cartoon by Ted Goff

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