Hostel and Viewtower on Froso, Sweden.

Same images, less reliable text.

Some of the things you
might like to see and visit.

Well first of all we've got some breathtaking scenerys:
Here is the Frösö church with lake Storsjön
and the Oviken mountains in the background.

On Frösö you can see our nice rhunestone,
which is the northernmost in the world.

The townhall in Östersund.

Every summer a theatergroup perform the play
"Arnljot", all lines in Swedish but could still be
interesting for those whith an interest for Vikings.

Some additional information about Vikings in
general can be found at Sigtuna Museum homepage.

The history themepark Jamtli offer a vartiety of activities, and
the personell wears interesting historical costumes and dresses.
The local museum and the fair Expo Norr is just a
short walking distance from this location as well.

Not so far distant at the Glösa creek
you can find these nice petroglyphs.
(You might need a car to get to this location.)

Transport yourself between some of these sites
in the Thomee steamer, it's the second oldest
in the world still used for passanger traffic.

If you take a ride on that very same steamboat you
might have a chance to spot the Storsjö monster.
Some more about the monster is found here


District of Jemtland has more skislopes
than any other region in Sweden.
Many of those is located within
a one hour drive from Östersund
Downhill skiing is but one
of several different kinds
of wintersports that's offered.
Snowmobile safaris, dog -
and reindeer pulled sledges
are a few of the others.

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Lonely planet information about sweden.

New riders' WWW yellow pages can help you find other interesting places.