Hostel and Viewtower on Froso, Sweden.

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One page with descriptions
that might not be entirely
truthful -but more fun.

There's still some Vikings around in these parts,
so we don't recommend that any tourists brings
their beautiful daugthers for their trip here.

Well unless you don't have any objections getting
a son-in-law that are everything but politically correct.

There's lotsa old stuff around here, seemes
that the Swedes must've been here for a while.

For those who can't read runes (anyone?)
i made an attempt in translating the text:

The son of Ostman Gudfast raised this stone
and build this bridge and he christianized Jemtland.
Asbjorn built the bridge, Tryn and Sten made this engraving.

View at Froso... Oooops we must use a
better glue next time we make a webpage. :)

Y'think tagging and graffity is something new?
Sorry to burst ya bubble mate. Just look at this
stuff some guy (guys?) made 10 000 years ago!

The Great lake monster, as shown on TV
in "Arthur C. Clarkes mysterious world".

Er, sorry turn'd out we cannot use those images,
-hope this one is good enough for ya! :)

Lotsa winter in this area, yeah *real* winter for 6 months
a year, so we had to invent skiing and the snowmobile.
If ya really lucky you could spot the unsteerable webmaster
getting yaself a real bellylaugh er. sorry that's ROFL or LMAO.

Index. More images
from the area.

Yeah we're so bad we ain't able to display the pics properly, and we're proud of that inability!

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