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International indigenous youth network.

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Our vision is that at the next conference these experiences will be used to establish a more efficient network of communi-
T he idea of some kind of network to establish and continue more co-operation and communication is not an old one. Already on the first World Indigenous Youth Conference the subject came up. Most of the benefits are obvious, for example have the organizer of this years conference had many difficulties finding out who to invite and where to find them. Therefore there is a lot of indigenous youth who is NOT here. With some kind of working network this problem will be virtually nonexistent. The very knowledge’s of other indigenous peoples life, problems and so on is a very important factor for everybody to feel good about their own life and situation. Besides that there is also the possibility of getting help, ideas and many other things from other indigenous people. We would like to suggest that we gather as many relevant names and addresses as we can to this conference - both to youth organizations and individuals. This to insure that the Indigenous people who are hard to reach can get word of it and those in need of help to come to the conference, have sufficient time to present their problems and maybe find a solution as early as possible. Our vision is that at the next conference these experiences will be used to establish and develop a more efficient network of communication. At the same time this information could be used to create and update a list of all indigenous youth organizations. We will at some time ask for names, addresses and as many information about them as possible. All these information’s could then be passed on to the next years conference organizers. We’ll give more information about time and place later in plenary. The working group will find all the positive and possible things to do with an Indigenous Youth Network. One of the first things to use this network for, is to distribute all the materials/papers who is produced on and after the 4WIYC, and therefore be an powerful tool to organize the coming years conferences.

We appreciate all suggestions input and ideas you might have about this:

Soeren Labansen & Rickard Valkeapaa.

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