View from Frösötornet and from Östersund looking toward Frösön



Camera number one shows the view from the tower of Frösön. During daylight yuo can see fields and forests and in the background the mountainridge of Oviksfjällen.
During night or winter darkness you can see the lights of the houses in Valla at left and part of the lights of the airstrip of Östersund - Frösö airport at right.
So any eventual strange lights in the sky of this webcam most likely caused by aircrafts landing or taking off.




Webcam number two show the central part of Östersund city with Frösö island in the background. The hill at left used to have a viking fortress on top and the higher mountain at right is mt: Östberget. This camera is placed on the roof of Hotel Östersund, the second highest building within the city itself.

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