Catch-22 and the end for a native people

Perhaps it is possible that the Åarjel or South-sami people will find new ways to sustain themselves and still remain a native people. The image above is one such alternative way to go, horseriding for tourists. Yet examples like this one is rare -tourist enterprises of any kind is not even feasible in many remote locations. And besides, according to the Swedish law, native rights are only granted to reindeerherders -so the tourist enterprise of this image depends on that the owner have reindeerherding relatives which maintain the native landrights of the area. So now when the reindeerhusbandry are wiped out by trials and exploitation, we seem to be facing the end of a culture. These two examples are of course not the only reason -check the history page for the blows we've taken which led to this end.

This page contains a summary of the governments tactic over these last years, written as how the government must see things:

1. We must ensure that any trial over native landrights is rigged in such a way that ensures that the natives will lose, and letting the judges conveniently forget all international treatys and other documents the government have signed2 on native and indigenous matters. Indigenous? Sorry for that Freudian slip, no need for that, we still havn't acknowledged the Sami's as such -just forget that Norway has- not to mention the UN.

2: Privatization of the government owned forests is a neat idea, then letting the new private landowners take the matter over landrights to court (in so we enshure that no protests are aimed at the government -only towards the landowners and forestindustry -yeah let them take the rap, when they taken some whacking they're weak enough that they wont protest some new taxes, which will enshure they have to cleancut even vaster areas -which improves their willingness to start new landtrials against the few native communitys that might survive the first assault).

3: Setting up a policy of total protection of the predators, sentencing any native to the hardest penalty possible if he as much as scratch a predator while he tries to protect his lifestock. (So far there has not been a single protest from the international community or organizations. In short this subtle tactic have been very successful, if we had been clumsy and sent someone to shot the reindeers directly, there would of course have been indignated protests from all over. We have some volunteers who're poaching the reindeers though, make shure that they never get convicted in court.)

4: Join the EU, (yes it's good for the national economy and industry too!) and then don't care to defend the native communitys and their economy against any of the crazy rules and laws the EU administrators come up with. You can conveniently forget the fact that the native communitys are in the "outlands" and that they for that very reason don't have a capital intensive economy. If their slaugherhauses are judged to be unsatisfactory by the EU standards -good!

If the natives still manage to create a workaround, like transporting live reindeers to EU-approved slaughterhauses on trucks at high cost. Make shure that the society for the prevention of cruelty to animals gets informed and protests.

If this still hasn't deprived the natives of their income from the selling of meat. Change the rules for how the transports should be carried out, invent new laws at a whim, like laws for the transport vehicles and the change the rules for which boxes the reindeers are allowed to be transported in. The costs should eventually pile up til the native communitys go bankrupt -end of the problem which have deprived Sweden of the status as the perfect society on the international scene. (Don´t even dare to mention that obnoxious foreign minister from South Africa, Eric Louw, who in UN pointed out the Apartheid system here in Sweden, and no don't remind me about those comments by that George Wallace from USA either! -Grumble grumble!).

Now we will be able to reach that golden age, where we can bug all other countrys about their conflicts, lack of democracy, and mistreatment of minoritys without any contemptuous remarks from knowledgeable officials from other countries!

And yes, anyone will notice that you support the culture in question, so make shure they receive a small (not to big) sum of money from any EU-fund, to show that you do something for native culture. Let's see, there's 5000 South-Sami's in Jämtland and Västerbotten, make shure that only half of the South-sami population are eligible to apply for the funds -lets say the southern half of them. Yeah a good idea, by making only half eligible to the money you split even them into two groups and get additional infighting in the native parliament.

The funds was supposed to be small? -Yes of cource, lets say that the funds for cultural and economical developement doesn´t exceed 3 million US$. Is that annually? No waay!
Spread out that sum to be distributed over several years, lets see what we got, the total sum is a mere 600$ a person, over 4 years that's 150$ for each native!
Excellent solution, that sum is to small even to provide schoolmaterial to any of their children. So as a final act of benenevolence we transfer all responsibility for native education to the native parliament. Causing another conflict between the northern and southern Sami tribes. They will simply be unable to maintain the educational facilitys, we could whack their culture and language in a single generation!3

5: Ahh yes, a little extra to cream on the cake: Send out a minister -that are bound to resign soon-4 to make a mock apology, certainly not anyone so important that the apology could be taken seriously by anyone. And make shure that the mock apology is made in such a remote location as possible -like some small mountain village in Lappland -so international media won't make any big fuzz a word about it -if they -against all odds- should hear about it. -If worse comes to worst, we can always blame it on the fact that it is an election coming up!

Note 1: Catch-22 (also Moment-22) was written by Joseph Heller and the title are referring to absurd and contradictionary rules and regulations in military life, in this case we're referring to the absurd and contradictionary regulations and laws the government sets up on purpose, not to mention the schizophrenic policy of the government agencies.

Note 2: The verdict in the trial over native landrights in 1996 was against the UN convention for human rights, ILO 169, the Swedish courts own verdict in the mountain taxation trial of 1981, and even the Biodiversity convention.

Note 3: Thourough this text we make references to the Aarjel and Ume-samis both of which are south Sami tribes and seriously endangared as an ethnical group and native people, the Davvi or northsami's are probably not endagered.

Note 4:The minister of native affairs Annika Åhnberg who made the halfbaked apology which even got a mentioning in some parts of the international press, did in fact resign. Something that happened well after this was written, so that piece of this satire turned out to be somewhat prophetic.

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