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about the 4'th WIYC-conference.

Youth -A power for change.

Finally the conference will begin; we Saami youth have had it in our thoughts for quite some time and now itís finally here for real. We who are here and have the opportunity to attend this conference will be part of something unique. The significance of this event cannot be summed up in just one word. For us Saami it is of great significance. Now we begin more and more often to look back to when we were all one people, that is a concrete event that we can work together to reattain. It was a long time ago countries forced borders upon us to separate us. In addition, this conference has shown us that we are not just one people, but rather that we are many peoples from all over the world with similar histories, common sources of happiness, as well as similar challenges. Loss of native languages, identity problems, land rights and the right to live our own culture are a part of the challenges which we face together and will try to over-come. Minority groups havealways had difficulities being themselves and getting their own voices heard. But we know that when we gather together we can jointly build a strength with which to change and shape our world.
A person in a group might be afraid of saying something wrong or not fitting in, but no one should feel thus when we meet here. This conference is a forum where everyone has the right to speak. No oneís opinion is less important than anotherís, no matter whether that person is older or younger. When society changes, it is usually the youth who are the leaders. We young people have an easier time accomodating the new, whereas older people would rather stick with the old. We know that all that is new is not good and that all that is old is not bad. During this conference we will try to find balance together- old guides and new paths.

Jorgen Stenberg

Conference political leader

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